Rest of town

«Gintama Breeze" Vacation complex
with. Glebovka, tract Green, Bohr, 3, tel: (044) 279-05-98, 279-05-43, 469-14-85
The new suburban recreation center in a pine forest on the shore of the Kiev Sea is only 30 km from Kiev. Own comfortable beach. Opened in May 2009. This modern, comfortable restaurant serving European cuisine. A large grill menu. On the territory there are 39 houses and 3 two-storey VIP-houses, for a total of 156 rooms with all amenities and a terrace (650 UAH).. VIP-villas have a fireplace room with a terrace, a lounge, fitted kitchen, three bedrooms with terraces and two bathrooms.

«Salo-Mandry" restaurant
with. Fiction, 68 km of the highway Kyiv-Zhytomyr, tel: (044) 784-2845, (067) 329-3415
Colorful clock facility is located on the border of the Kiev and Zhitomir regions. The main hall is divided into decorative partitions, there are banquet halls. In the menu - a traditional set of the most popular dishes in Kiev, Ukrainian, European and Caucasian cuisine. Average price of main course - 30 UAH.

«SPA», a sports complex

Mr. Vorzel Str. Gorki, 24, tel: 223-69-84, (04497) 48-048, 48-049
The modern complex in the resort area by the lake, 21 km route Warsaw .. Restaurant "Skipper" with two rooms and a summer arbor above the water. Average price of main course - 25 UAH. Aquatic center with swimming pool (10 m), jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, aroma sauna, steam bath Russian, tillariumom, a gym, a winter garden (70 UAH. Per person, 10 hrn. For each additional hour). All kinds of massage, diagnostics. The hotel complex of 25 comfortable rooms with all conveniences - from 400 to 1800 UAH. per double.

«TV« Dinamo »Home», tavern
Kozin smt, st. Kiev 4a, tel: 599-15-09
Institution is sustained in a football-style logo with "Dinamo-Kiev", which sports facilities are nearby. You can often find the Dynamo stars. Large indoor hall with air conditioning, outdoor area with a huge screen on which broadcast sports programs, children's playground with slides, mazes, children's electric cars. International cuisine. The cost of dinner - 200 UAH.

«VIP-log", a recreation complex
Vyshgorod district,. Higher Dubechnya, tel: (066) 060-07-53
Wooden cottages, log cabins VIP-class in a pine forest in a quiet, clean place, 25 km. from Obolon. Area of ​​houses - 200 sq.m. Large living room, kitchen-studio, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, with showers, baths, bidets. The houses are all for a comfortable stay: furniture, satellite TV, plasma TVs, appliances, dishes, linens. In the courtyard restaurant, a spacious garden furniture, barbecue. Rent a house in the night: 250 USD - Weekdays, 350 cu - Weekend. The price includes a sauna. The system of discounts.

«Wild West», ranch

New Obukhovskaya trail with. Pidhirtsi, tel: 240-12-40, 592-16-99
The restaurant complex on the closed area near the highway. In style, vaguely reminiscent of the Wild West: The wood and leather in the interior, the old "jeep" in the yard. Neat lawns, a pond, gazebo, banquet houses, summer terrace, a small bar room for two tables. The main specialization - the dishes on the grill or tandoor from: steaks, kebabs, kebab. Lots of interesting desserts. Average price of main course 25-30 UAH. Built near a large entertainment complex with a casino, billiards, strip-bar.

"Admiral Club", a recreation complex

Irpin Str. Soviet, 116, tel: (297) 93-900
Hotel European level in 22 rooms, parking, restaurant, pool, sauna (Finnish Ruska and steam rooms, swimming pool), tennis courts, fishing lake on its own - success is guaranteed (if desired cook the catch), barbeque, rent horses / ponies. Rooms: 2 Double - $ 70, suites - $ 100. Fishing - Free fishing rod hire - 10 UAH. , Pick up the catch with - 30 UAH / kg. Sauna (brooms, bathrobe, towel, hygiene items) - 45 Euro / hour. Billiards - free of charge.

"Akvadar" sanatorium

Mr. Mankivka Cherkasy region. st. Forest, 1, tel: (04 748) 62-029, 61-868
The modern complex in a picturesque location on the shore of the reservoir (12 hectares of recreational land, 35 km from Uman and 180 km from Kyiv) provides treatment and prevention of diseases of the circulatory, respiratory, vision, musculoskeletal and nervous systems mashines. Radon source and baths. Two lakes and stocking the pond, beach area, boat station, horse prrogulki. Restaurant-kolyba "Razgulay", cafe, shop, sauna, swimming pool and a fireplace, SPA-complex, gym, billiards, conference hall, nursery, mini-zoo with deer, wild boars, hares, ostriches. All rooms with private facilities (shower, sink, toilet), TV, fridge, telephone - from 350 UAH. for a double room. There are two bedrooms apartment with living room, kitchen, sauna, fireplace. The price includes food and treatment.

