Action! Summer prices for townhouses in KM «Sun Ray»

Townhouses in the "Sunbeam" can be bought at a special price - 1650 y. e. per m2. A limited number of households remain on sale.

There are five three-story townhouses with 4, 6 and 8 households on the territory of the Sunbeam. In the town there are two types of townhouses - end (total area 221 m2) and internal (216 m2). Each townhouse adjoins a plot of land with an area of ​​2 to 4 hundred parts.

All the buildings in Sunbeam have been commissioned. Households are transferred to the buyer in a state of “fine finish”. The townhouses have heating and sewage equipment, solar panels on the roofs.

"Sunbeam" is a modern residential town in Koncha-Zaspa in the town of Kozin. The town is located within the city limits, in a picturesque ecologically clean area on the banks of the Kozinka River. In addition to residential buildings in the "Sunbeam" there are a supermarket, tennis courts, a landscaped coastal area with a beach, the area of ​​green spaces exceeds 1 hectare. The “Sunbeam" provides three formats of suburban housing - a cottage, a townhouse and an apartment in a low-rise building. The Sunbeam is connected to the central electricity and gas supply, to the centralized sewage system in the town of Kozin.


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