Questions on the ground

Q: Can I, having bought an unfinished house on yet privatized land, demolish the house and build a new one? Or we must first formalize land ownership?
A: Under the current legislation to the buyer of residential homes (other buildings) passes the right to use the land on which the house (building) is located. Thus, the buyer is unfinished has the discretion to demolish some buildings and erect others, but without changing the destination site.

Q: Has the right I build a two-storey house on the land intended for gardening?
A: The current legislation stipulates that land intended for gardening may be used only in accordance with their designated purpose. This allowed the construction of houses and other structures needed for the plot. So to build a large mansion, without violating the law, you will hardly be able to ...

Q: Between my own and neighboring land no landmarks. How to install?
A: The authority to establish and clarify the boundaries of land plots have rural, village, town and district councils. In addition, Article 106 of the Land Code of Ukraine stipulates that the land owner has the right to require the owner of a neighboring site help establish landmarks.

Q: Is there any particular sale of land for the construction of private homes to an alien?
A: In principle, by law a foreigner can not acquire ownership of land. However, the land can be leased at first and build a house there. Well, buy the land on which is owned property, the law allows foreigners to ...

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