Volodarsky district is an area in the southwest of the Kiev region

Volodarsky district is located in the steppe zone of Ukraine in the north - eastern part of Mogilev increase in the south - western part of the Kiev region over 120 km from Kyiv and 40 km from B. Church. District covers an area of 646 sq.km. Agricultural lands occupy 52,990 hectares of them: arable land - 48,755 hectares of grasslands - 2046 ha

As an administrative unit district was formed in 1923. It consists of 37 settlements. Within the area of one village and 21 rural council. In the area of 22,9 thousand people live, including in the urban village. The owner of 7,6 thousand people. (32,5%), in the rural area - 15,8 thousand. (67,5%), pastures - 1730 hectares, the gardens - 459 ha, forests - 6517 hectares, Water mirror -1118

Volodarschina - one of the most picturesque corners of the Kiev region. Its area is 646.3 square. km. Land area is rich granite, ceramic clay, fertile black soil

Volodarskij Territory - the homeland of the Heroes of the Soviet Union and AP Plugatarya and MV Mikheev, Heroes of Socialist Labor, NA Kurmanchuk and PN Babanyuka, President of the Academy of Engineering Sciences, President of the Open International University for Human Development, a member of three international academies PN Talanchuka, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences Academician LP Kindzelskogo, was awarded the honorary title of the American Biographical Institute Man of the twentieth century ", Ph.D. Academician VI Shinkaruk, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Laureate of the Stalin Prize, academician AP Komar, Honored Володарський 
район Teacher of Ukraine, the author of the first Ukrainian primers B S. Sazhenyuka, Doctor of Philology, Professor PI Orlik, doctor of historical sciences, Professor PP Bachinsky, Doctor of Technical Sciences VV Hooke, doctor of historical sciences, VS Drachuk.

Before Generalskoe Corps Ukraine features 11 volodarchan. Among them, the head UPB MOE of Ukraine in the Kiev region, General - Major VP Melnik, head of regional management of the SBU in the Cherkassy region, Maj. Gen. M.Y. Kulinsky, General - Major VF Grechaninov.

Grace to the beauty of nature Volodarschiny gave impetus to the creation of folk artists YY Timchenko and PZ Emtsyu, artist - amateur and sculptor IJ Zorenko, poets NA Poznansky, VD Nevinchany, LI Lisichenko, AF Mihaylevskomu, VI Didkivskomu, writer, PF Kravchuk, VY Brezitsky, VK Drachuk, MG Mahinchuku.

Residents volodarskih land has always celebrated freedom-loving spirit and desire for independence. In the years 1594-1596 they participated in the peasant - Cossack uprising led by Severin Nalivaika. For active participation in the Liberation War in 1648-1654 Polish gentry began to call Volodarka "jack harakternikiv. In the XVIII century. Volodarschina was covered Haidamak movement.

Residents of the area observed a history of its edges, carefully guard the monuments of history and architecture in an area where there are 89.Sered them this gem is a unique architectural landmark, the church of the Protection of the Virgin in s.Parhomivka built in the early twentieth century, the landowners B. Golubyovim and painted from sketches famous artist and scientist Roerich. Far beyond the area known and a monument of architecture of XIX century. Holy Trinity church in the village. Brown Village, where the miraculous icon of Our Lady Rudosilskoi.

In 1923 was created Volodarskij Administrative Region with center in Volodartsi, and from 27 February 1932, he joined the Kiev region. Today in the district resides 22,9 thousand people. For nationals of Ukrainians - 99,8%, Russian - 0,1%, others - 0,1%

Last year in PE "Agricultural" (p. Rubchenky, director VS Lyubomsky) of grain harvested 85.9 tons per hectare, in particular corn 128.8 kg / ha in terms of dry grain, but in LLC Dawn (g.Volodarka, Director Romanchuk LV) Sugar yield was 658.5 kg / ha. Far beyond the Kiev area known products elite agro-seed "Mriya" (p. Kapustintsi, director NV Andrusenko), where they are grown and realize elite seeds of cereal crops.