"Anton", a complex road service
Zhytomyr highway, 32-km., Tel: (298) 70-837
Roadside restaurant with a summer terrace in a closed yard (some wooden booths on the lawn with a fountain). Small motel consisting of separate cottages. There is a sauna and massage.

"Baku Boulevard", a country restaurant
Novo-Obukhov track, 28 km, tel: 585-15-96
Located in a pine forest near the Blue Lake. Well-groomed area, large pond with fishing and beach, bridges, fountains, children's playground. The big banquet hall, fireplace room for 15 persons, banqueting houses, summer terrace in the woods and water, gazebos, dastarkhan. The widest choice of dishes of the Azerbaijani and Georgian cuisine, own confectionery shop. Average main course price 30 UAH.

"Berkoff Strasse" tavern

Str. Berkovetskaya, 6, tel: (044) 207-7281
One of the few decent places in the area Berkovtsov, on the outskirts of Kiev in the direction of Pushcha-Voditsa and Gostomel. Institution in the style of an Austrian mountain lodge with controlled interior and rattan furniture. The main hall, banquet room, landscaped summer playground. The rich meat menu (average price of food - 50 grn.) Business lunch delivery.

"Bіla Villa", restaurant

Str. Garden, 161, Osokorky, tel: (050) 334-5557
Popular among gardeners Osokorki two-story restaurant with a kitchen soundly. Prepare the barbecue, offering its own brand baked goods. Average price of main course - 25 UAH.

"Bolivar", the ranch

with. Putrovka, city Vasilkov, tel: (04471) 60-003, 57-288, (044) 451-5454
Located not far from Kiev, in with. Putrovka (suburb Vasilkova). At the 35th kilometer of the road turn to the Odessa Vasilkov at the stop "Putrovka" on the signs. Hotel 8 rooms with private facilities (5 lux to 300 UAH. 2 junior suites of 200 UAH., A double for 170 USD.) Restaurant (the average price of main course - 50 UAH.) Sauna for 10 people. (100 UAH. Per hour), billiards, tennis courts, peynbol, fishing (lake fish stocking). Organization with the possibility of riding out into the woods, in the field, to the lake (66 grn.) Per hour. Initial training, show jumping, carriage rides, quad bikes. There is a nursery, an educator.

"Borovichok" restaurant-motel

143 km Odessa route,. Yurkivka, tel: (097) 817-8018, (098) 927-2727
Large roadside complex on the highway next to Zhashkov. Cottages in the form of huge mushrooms hiding in a shady oak - the original "mushroom" style is maintained in many details. Catering facilities include a large hall for 230 seats, 6 banquet houses, big summer terrace, cafe-bar. Interesting menu, the main place where all kinds of mushroom dishes set aside (30-40 grn. For a main course). A cozy bed and breakfast at 7-storey rooms: living room with sitting area, bedroom with balcony, TV, bathroom with good plumbing (400 UAH)..

"Vechornitsі Club" restaurant

Zhytomyr Tracy, 17 km from the CP, with. Berezovka, tel: (297) 73-941
Colorful roadside establishment in the Ukrainian national style. In the yard - beautiful lawns, fences, paved path tree, summer cabin with antique utensils, log guest house. Various Ukrainian cuisine, as well as dishes from the grill (average price - UAH 40.). There is a motel, playground, exhibition and sale of works of folk artists.

"Visit", a country set

smt. Kozin, st. Meadow, 10, tel: 251-6515, 251-6511
The hotel complex is situated on a peninsula with a beach, which is formed by bending of p. Kozynka. Cafe with summer gazebos, bar. Conference hall for 25 seats. Apartments with modern renovated, satellite TV, independent heating and electricity (from 125 to 155 UAH. Per room per night), sauna with swimming pool, billiards, massage.

"Babylon", a night club

pos. Kotsyubinskoe, Railway Station Square, tel: (297) 73-941
Working around the clock. Cost - up to 50 UAH. per person.

"Vitrebenki" restaurant
26th km of the Metropolitan highway, town Kozin, c / g "Golden Gate", tel: (044) 251-57-61
The restaurant complex on the banks of the Dnieper, the stylized Ukrainian national architecture, is located at the dam (entrance follow signs to tarssy). Private room, separate cabins, floating platform. European and Ukrainian cuisine, homemade pickles. The cost of a main course - 50 UAH. Own comfortable beach and boat station. The construction of a new two-storey building the restaurant.

