Brovarsky district is a district in the north-east of the Kiev region

Brovarskyi District
* Area Area - 1188 (
* Population - 75,9 thousand people
* Rural settlements - 46
* Territorial communities - 26
* Village councils - 3
* Rural Councils - 23
* Industrial companies - 6
* Agricultural enterprises - 35
* Farmers - 119
* Schools - 25 (10458 pupils)
* Hospitals - 7
* Pharmacies - 12
* Obstetric units - 16
* Houses of culture and clubs - 36
* Bi6liotek - 36

Brovarschina, historical land which contains a magical corner of Ukraine, between the rivers Desna, Dnieper and Trubezh, has long been inhabited. The region has an outstanding geographic position on the Left Bank, opposite the Kiev, and determined at all times, variability destiny.

In the middle of the first millennium AD Roman sources referred to the historical triangle of land in Kiev, Chernigov Pereyaslav beginnings of Russia, all of eastern ethnicity, over a thousand years into the sacred forests Brovarschiny lived one of the largest ancient Slavic tribes - sivertsy, which eventually formed the Chernigov, and Pereyaslavskoe Novgorod Seversky Principality.

From the tenth century. started growing impact of the Kiev prince's power on the Seversky folk Brovarschiny. For Prince Volodymyr the Great on the Desna, Island, Trubezh built castles, where live on sustenance "invited from other countries," noble men.

At a subsequent time (XI - XII centuries). En masse settling of the territory by the monks of Kiev and Pereyaslav monasteries. It was the total colonization of the church heathen lands, traces of ancient settlements of monks found in almost every Brovasky village.

For the sick and infirm monks Brovarska land was promised land, "God given", Bogdanovka epic time. And although more than once came here Pechenegs, polovtsy, and the lands between the Desna and Trubezh grew hut brave brewers. Almost all modern village rose from the ancient settlements, castles - Knyazhichi, Brovary Litky, Rusanov, tow, and Gogol, Zavorichi, Semipolki, pricks, Rozhevka, Litochky, Svinoidy, tripe, cellars, Kalita, Bogdanovka, Dymerka, Zazimya, ore, etc .

In 1239 - 1240 years. On our land came on the hordes of Batu. According to legend, the population of ancient castles in Semipolki and Puff committed a desperate and courageous resistance, but was unable to resist the attackers. According to some, stubbornly defended, but fell under the onslaught of the Horde castles in Rusanov, tow Zavorichi, Litochky.

After the short reign of various Tatar vassals region passed into the possession of Prince Roman of Броварський  
район Bryansk. And since 1362 the Kiev Prince Vladimir Olgerdovich conveyed the land between the Desna, Ostrom and Trubezh under the authority of Prince George Polovtsy. The prince built his residence, the yard in the hills near Rozhnov and refused on behalf of Prince Polovtsi-Rozhinovskogo. By that time, and are the first written mention of the pricks, tow Litky. From 1393 the land was Prince Dmitry Axe - associate Lithuanian Vitold.

In the Polish lustration 1616, 1620 and 1635 recorded the names of all the modern settlements. At the beginning of XVII century. began opolyachivaniya edge and simultaneously restored former monastery of ownership. In response, local people went on to defend their ancestral rights to the rebel troops Kosinski, Nalivayko, T. shaking, participated in the Cossack hetman Petro Sahaydachny hikes with local guides Ivan Sulimov, Nosach, Aksakov Rozhinovskim. The culmination of these events was a rebellion in 1638 under the leadership of our countryman James Ostryanitsy.

The next decade was a period of relative calm. Since the beginning of Khmelnitchyna in Gogol, Brovary Zavorichi created Cossack squadrons that the composition of the Kiev regiment took part in the battle with the Lithuanian army under Love. After the conclusion of the contract Pereyaslavski Brovarske land generously handed out Russian governors and generals: Trubetskoy, Wolski, Devieram, Cantacuzino Lonuhinim, Kheraskov.

