Seminar «Residential construction: from» A «to» Z « (2007)

11.30-15.00, 13/12/2007 Seminar "Residential construction: from " A "to" Z ".
Speakers: Elena Sukmanova - k.yu.n., Lawyer, director of law firm Elite Consulting, Head of Legal Department of Ukrainian financial-consulting group, Dmitri Pavlenko, director of the Ukrainian Association of BTI.

1. The main stages of the preparation of the transaction: what to check before signing the contract.
1. The main means of obtaining rights to land for the construction of apartment buildings
2. Construction licensing procedure (APZ, TU, pre-design survey, estimates)
Status of the Investor, developer and general contractor of construction of the Customer
3. Make out relations with the designer.
3. Building relationships with the contractor within the legal field.
4. Adjustable relationship with the participants funding the project using the CFF.
5. Contractual relations between participants of investment projects using IIS.
6. The order of imprisonment and execution of the contract on joint activity in the construction.
4. Contractual schemes in the construction of residential real estate:
- Contractual relationship between the participants of investment projects using the ISI (collective investment institutions);
- Contractual scheme between the developer, manager and principals in the creation and activities of FFS (funds finance construction);
- Contractual scheme using trust bonds - one of the modern mechanisms for financing the construction.
5. Contractual relationships with contractors, designers and other participants in the construction and investment activities.
6. Execution and registration of property rights
7. Management and maintenance of residential houses
8. Rights to land after entering the house in operation.


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