"Visegrad", residence of

Vyshgorod, cottage PSP, st. Spassky, 25, tel: (044) 331-7575, (050) 500-0099
The original building (2005), stylized castle, situated in a luxury cottage house PSPs in 5-10 minutes drive from Kiev. Most private territory, landscape design, original fountain, gazebo. The hotel restaurant in the chateau-style for 50 people. (Grill, seafood, diet menu), bar, pool, two saunas and a swimming pool, outdoor summer terrace on the fourth floor. 8 rooms on two floors in different colors (250-500 USD).. Heated floors, bathroom and shower, refrigerator and TV, double bed. There are rooms with a fireplace made of stone, and a large Jacuzzi with hydro massage. The cost of renting a cottage just depends on the day of the week and the number of required rooms: 1500-5000 USD.

"Grebinky" motel-restaurant complex
Odessa highway with. Grebinky Str. Kiev, 200, tel: (067) 233-9441
The complex of wooden cottages on the track. 20 rooms. VIP-cabins with fireplace, bedroom, bathroom (510 grn.) Double rooms with private facilities (210-310 grn.) Separate houses banquet-type room with dining and bathroom on the ground floor and bedroom on the second (160 USD).. The main hall at 60 Presona, 9 banquet cottages for 6-12 people., Summer veranda. Ukrainian and Armenian cuisine, room service. Average price of main course 25 UAH.

"Yard kurkuls" motel-restaurant

41 km route Kiev-Odessa, tel: (097) 008-25-17, 717-50-77
The two-story building next to the complex "Hata tycoon." Restaurant Ukrainian and Caucasian cuisine in two halls. Average price of main course - 35 UAH. 6 comfortable standard double rooms with shower, air conditioning and balcony (350 UAH)., 2 suites (600 UAH).. Next gas station.

"Desna", cafe
CAT route of Chernihiv, tel:
Roadside cafe on the outskirts of Kiev in the direction of Chernigov. Located in a pine forest just above the highway (noisy). Area "decorated" garden sculpture. Two private rooms in the style of Kicevo. Covered summer areas, a large semi-enclosed terrace banquet, banqueting houses. Caucasian cuisine: barbecue, Hashlama - 40 UAH. Other meat dishes - 50 UAH. Visitors to arrange a show with a clear demonstration of popular dishes. Served very quickly (prepare in advance).

"Crane", Forest Tavern

with. Puff, Brovarsky rn
Located at 30 km. from Kiev, near the puff, in a pine forest on the shore of the lake. After the great fire temporarily stopped work. Being reconstructed.

"Zazime" recreation center
with. Zazime, 15 km. from Kiev, tel: 495-1235, 451-5897
Located near Kiev on the bank of the Desna. Housing and dining room includes a spacious room (about 80 people banquet), 2 conference rooms for 15-20 people. Hall, equipped with a disco sound and light (about 100 people). Residential housing with new comfortable rooms with satellite TV, new furniture, bathroom with imported sanitary ware. Junior Suite Double - 275 USD., Deluxe air-conditioned - 370 UAH. Sauna with steam bath for 4-6 persons. Fireplace (round table for 6 people), massage, beer (two wicker chairs and table). Swimming pool with cold cold pool, a shower room. 3:00 - 200 UAH., 4:00 - 230 UAH., 5:00 - 250 UAH. Fishing for stocking lakes (water table - 2.5 ha, the area of ​​land - 15 hectares) since March and ending November. The cost of 30-50 hryvnia per day, with the catch no more than 3 kg, the rest - with a surcharge USD 05.10. Beach, walks along the gum for a boat or a catamaran, diving equipment rental (mask, snorkel, fins).

"Zaire", club

Irpin Str. Griboyedov, 15, tel: (297) 62-248
Night club, casino, hotel, sauna. The restaurant offers fine cuisine and original dishes from the chef. Average price of main course - 30 UAH. Night Club is open from 21:00 to 6:00. Login - 5-25 hrn. depending on the program. The hotel offers comfortable rooms at 200-250 USD. Sauna with jacuzzi, lounge, toilet, shower, audio-video equipment: 18:00 - 117 UAH / hour, after 18:00 - 180 USD / hr.

