Advice on construction

Q: How much to build a cottage of foam concrete blocks?
A: Building a house of foam concrete blocks will cost an average of 2000-3000 USD. per 1 m2 of total area of the object. This price includes work with the materials for the construction of the box at home (w / w solid foundation, solid support columns, exterior walls, concrete monolithic slabs, insulated roof, the entrance area of the first floor, cornices, stairs). To determine more precise numbers needed architectural design of the house.

Q: Do I have to leave the foundation for some time that he "defended"?
A: It does not make sense, because the foundation itself does not carry appreciable loads. Now, if to erect the wall, then the load will be. And you can leave the house without finishing for a while, because the wall really "settles" with all its consequences.

Q: What is preferable - exterior trim wooden log houses with siding or brick?
A: It must be assumed loads on the foundation of data and geological surveys. Siding is fastened on the crate, which is located between the insulation and waterproofing, ie load produced minimal. A brick veneer wall should be on something to draw, thus the under the wall in a half-brick footprint is needed - a foundation that must be foreseen. Siding installation done quicker and much cheaper than brick veneer home.

Q: What is the best roofing - metal, shingles or Ondulin?
A: For every home the answer to this question will be his. It is best to consult a specialist, having on hand a project at home. In the private construction of the most popular metal - it is ideal where the roof is simple, gable. It is recommended to use metal type of waterproofing and insulation type IZOSPAN Izover.

Q: How to reduce the cost of construction? From a wall material more economical to build?
A: First, pick a good project. The more simple lines of the building, the lower will be the construction, it applies to the roof - the lower the kinks in it and junctions - so it will be cheaper and more reliable (eg, the semi-circular elements of the roof of nothing but shingles is not appropriate, and more expensive it is metal in the assembly). As wall materials - more economical and more environmentally friendly at proper installation will be Round log, in addition, it does not require a costly external and internal finishes. Well, of course, the choice of material for construction - a matter of taste.

Q: Why are houses built of logs in the winter?
A: The main volume of timber harvested in winter, when promerznet land, and in the summer harvesting virtually abandoned because of the difficulty of arrival in the forest. Winter or summer wood-on wood quality is not affected.

Q: What are the terms of building their home?
A: building a house depends on the volume of the work undertaken, the complexity of the project and the technological features of the materials used. When building a house "turnkey" real time account 1-1,5 years.

Q: How is the construction of a country house?
1) Design. This is a selection of finished project to completion under individual requirements, or the development of individual architectural working draft.
2) coupling to the project site construction.
3) Preparing estimates of construction work. Preparation and conclusion of construction contract.
4) Partition construction phases of work, scheduling the implementation phases of the work and payment.
5) Construction.
6) Installation of utilities at home - exterior and interior.
7) Install windows and doors.
8) Finishing work inside the house.
9) facade decoration.
10) Landscaping.

Q: At what time of year is best to start building a country house?
A: When building a house in the winter there are a number of advantages, namely: to many building materials in the winter falling prices.

Q: Is there a danger to health, if you constantly live in a country house of foam concrete blocks?
A: The word concrete is translated from the French word meaning "artificial stone". Foam is classified as "cellular concrete". To produce foam concrete, you need to mix the grout with a specially prepared stable foam, and when the mixture has hardened - concrete acquire cellular structure. In manufacturing foam using the following substances - animal glue, rosin soap, aqueous solution of saponin (extract from vegetable soap root), the drug CC (waterproof blood from the slaughterhouse). Portland, which is used for cement, is obtained by fine grinding of clinker with gypsum. Clinker - a product of burning (up to full sintering) synthetic raw mix consisting of 75% calcium carbonate (limestone) and 25% clay. As you can see, there are no harmful substances foam concrete does not contain.

Q: What is better, foam concrete or aerated concrete?
A: Both of these materials are "cellular concrete" - an artificial stone material with uniformly distributed by volume pores. Depending on the technology of foam concrete and aerated concrete distinction. Porizatsiya in the foam concrete is produced by the introduction of natural foaming agents, and in the aerated concrete due to substances that produce gas in chemical reactions (powdered aluminum).
Foam (unlike AAC) is unique closed structure of the porosity, ie, bubbles inside of it are isolated from each other. Thus, at the same density foam concrete is floating on the surface of water, and aerated concrete sinks, hence, aerated concrete has a higher heat-shielding and frost-resistant characteristics than aerated concrete. That is, foam concrete can be used in places of high humidity and heat and cold junctions, where the use of aerated concrete is unacceptable.

Q: What is the difference of the log home from home from a bar?
A: Log baths and houses are 100-150 years old, can not be said about the frame cabins or homes. In contrast to the houses from lumber, home of logs almost do not require expensive facade and rooms inside the house.

Q: Which way to connect the corners of the log of logs is better?
A: The main compound of logs - a connection to the "paw" (without residue) and the connection to the "bowl" (with remainder). In the first case you save the material in the second - you need the longer logs (or balance of 0,5 m from each side). In this case, the angle, cut down in the "bowl", a much more stable than the corner, cut down in the "paw" (this angle still requires additional insulation).

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