Restaurants near Kiev

Restaurants near Kiev: location, contacts, price

Baku Boulevard
Location: New Obukhovskaya highway, 28 km
Nearest metro: Vidubichi
Phone: (044) 585-15-96, (044) 223-34-33
Cuisine: Azeri, Georgian, Caucasian.
Hours: 10:00 am until the last guest
Average score: 300 UAH
Additional Information: Three halls: hall for smokers (60 persons), non-smoking (60 seats), banquet hall (140 seats); hookah hall, three houses. Children's parties, BBQ, cold beer, a cigar menu, Hookah, Fireplace, Karaoke, Backgammon
Address: Brovary Kievskaya 95.
Table reservation: 255-13-25
Cuisine: Ukrainian and European
Hours: 11:00 to 23:00
Open: from 200 UAH.
Additional Information: banquet hall for 50 persons, children's events, VIP hall - 18 people., A summer playground.
Address: Kyivska region., Smt. Kozin, st. Starokiїvska 22
Cuisine: Єvropeyska, UKRAINIAN.
Order for bodies. (044) 255-13-25
Pratsuєmo from 12.00 till last customer
Dodatkova іnformatsіya: VIP-hall, Kіnoteatr, Lіtnya veranda,, DVD, TV, Vіdeo, music will Alive, Karaoke.
Address: Vyshgorod, st. V. Simonenko, 7
Cuisine: European, grill menu.
Phone :255-13-25
Hours: daily from 12.00 till last customer
Additional information: The Winter Garden Show program, Banquet Hall - up to 110 people-to, big plasma screens, watching sports, Kalyan.
Mountain Creek, Country VIP-residence
Address: pgt.Gora Str. Michurina, 66
District: 14 km. Kiev-Boryspil, 4 km from Boryspil International Airport
Cuisine: European
Phone: 067 249 66 ​​66, (04 595) 349 21 (04 595) 349 22
Opening hours: non
Additional information: Finnish sauna, volleyball court, a summer terrace, swimming pool.
Address: pgt.Kozin Str. Nightingale `Yanenko, 85a
Location: Countryside. The old route Obukhovskaya
Cuisine: Ukrainian, European.
Phone: 255-13-25
Opening hours: from 12.00 to 23.00-
Average score: 150 UAH
Additional Information: VIP room, billiards, water pipes, air ground
Duhmyana pіch
Address: s.Lesniki, 4 km Novoobuhovskoy tr.
Cuisine: Ukrainian
Table reservation: 255-13-25
Hours: 12.00 - 24.00
Average score: 300 UAH
Additional Information: summer playground, cabins, children's events, 5 banquet halls, pavilions, 3 ponds with fish
KIDEV (Tiflis Lubava)
Address: Boryspil route,8-km after the CP, 3 Bridge
Cuisine: Georgian, Ukrainian.
Phone: 067-500-40-22, 255-13-25
Opening hours: non
Additional Information: summer playground, glazed porch, entrance service, live music, children's parties, VIP-hall.
Princely DVІR
Address: s.Knyazhichi, ul.Stogniya, 39.
Cuisine: European, Ukrainian
Phone: 255-13-25
Opening hours: non
Additional information: 2 hotels, 2 restaurants, 2 lakes, fishing, swimming, tennistnye courts, mini golf, bowling, football, paintball, sauna
Address: Novoobuhovskaya highway, 27 km s.Pіdgіrtsі.
Cuisine: Ukrainian.
For table reservations, tel: 255-13-25
Number of rooms: Banquet Hall - 120 seats, VIP-cabin, separate cottages
Features: Non-smoking room, fireplace,, summer terrace, exotic animals.
Entertainment: TV, video, live music, backgammon.
Music: Pop / Rock, Chanson
Address: Kiev region, with. Kryukovschina Str. Balukova 98
Phone: (044) 251-06-92, (050) 330-15-00
Cuisine: European, grill menu
Hours: C 11.00 to 23.30
Credit cards: 150-200 USD
Credit cards: Master Card, Maestro, Master / Eurocard, MasterCard Electronic, Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Maestro
Additional information: 3 rooms and 10 cottages!
Entertainment: pentbol, quad bikes, children's menu, children's program