"The Castle", a restaurant-club
n. Hotyanovka Vyshgorodskiy District, tel: (044) 223-3131; (067) 505-4090; (093) 749-7749
Leisure complex includes a restaurant, "The Castle" and a barbecue-club "Good Wood", one of the few institutions of high quality service in Vyshgorod direction of Kiev. Located in a pine forest not far from the river. Gingiva, close to the item Hotyanovka (turn right off the road at the sign over 1 km after Hotyanovki). All buildings - wooden log. Restaurant with a spacious hall and a summer terrace. The interior - the castle of various designs, stones and stove. European cuisine, the average price of main course - 40-60 UAH. In an area "Good Wood" - a few wooden four cottages with living room, bathroom and a fireplace on the ground floor and bedroom on the second (500-1200 UAH. Per cottage per night). At the disposal of guests - outdoor swimming pool, pool, barbecue area. In contrast to the incoming club opened a new set of "The Village" (see "Profiteroles").

"West-East", a tavern
45th km of Zhytomyr highway with. Kopylov, st. Factory-1-b, tel: (044) 331-18-35, (097) 376-93-75
A two-storey roadside restaurant in the framework. The main hall with 30 seats, banquet hall for 25 seats, VIP-room with a plasma screen TV and karaoke, a summer terrace. European cuisine with French and Belgian motives. Reasonable prices (lunch will cost 100-150 USD)..

"Zvenigorod", a private estate
Kagarlyksky borough with. Balyko Schuchenka-Str. Field, 22, tel: (050) 444-68-79, (04 473) 23-333
Complex "green tourism" is located near the Dnieper River (15 min walk), 70 km from Kiev. Accommodation in 2 double rooms with shared facilities (100 UAH. With people.) And 3-4-bed rooms with private facilities (130 UAH. Per person.). Organized three meals a day (100 USD).. There is a Russian steam bath with a broom, mangalnaya area overlooking the Dnieper steep slopes, large playground, tutor services for children, fishing, boat, relax on the Dnieper River, parking, security, sightseeing tours, horseback riding.

Country hotel "Glebovka" ("Golden Stream"), OOO "NRB-Club"
s. Glebovka Vyshgorodskiy district, tel. Kiev Office: +380 (44) 2474355, Fax: +380 (44) 2474530, GSM: +380 (50) 5477908, GSM: +380 (50) 5860701,

Country hotel "Glebovka" is located in a magnificent pine forest on the shore of the Sea of ​​Kiev, close to the Upper Town - the ancient residence of Princess Olga. One can not imagine a better place for a holiday or business events and event. Country hotel "Glebovka" all year.
Ansambl suburban hotel "Glebovka" consists of 31 wooden houses (one and two-story), the hotel "Gold Creek" with a restaurant, conference - halls, SPA - areas (swimming pool, fitness center, etc.), restaurant "Mayak". The territory of the country hotel occupies an area of ​​approximately 6 hectares.
In "Glebovka" at your service restaurant "Lighthouse" (100), grill houses, sauna, indoor swimming pool 25 meters long, table tennis, tennis court (open air), billiards, mini-football, fishing, parking, wifi.
For conferences, training sessions, business meetings and negotiations, to ensure complete confidentiality, are separate facilities - Meeting rooms: "Winter Garden" (capacity 100 persons), "wardroom" (capacity 40 persons), "Shamrock" (capacity 20 people). Equipment: flip charts, screen, LCD-TV.
Country hotel "Glebovka" award in the nomination "The best holiday hotel in Ukraine 2012", "The best holiday hotel in Ukraine in 2013."

"Karetny Dvor" Restaurant
Odessa highway with. Glevaha, tel: (067) 327-0656
Roadside institution average. Interesting interior of the hall. The modest menu of barbecue orientation (35 hrn. Per serving kebabs). The quality of food is low.

"Carpathians", a country restaurant
37 km Zhytomyr highway with. Berezovka, tel: (044) 451-7748, (097) 479-9592
Colorful establishment in Zhitomir highway, 15 min. drive from Kiev. Two rooms (60 and 25 seats) are decorated with taste and imagination in the Carpathian style. Cuisine Ukrainian, with elements of European, domestic and regional Carpathian. Average cost of lunch - 100-150 UAH.

"Prince's Court," a recreation complex
with. Prince st. Stogniy, 39 (18 km. From the station. M "Forest"), tel: (294) 65-562, 65-740
Hotel with all amenities. A wide variety of entertainment: swimming pools, mini golf, sauna, disco, live music, barbecue outdoors, fishing and European cuisine. One day with meals and overnight stay will cost about $ 100-200. A simple lunch, dinner or a hearty breakfast will cost about 200 USD. for two.