Russian landowners eventually lost their possessions, their families outbid Ukrainian sergeant Daragan-Galaganov, Tanskii, corned beef. Center of the region was squadron town Gogoliev Kiev regiment, rose to fair trade. Towns have become fair Brovary Litky. Cossack villages had their own government. Also developed the monastic estates.

In 1786, was introduced serfdom and Brovarske land passed into the "treasury" and into the hands of the St. Petersburg nobles Khovanskaya-Alferevih, Trepov. Corvee, working state peasants caused the decline of national economic life.

However, among our people lived disobedience colonialists, the belief in freedom and independence. The first half of XIX century. associated with the name of Taras Shevchenko, who represented the undying faith in the coming freedom. The great poet visited many villages Brovarskiy. His poem "Katherine", "captain", "Princess" have Brovarskyi basis.

Cancellation of serfdom in 1861 led to the rapid development of economic life. In the next decade the population of villages has increased several times. It was alleged capitalist relations, formed a small city - Gogol, Brovary Litky, Semipolki. The region belonged to the county Oster Chernigov province of Brovarskiy, Gogol and Semipolkovskoe townships. Through our land lay railway was built in 1867) and St. Petersburg highway (1861).

At all times, in different circumstances occurred emigration of people from Brovarschiny in other areas, countries, sometimes on a considerable scale. In the XVII century. - The district Piryatin and Chugueva, at the end of XVIII century. - The Don, later to Tavria, in the middle of XIX century. - At the Kuban, and subsequently - the Volga, Siberia, the Far East.

For the period of Ukrainian Hetman State Brovarske land belongs administratively to the Kiev regiment, after the final subjugation of Ukraine by the Russian Empire in the Kiev governor in 1807 - 1917 years. - Up Oster county Chernigov province.

By order of the Government of the Ukrainian People's Republic in 1918 with the introduction of a new administrative division of the Dnieper land in 20 layers of Kiev became part of the Kiev region. For several years Brovary were included in the urban area of Kiev. Already in the USSR, after the establishment of the district in 1923, as its center moved to Dymerka, which became the Great Dymerka. In 1937 Brovary again became the center of Brovarskiy area.

The formation of the district to coincide with the new economic policy of Soviet power. Revived the economy, destroyed during World disasters and civil wars. In the villages of the district created strong economy with its own processing of products. Along with the economic recovery revived and spiritual life, came Ukrainizashion education and culture. Large scale formation acquired semiklasnoi training system.

In the 30-ies started collectivization area, which lasted until 1934 in many cases, it was gaining signs of forced. The so-called distortions in policies regulating land relations in rural areas led to a terrible disaster for the Ukrainian - the Holodomor of 1933 and then, later, in the prewar years, mass repression, killing hundreds of our countrymen. Nearby Brovary in Bykivnia contained the largest in Ukraine disposal of the repressed citizens, destroyed NKVD officers.

With the beginning of the Great Patriotic War Brovarshina was at the epicenter of events. From the first days of July, 14 September 1941 in Brovary the headquarters of the Southwestern Front (commander - Army General Kirponos), the headquarters of Ukrainian border districts, other military control. German troops occupied the area on Sept. 19, 1941 Exactly two years later - September 19, 1943 - began his partial release of the 38 th Army of the Steppe Front.

According to official figures, during the war killed 7145 inhabitants of the area, every second man of military age. Thousands of residents were taken to forced labor in Germany, and at the retreat in September 1943, the invaders set fire to 12 thousand peasant households.

In feats of arms in the Great Patriotic War, nine of our countrymen marked the highest military rank of Hero of the Soviet Union.
Symbols Brovarsky area

Brovarskyi district - a long-standing historical land located in the heart of Ukraine. Where the blend of water Desna and Dnieper. Rich in folklore and ethnographic heritage, the influence of different historical cultures and today define Brovarskyi pedigree. The fate of our land was determined by its attachment to Pereyaslavski principality in princely times, the Kiev regiment - at the time of the Cossacks, the province of Chernigov and Kiev region. Brovarskyi area within the present boundaries were formed in 1923.

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