Address: Route M-05, "Kiev-Odessa," 30 km (for Glevahoy)
Region: Kiev reg.
Phone: (044) 353-80-20
Cuisine: Azeri, European
Opening hours: 9.30 till last client
Day opening a restaurant: October 16, 2008.
Form of payment: signal / clearing.
Additional Information: banquet hall for 100 people, to, VIP-room-18 people., Summer playground, gazebo summer, live music
Address: Concha Zaspa, Old Obukhovskaya tr.Rayon: elite town, "Golden Gate"
Cuisine: French, home.
Phone: 255-13-25
Opening hours: from 12.00 to 24.00
Summer ground up to 100 people.
Children's activities, pool, clowns, banquet halls, fishing
Location: Metropolitan Highway 70a Location: The road to Concha Zaspa
Cuisine: Ukrainian, European
Reserve a table at tel.: 255-13-25
Opening hours: non
Additional information: restaurant, gazebo, dining houses for 10-12 people. Hotel rooms for 8, a complex of three saunas. Children's room with toys and games. Children's playground. Paintball. Vyeznaya ceremony.
Address: 45 km. Zhytomyr tr. s.Kopylov, 15 minutes from m.Zhitomirskaya.
Cuisine: European, domestic
Phone: (044) 331-18-35
Hours: 11.00 - until the last customer.
Additional Information: summer playground, grill menu, VIP room, karaoke, hookah, children's events,
Address: smt. Kozin, 29 km Staroobuhovskoy slopes,
st. Kyiv, 11-D
Location: Concha Zaspa
Cuisine: Caucasian, Ukrainian
Phone: (044) 520-87-70
Hours: From 10:00 to 24:00 (until the last guest leaves)
Average score: 250 UAH
Additional information: children's parties, children's menu, homemade wine, hookah
Address: 11 kilometer route Novoobuhovskoy
Cuisine: Eastern European, Caucasian, Ukrainian cuisine
Phone: (044) 240-13-50, 592-51-72
Conference Planner: +380 (50) 462-13-50
Hours: Round the clock
Credit cards: 150-200 USD
Number of rooms: European Hall - 100 seats, Oriental Hall - 40, a small banquet - 16, large summer garden furniture - 100, a small summer house - 30, 5 upper arbor 8 places, 7 on the bottom 6 places
Additional Information: Children's Party, Hookah, VIP-cabin, summer terrace, hotel, Russian sauna with wood, pool,
Backgammon, Chess, Fishing, Boating
Address: 27 km trails New Obukhov
Location: New Obukhovskaya trail, Blue Lake
Cuisine: European, Ukrainian
Phone: (044) 585-55-66, (050) 351-78-42 (restaurant) (044) 585-55-72, (050) 383-31-17 (hotel)
Hours: 10:00 am until the last guest
Number of rooms: 1st floor 80 seats, 2nd floor 40 seats, 2 VIP-hall with 10 seats, the Winter House 15-20 beds, 9 and 6 year olds altanok places
Credit cards: 150-200 USD
Credit cards: American Express, Master Card, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron
Getman Fortress
Location: Odessa highway (500 meters from the CP). Svyatoshinsky Kyiv region
Cuisine: Ukrainian, Georgian
Phone 361-31-11, 361 3110.
Hours: day and night.
Additional services: hotel, catering, children's program, credit cards, banquet halls, entertainment, live music.
The farm in Borispol
Address: Boryspil Airport, Terminal B, 2nd Floor
Cuisine: Ukrainian, European
Tel: 466-63-13.
Opening hours: from 06.00 to 02.00
Additional Information: Number of person-to: 96 (VIP-zal-8-10ch.,2-oh-8h).
main hall, 32 breakfasts, meals "exit", the delivery of food, meat dishes on the grill.
Address: Museum Pirogovo District: Holosiivskyi
Cuisine: Ukrainian
Table reservation: 255-13-25
Hours: 11:00-until last customer
Additional Information: summer playground, 2 banquet halls,
Live music.

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