"Kozachek Milah," tavern
with. Darling, 22 km Zhitomir highway, tel: (04498) 79-379, (067) 329-8505
One of the closest to Kiev suburban restaurant chain "trump card" has turned from democratic "Myslyvtsya" more prestigious "Kozachek." Exterior and interior have undergone significant changes - it is still a wooden frame with a brazier in the room. The decor and cuisine is now more of Ukrainian folk motifs. Average price of main course - 50 UAH., Barbeque - 35 UAH. 100 gr. Free secure parking.

"Kozachok-Osokorki" tavern

st. Central, 11 (Osokorki), tel: 573-7550, 575-4076
Restaurant net "trump card" on Osokorki, near the water. Banquet with barbecue, VIP-hall with fireplace, summer terrace, kolyba with a stove. 4 large hut. Live music (folk and gypsy Ukrainian art). Ukrainian cuisine. Average price of main course - 50 UAH.

"Kozachok-Schaslive" tavern
The track "Kiev-Borispol", 7 km from the CP Kyiv, tel: 592-2021, 592-2041
A large area, summer terrace, playground by the lake under a thatched roof. "Knight's Hall" (62 seats) with antique weapons and tapestries in the interior, as well as "Hetman hall" (16 seats): a huge stove, decorated with antiques Ukrainian life, the painting on the walls, comfortable upholstered chair with armrests. Ukrainian national cuisine. Average main course price - UAH 30.

"Koliba" recreation complex

with. Obukhov Tripoli District, tel: (097) 692-61-72
Small entertainment center with its own beach on the Gulf of Dnieper in the center of the village of Tripoli, opposite the museum of Tripoli culture. Restaurant is shaped like a classical Carpathian kolyby, but the main specialization - Georgian cuisine (the average cost of a hot - 30 UAH).. The main hall, several small banqueting houses, a summer playground. 6 double rooms with private facilities (300 UAH)..

"Tavern", a recreation complex
smt Gostomel Str. Kuleshov, 1, tel: (297) 31-907
Hotel, restaurant and pool. Sauna for 10 people. No pool. Watering is done from hanging buckets of cold water. Restroom, shower and toilet. Nearby parking, restaurant, cafe, banquet hall, billiard room and a hotel. The price for the sauna up to 6 persons - 100 UAH / hour, plus 15 UAH / hour with each person over 6.

"The Edge of Heaven," a country restaurant
New Obukhovskaya track, 11-km
"Quick and easy" - the motto of an old, escalating with each passing year institution. This is where kebabs are the best in Kiev and its vicinity. Eat well and drink wine cost 100 UAH. for two.

"Kruglik" Hippodrome
with. Kruglik Sviatoshynsky Kiev district, "Lake Superior", tel: (067) 727-1954
Base ASTC. Antonov located near Kiev (15 km from the bus station "South"), near the lake. Rotation of the Odessa highway at the sign on Kruglik. Organization of horseback riding in forest, field, to the lake (50 grn.) Per hour. Initial instruction in the riding. Modest floating cottages (24 UAH. 6 hours), fishing, small floating sauna, beach catamarans, ponies for children. Cafe on the water (barbecue - 15 UAH. In a bar just beer).

"Merchants' Yard", a restaurant
Capital Highway, 24 km (old Obukhovskaya highway), tel: (067) 246-6246
Surrounded by forests Cum-Lakeland. Manor consists of two levels - on the first floor dining room, second lounge bar. In the courtyard with Japanese garden, five banquet houses for 10-12 people., Each devoted to one of the famous Russian merchants. Russian cuisine prescription XIX century. Chef's from St. Petersburg. Average price of main course - 90 UAH. BBQ and a private oil lamp. Homemade liqueurs.

"Forest", recreation

with. Glebovka Vyshgorodskiy District, tel: (044) 205-7724, (050) 988-8161
Located under Dymer in the woods on the Kiev Sea. Wooden architecture. Ukrainian cuisine. The three-storey saunas with access to the swimming pool, billiards, lounge and fireplace (200 UAH. \ H). Eight comfortable 2-storey four-bed cottages of log (2 bedrooms with a balcony, fireplace, bathroom, TV-SAT, telephone, safe, mini-bar) - 800 UAH. \ Day (price includes breakfast, swimming pool, badminton, billiards and sauna for half an hour). There is also a two-storey VIP-cabin for two people (one bedroom, fireplace, satellite TV, plasma, telephone, refrigerator, mini-bar, Jacuzzi, bidet, shower cubicle). A separate pool cottage with a fireplace and a banquet room (60 UAH. \ H), pavilions with barbecue, 3 cascading waterfall with lighting, emerald green, with a traveling wave pool in the open.

