Proposal for a ready home in the «Olympic-Park»

Proposal for a ready-made houses
All buyers of cottages in the "Olympic-Park» can take advantage of a special offer from the DC "Europe": purchase a cottage with a 100% degree of readiness for the price of 900 EUR per square meter to the cost of 15 hectare of land.

Today the attention of buyers in the "Olympic-Park» offers 38 homes with 100% degree of readiness, which are connected to the electricity and gas supply, water supply and sanitation in the town. Now you have an excellent opportunity to acquire modern and comfortable European-style cottage of the 15 projects presented at the 15 hectare site at the minimum price proposal.

All cottages are built on modern technologies of high-quality building materials. The frame house is made of aerated concrete, foamed concrete and bricks, and roofing of sand-polymer and asphalt shingles. Facade for the houses are presented in two basic versions: plaster and stucco finishing with decorative stones. The houses are installed sound - and noise - insulation Aluminum windows with a 2-and 4-chamber double-glazed windows, and at the request of buyers in most projects can be increased insolation in the house by creating a cozy atmosphere, warm and sunny mood for the entire year.

In addition, the Service Chief Architect of the DK "Europe", offers customers a significantly expanded range of services for the introduction of integrated architectural and technological changes, like redesigning the interior of the cottage, and modernization of the entire household.

Now the project department DK "Europe", customers can not only make individual adjustments to the internal re-planning, but also order various modifications of the functional purpose of premises, conducting landscape and greening works on site, construction of additional facilities on the local area, individual passport facades, as well as various personal accessories that will highlight the uniqueness of homeownership.


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