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Can I, having bought an unfinished house on yet privatized land, demolish the house and build a new one? Or we must first formalize land ownership?
A: Under the current legislation to the buyer of residential homes (other buildings) passes the right to use the land on which the house (building) is located. Thus, the buyer is unfinished has the discretion to demolish some buildings and erect others, but without changing the destination site.

Q: I'm going to sell the house in the suburbs. However, neither I nor the buyer has no opportunity to engage in clearance sales contract. Can I issue a warrant for the father's name of the buyer, authorizing him to make a transaction on my behalf?
A: According to Art. 238 of the Civil Code, the principal may authorize its representative to enter into any transaction that may commit himself trustee. including purchase and sale of real estate. Thus, nothing prevents you to make a warrant at his father buyer. However, to avoid misunderstandings should be clearly stated in the text of a power of attorney representative's authority.

Q: I am offering to buy the unfinished (80% ready) house in the city. However, the realtor said that the contract of sale will indicate that the plot of land with building materials. Is this correct? And how do I place a house in the property?
A: In accordance with art. 331 of the Civil Code of Ukraine ownership of the newly formed real estate, including residential building, there since the end of construction. Moreover, since the law provides for a newly formed housing in operation, as well as its state registration, you must perform these requirements. Pending completion of the unfinished house seller is the owner of the building materials. Because at first he had to go to court with a claim for recognition of ownership of this property. After the recognition of property rights can have a house to sell.

Q: Can I sell the house through an agent so that the buyer does not know the names of the seller?
A: No, not work. After all, to sell real estate through an agent, you will need to make a warrant for that person, authorizing him to make a transaction on your behalf. And at the conclusion of the contract of sale it will enter not only the name of your trustee, but also yours.

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