"Lisova" inn
Obukhov district
A huge wooden mansion on a picturesque hillside. In a large mansion has pool, and a little hut - private rooms. Summer grounds, parking, amenities, children's slides, fast service. The cost of dinner - 30-40 UAH. Recommend catfish, baked in mushrooms.

"Lisova KAZKA" restaurant

Odessa highway with. Glevaha
The complex of wooden buildings in the woods at the track (turn on Ivankovic). Neat area with lawns and walkways - no frills. Restaurant for 2 rooms, 3 banqueting house, 6 year old arbors. Quality Armenian cuisine, great selection of kebabs - 25-30 UAH. per serving.

"Love and hunger," tavern

28 km Novoobuhovskoy highway, tel: (044) 332-75-00
A three-storey restaurant with a variety of interiors, the combined Dutch aesthetic. In the first and third - a cozy fireplace on the second - on outputs 2 large terraces. The huge summer terrace. Classic Country Kitchen - 35 UAH. for the main dish. Hotel 13 rooms in novogollandskom style. Outdoor games: backgammon, checkers, chess, darts, cricket, badminton, indoor soccer, table tennis and skittles.

"Tracker", a floating restaurant
Zhukov island, st. Lute, 58a, tel: 461-2624
Restaurant "Tracker" is located on the territory of a country club, located on Old Bay (Zhukov island). We offer private parties, corporate events, elegant weddings. Excellent cuisine, talented chefs, excellent service and the independence of the external world is waiting for you from 11-00 to 01-00. It costs $ 20 to $ 30 per person.

"Mislivsky hutіr" restaurant-hotel
Odessa highway, 32-km, tel: 538-0874, (067) 250-3330
Located in a picturesque place with artificial ponds and a waterfall. Two double rooms with private facilities (200 grn.) Mini-cottages (on the first floor - a table and a fireplace on the second - half bed, shower, 120 USD).. Bar, Ukrainian cuisine with a selection of dishes from the game (40-50 UAH. For a main course). On the territory - a mini-zoo: a pony, ostriches, peacocks, mouflon, pheasant, wild boar. Children's playground. Working around the clock.

"Myslyvets-Bucha", auto grill
Bucha, Shevchenko, 2r, tel: (067) 327-34-61
Motorway Kiev Kovel, in a beautiful pine forest. The interior is sustained hunting style: the walls are covered with trophies, guns, fishing nets, various utensils, antique kitchen utensils, musical instruments. In the main hall for 38 persons located Hand painted grill. Two banquet halls for 12 and 16 people. Specialties: "Trout baked in foil with vegetables," "Rabbit, stewed in sour cream", "Karasik, with a crispy crust." Grill menu - barbecue, steaks, sausages hunting, fish and vegetables. Average price of main course - 30-40 UAH.

"Myslyvets-Kiev", auto grill
Kiev, prosp.Minsky, 20a, tel: (044) 585-77-11
The restaurant is located at 600 meters from Shevchenko, on the outskirts of Kiev in the direction of Vyshgorod, on the shores of beautiful lake and is surrounded by pine forest. On the walls are decorated with objects of everyday life and Ukrainian trophies. Right in the hall for 60 seats is located grill. Summer terrace with 50 seats. Wireless Internet WI-FI. The menu - barbecue, steaks, traditional Ukrainian dishes. The average price of hot meals - 40 UAH.

"Myslyvets-Kozelets" auto-grill
Kozelets village, Chernihiv highway, 79th km, tel: (04 646) 42-454
Located on highway E-95 (79-km), a 30-minute drive from Kiev. Opened in July 2004 Theme is designed in two directions: the trophies, the attributes and ethnic motifs of the Ukrainian village. Large hall with 50 seats, banquet hall for 10 people and an area with sofas. In the menu - traditional Ukrainian and European cuisine, there are 2 barbecue (the average price of main course - 30-40 UAH.). Working around the clock.

"Myslyvets-Mironovka" auto-grill
Myronivsky borough. With. Rossava, 103 km of the highway Kyiv-Znamyanka, tel: (067) 500-29-41
The restaurant has a main hall with 30 seats, 2 banquet halls, non-smoking room for 12 seats. Cozy atmosphere, friendly staff. The menu - a different grill and traditional Ukrainian dishes: borsch with Ukrainian donuts, solyanochka, bacon, garlic, carp in sour cream, etc. The average price of hot meals - 40 UAH.

