Vasilkovsky district is a district in the center of the Kiev region

In the area live Vassilkovskaya 69,2 thousand people. population. Availability of land in the area - 1184.4 thousand hectares. Area 16.8 thousand ha - is covered with forests.

The district 8 rivers. Largest of them - Stugna, Bobritsa Strait.
The total length of roads in the area - about 1650 km, including paved - 1100 km.

In the area there are 10 industrial enterprises. The main production activity area - agriculture.

In the region of 36 working farms. In addition, there are 109 farms.

Work of medical institutions have been established. Currently working 5 hospitals for 680 beds, operates 10 clinics and dispensaries, for 41 medical assistant-midwifery point.

The district operates 71 educational institution, of which - 28 secondary schools 1-III century, two high schools, 8 secondary schools 1-P-century children's home of mixed type, 29 pre-schools.

To provide services to residents of the district operates 52 libraries, operates 43 clubs, 3 schools of aesthetic education

Vasilkivschina - birthplace of world-famous tenor, Hero of Socialist Labor Ivan Kozlovsky.

According to archive data Vasilkovsky county is mentioned in 1782 in creating the province of Kiev. Archaeological findings indicate that in 1U-W millennium BC in the district were settlements of Representatives trypilska culture.

After the mysterious disappearance of Trypill culture some people after another, came the conquerors, but some cultures are not interrupted. There are numerous monuments of the Bronze Age (II millennium BC) near settlements Zastugna, cellar, Glevaha, Ivankovic, Losyatin, Marianivka.

On the banks Stugna remained Scythian monuments. The territory of Vasilkivschiny Scythians have left remnants of settlements and the mysterious burial mounds - graves: "Chortiha", "Perepyatiha", "Three brothers" (s.Pogreby, s.Mar 'Yanovka, smt.Glevaha).

Settlements (settlement) of the following crops are often inherited the location mediocre. The district Васильковський 
районin the valley r.Stugna found early Slavonic settlements Zarubintsy (II century AD) and chernyakhivska (1U century AD) cultures. They were found near the chaser, Great robins.

In the annals X1 century mentions the mysterious Zmiyiv shafts. These shafts (embankment height of 6-8m in width and 14-16 m) stretch across Ukraine on the border of the forest and forest-steppe as defenses.

Cossack settlement at this time Vasilkivschini were s.Roslavichi and s.Losyatin. Proof of this is the mound "Zamkovische on r.Rut now r.Protoka in s.Losyatini. From generation passed on the legend that it is here that there was a Cossack fortification. In addition, copper was s.Roslavichi church bell, donated roslavitskim Cossacks hetman N. Potocki.

In July 1921 Vasil'kov classed as urban villages, and in 1923 he became a district center.

After the Civil War Laborers Vasilkivschiny actively involved in the restoration of the economy. Province's population was engaged mainly in agriculture, trade, crafts, much of the work at the state leather factory m.Vasilkova. Extensive development in the area gets the cooperative movement, developing education and culture.

The history of this period Vasilkivschiny filled and tragic pages: Stalin's repressions, the Holodomor of 1932-1933. During the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 thousand vasilkivchan went to the front, and were active in the underground, in the guerrilla detachments. In November - December 1943 Vasilkovsky district released from Nazi invaders. On fierce fighting with the enemy on the ground Vassilkovskaya evidenced by the numerous memorials and monuments, graves of the heroes of the Soviet Union. In the vacated area, immediately began restoration of the destroyed economy occupiers.

Now Vasilkovsky district in its socio-economic indicators, industrial capacity and agricultural complex is one of the most developed regions of

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