The main areas of animal husbandry is the production of meat and milk. Total agricultural production in the region involved in 23 agricultural enterprises and 27 peasant (farmer) farms.

The industrial potential of the region are JSC "Or Pustovarivsky sahzavod", JSC "Cheese," ST "Volodarskij bread, plants" Keramik "and" Lapis ".

Recently, increased the role of small business, which becomes an important economic sector for the region.

In all spheres of economic activity employs 6 850 people, produced in-house - 37 people for private peasant (farmer) households - 42 people in the household plots - 917 people, individuals, and on an individual basis - 365 people.

At Volodarschini created and successfully operates an educational system that for years of independence emerged as the scope of educational services, as close as possible to the interests and abilities of the child. Today it includes 20 pre-school, 2-school, and 22 secondary institutions, vocational-27 and a boarding school. Open educational establishments of a new type - Lyceum, which has created favorable conditions for development and establishment of gifted children, provided an opportunity to receive a quality education.

Teachers Corps district has 428 employees, of which 22 teachers Methodists, 22 have the title "Senior Teacher", 148 - professionals of the highest category 140 orphans and children deprived of parental care, and find warmth and affection in Volodarsky boarding school and have the opportunity learn and relax in good conditions.

The health district is shifted to the priority development of ambulatory-polyclinic care. The district has 33 hospital facilities, employing 53 specialists with higher education. Receives visitors study of family planning.

Famous Volodarschina and amateur artistic activity. His songs paint a wreath at the district vplitayut 8 vocal and choral, 2 dance teams, 11 amateur associations. Of particular gained popularity not only in the Kyiv region, but outside it, popular brass band and folk choir district house of culture. Choir, which has more than 20 years, is a multiple winner of the All-Ukrainian folk art, regional review - competition of choirs of the K. Stetsenko, winner of the show - the competition of folk choirs. P. Demutskogo.

Aesthetic education of children engaged Volodarska School of Arts. To support young talents annually Regional Children's Art Festival "Talents of yours, Volodarschino.

In the area has created an extensive network of cultural institutions, the principal activity of which is to preserve historical and cultural heritage, development of folk art, the organization of meaningful leisure people. For readers' service - 28 libraries.

Physical culture and sports activities organized and conducted sports society "Ear" and sports club "Garth," foci which are in the 22 villages of the district. Real forge of sports training for children and youth has become a sports school, where working basketball, athletics and football section. Young athletes - participants and winners of regional, all-Ukrainian and international competitions. As a result of the Regional Contest for the best organization of sports - athletics and sports-media work area took 2 place in the area.

Today Volodarschina - one of the best agricultural areas of the Kiev region, who confidently enters its 80 th anniversary.

At Volodarschini are 106 monuments of archeology. This 2-Settlement Settlement in Kosovo and in March, 63 settlements, 26 groups of mounds, 13 barrows, the most prominent among them - Tsareva Tomb on the outskirts of Lihachihy and Orliha Zavadivskoi in the territory of the village council, 1 burial mounds near the C rayok and 1 defensive structures in the center City-Kosovo.

Among the monuments of history and culture of the area - 43 monuments of the dead soldiers, single and mass graves. We have 10 memorial to the victims of Holodomor 1932-1933 GG in Volodartsi, Kosivtsi, ginger Selo Rubchenkah, City-Pustovarivskomu, cockroaches, Nadrosivtsi, Logvin, Parhomivtsi.

In recent years, Volodarsky region have been positive developments in the restoration of architectural monuments, the revival of churches. In the 90th of the last century could revive the landmark architecture, culture and art - Parkhomovsky Holy Virgin Church. For the ensemble of this grand temple, built in 1903 1907r.r. designed by a famous architect V. Pokrovsky mosaic paintings "Blessed Virgin" and "Holy Face" from sketches Roerich, also includes a large gate and fence, the priest's house, which is in a state of restoration and gatehouse.


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