"Myslyvets-Mytnitse" auto-grill
with. Mytnitse, 44-km route Odessa, tel: (271) 45-336
Odessa is located on the highway. Wooden house, the interior in the style of "country" with hunting motifs, banquet hall, summer terrace. In the center of the main hall is a real grill, which serves a variety of kebabs: pork, veal, chicken, catfish, vegetables, and grilled dishes. The menu offers Ukrainian and European cuisine (30-40 UAH. - Average price of main course).

"Myslyvets-Sofiyivka" auto-grill
with. Sofiyivka Str. Sovetskaya 199, tel: (04737) 40-410
Located on the route Kyiv-Zolotonosha, at the turn to Kanev. Hunting lodge with a cozy patio. The main hall for 40 persons, "fireplace" room for 20 people, "Hunter" room for 6 people. Average price of main course - 30 UAH., A portion of barbecue - 45 UAH.

"Myslyvets-Hotyanovka" auto-grill
Vyshgorod district, s.Hotyanovka, ul.Valova, 4a, tel: (067) 249-0470
New Auto-grill located in the village Hotyanovka on 5th kilometer of the P-31 Kiev-Vyshgorod-Desna, near the Kiev Sea. Unchanging style hunting lodge, lawn on the shore of the pond. The main hall for 48 seats, 2 banquet halls for 12 and 8 guests. The traditional menu Auto Grill - Ukrainian dishes, different grill. Average price of main course - 30 UAH., A portion of barbecue - 45 UAH.

"Navkolo Lake", a recreation complex
Mr. Vorzel Str. Gorki, 24, tel: (297) 46-200, 46-351
Located near the lake at 21 km route Warsaw, next to the wellness area SPA. Cafe-kolyba "Green krasunya" with gloomy interior and mediocre service. The main and banquet hall, summer gazebo. Grill House menu (from 15 UAH. 100 g). Motel "Mandrіvnik" with 12 rooms with all amenities: double room - 195 UAH., Lux: 300 UAH., Separate cottages - 450-695 UAH. Beach restaurant (80 hrn. Per hour), parking.

"Okolitsa" restaurant

st. Urban, 2a, tel: 229-3848
The institution is located mid-level in a pine grove on the district at the exit of the city towards the Gostomel, opposite checkpoint. Two rooms, 6 banquet houses of different sizes (from 4 to 20 pers.), Summer terrace and outdoor pavilions, a large parking lot. Traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine (the average cost of 20 USD.).

'Oscar', cafe
7th km Dymerskoy highway, tel: 585-6353
Located on the highway, with front. Petrivtsi. Closed area with lawns and a fountain - simple but clean. Large room with a lowly interior brick houses banquet 8-10 people. TV and tape recorder, the summer playground. Azerbaijan cuisine: kebabs, kutaby, fish on the grill. Average price of main course 15-25 UAH.

"Pansky Maetok" Hotel Complex

New Obukhovskaya track, 9-th km,
For the meal are two Svetlitsa, one of which with the existing furnace. Ukrainian cuisine is presented roast pork with apples, kruchenyky with bacon, stewed rabbit in milk, fried with onions carp, dumplings with poppy seeds and another two dozen dishes. Corporate uzvar and tea with lime. The cost of a main course - 20-25 UAH. There is a small, but clean outdoor swimming pool, a Russian sauna with steam room for 4 people. (100 UAH / hour). Next - a lake with fishing (10 UAH / hour. + 10 UAH. 1 kg of fish caught). Spend the night up to 10 people can be in double rooms at 250 UAH / day (convenience - on the floor). Other entertainment - American billiards (5 UAH / per hour) and horseback riding (60 UAH / hour).

"Partizan" club beer timber
28 km trails New Obukhov, pos. Pidgirtsi, tel: (044) 467-7343
Entertainment complex network of "Belle-Vue", located in a pine forest with artificial pond, was opened in 2006, "Guerrilla" style is maintained with style and subtle humor: fake tank at the entrance, cottages, "shelters", the cashier at the wheel jeep, metal tableware, plates menu in the officers, waiters dressed in camouflage, etc. The restaurant - a large main hall, a line of quick-service, three banquet halls of various capacities. Dozens of beers, Ukrainian and Uzbek cuisine, grill. Average price of main course - 40-50 UAH. Lovers of fishing - fish stocking and lake houses of fishermen. Hotel rooms: dvuhmestyny: 500 UAH. Junior: 750 UAH. Suite 1250 UAH. Cottages: Double: 1500 UAH. Chetyrehmechtny with a sauna: 2000 UAH.

"Under an oak," tavern
Brovary highway, a 2-in, phone: 518-8457
The old facility at the entrance to Kiev from Chernigov, which has grown from a small pavilion. Banquet houses, decorated in different styles, arranged around a green lawn. Traditional Ukrainian cuisine. Average price of main course - 40 UAH.

"Horseshoe", a country club restaurant
Concha Zaspa, c / g "Golden Gate", tel: 527-6060
Institution for rent. Rich "medieval" as the interior indoors and outdoors. Green lawns, a large outdoor swimming pool and deck chairs for sunbathing, fish pond, a mini-gorlf, children's playground - all for free. But the prices at the bar and restaurant are quite high - the average score of 250-300 UAH. per person. Alsatian cuisine.

"Prolіsok" tourist complex
Pobedy, 139, tel: 451-9049, 451-8076
Located in the park, which is part of a forest on the outskirts of Kiev, at the end of Victory Ave. The city center is 15-20 minutes. The comfortable wooden house ("dipdomik") with a sauna and a pool table for a family or a company up to 6 people (750 UAH / day), two buildings have 2 double rooms with all comforts, furnished with modern comfortable furniture, satellite TV, telephone (100 -150 UAH).. Restaurants "Yaroslav Yard" (large), "Hata Carp" (small), "Prolisok" will offer you a wide range of dishes of Ukrainian and European dishes (min. order a banquet - 100 UAH / person.). The complex is a Soviet-era furnishings and a few shovels service.

"Profiteroles" town restaurant
n. Hotyanovka Vyshgorodskiy District, tel: (067) 505-4080
Gourmet restaurant holiday complex "The Village", which is a country club "The Castle" (see "The Castle"), which is in a pine forest next to the gum. In the menu - dishes of French, Italian cuisine (the average cost of a main course - 50 UAH.). Hall for discos, summer terrace, sauna complex (500 UAH. Per hour), stocking of the lake. Guest houses, including two-storey cottage for 4 families.

"Razgulyaevo", Entertainment Complex
Metropolitan Highway 70, phone: 259-1700
Restaurant chain project "World Map". 2-storey mansion, the restaurant-tower, 11 individual cottages, gazebos. Total capacity - up to 1,000 visitors, a summer playground with 100 seats. The kitchen is headed by Rezo Gomurashvili. Standard menu - Georgian, Armenian, Azeri, Uzbek, Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish dishes. Meat cooked on a grill (22 items kebab), coal and tone. Music - Roma and Via. Working around the clock. The average bill - 150-200 UAH. per person (main course - 60 grn.). Swimming pool, children's pavilion, 8 guest rooms (500-600 USD)..

"Romankovskaya Estate", the hotel-restaurant
Novoobuhovskaya trail with. Romanko, st. Wood, 10, tel: (067) 407-09-51, (094) 924-90-09
Leisure complex in the area Novoobuhovskoy tracks (with a twist. Romankiv the restaurant "Edge-Heaven"). The restaurant serves European and Ukrainian cuisine (average price - UAH 40. For a main course). Russian bathhouse with a swimming pool, professional attendant, treatments with honey, salt, beer, and medicinal herbs. The hotel offers rooms that are c / a, shower, double bed, plasma TV, air conditioning. The cost of the standard rooms: 600 UAH., Improvements: 750 UAH.

"Samobranka" restaurant

st. Warriors, 26-a, tel: 592-00-20
The new facility networks "trump card". Located on the Gulf of the Dnieper, on the outskirts of Kiev (from Obolon) toward Vyshgorod. A large area, private beach (not yet equipped), children's playground. Restaurant for three rooms, wine cellar, a large summer terrace. European, different grill. Average price of main course 50 UAH. In the nearest plans - expansion, additional services.

"Peregrine Falcon" shooting-sports club
Brovary Str. Chkalov, 29, tel: (04494) 67-107, 53-517 (for calls from Kiev code 294) (044) 224-8066
Located in a suburb of Kiev, 20 km from the station. M. Wood. Weapon shop, trap shooting, shooting (sporting pistols and revolvers), shooting from a rifle hunting guns, archery and crossbow. Horse walks into the forest and the field (70 grn.) Per hour. Restaurant "Hunter", a fireplace room. Discounts to owners of "Prestige Card"

"Sim-Sim", a restaurant complex

Str. Peter and Paul, 20 (BN District), Tel: 406-4625
Popular institution in the nature of the district of St. Peter and Paul Borschagivka (next to "Billy" in the District). Attractive interior, very good service, one of the most original and authentic Oriental cuisine in Kiev (working chefs from Armenia and Uzbekistan).

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