Borodyansky district is an area in the northwest of the Kiev region

Borodyansky district - an area located in the western part of the Kiev region, was formed in 1923. Area of 0,9 thousand km2. As at 01.01. 2002 in the area of 57,8 thousand people live.

The district has 5 townships - Borodyanka (regional center), Babintsy, Klavdiev-Tarasava Nemeshaevo, Peskovka and 43 rural settlements

Railway station: Borodyanka, Klavdiev, Nemeshaevo, Grouse, Spartak. Public roads 206.4 km, in particular, paved 199,4 km. In the administrative-territorial system includes 5 village and 19 rural councils. The transport network in the area consists of 11 bus routes. Surface - moraine - outwash sands and alluvial, weakly undulating and hilly plain.

Minerals, which include loam, marl, limestone, sand, peat, brick clay, have local use. Granite and basalt reaches the surface do not have production of these species for the needs of the construction industry is not performed. Iron ores occupy a small area, the deposits are small in capacity, not mined.

The area is within the Kiev Polesie in warm agro-climatic zone with insufficient humidity. Weather stations located in the urban village Peskovka

Dnieper River Basin - Zdvizh, Grouse and Pischanka. Built 33 bids (total area of water surface - 53,5 ha). The soils are weak and serednopidzolisti turf, sand and clay and sand, in places sandy, gray forest, dark gray-ashed, meadow - swamp. The forest area - 40,5 thousand hectares (pine, oak, birch, aspen, alder). Planted 320 hectares of forest belts and Zalesie, 31,2 thousand hectares of sand.

The first archeological finds in the district date from the late Paleolithic (20-25tys. BC) in 1150r. in Ipatievskoy chronicles first mention of the river Grouse, Zdvizh.

In 1793 Borodyansky region became part of the province of Kiev Russia Empire. In 1866. formed Borodyanskaya parish, which consisted of 15 villages, 12 farms and 1 property.

In the early 20 century commissioned railroad Kyiv - Kovel. The district there are three railway stations - Nemeshaevo, Klavdiev (named in honor of Chief S - S Railways KS Nemeshaeva), Black Grouse.

In 30-ies in the area was opened on 9 liaison offices established urban telephone network.
By the end of the 60-ies the population of the region reached 54.8 thousand people, there were 17 industrial enterprises, 3 collective farm, and 13 farms, 11 medium, 14 eight-year and 6 primary schools. In 1963. in the district center opened vocational agriculture. In the same year Borodyansky district was eliminated. Areas and settlements were added to the Makarov district and Irpen City Council. Revived district in 1967. In 1986. as a result of the Chernobyl disaster area assigned to the zone of intensified radiological control, all residents received the status of the affected 4 categories. As of 2002. within the area of economic entities in 1864.

Major industrial enterprises: JSC "Boreks", OAO "Piskivsky glass factory", OAO "Borodyansky milk", OAO "Elektromashkomplekt" and OAO "Galimpeks - Klavdievskoy factory the beautiful Christmas tree"; construction companies - JSC "PMK-6", OAO "Borodyanskaya "SPMK-15"

Savings Bank and subsidiaries operate six banks: "Aval", "Pravexbank", "INDEX - Bank" Kievan Rus "," Sotsbank "," Privatbank ".
The district has two private agricultural companies, 10 agricultural production cooperatives, 5 agricultural societies with limited liability, 3 sector research and educational institutions and 12 private farms, posted 5 game farms, over 12 thousand suburban areas.

Plant specializes in the cultivation of grain crops, potatoes and flax. Area of agricultural land is 43.7 thousand hectares, including arable land - 29,4 thousand ha.

In animal dominates dairy - beef cattle breeding, pig breeding is developed.
In smt Nemeshaevo is Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Potato Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences with an experienced management in s.Kozintsi, Nemishaevsky State Agricultural College, Borodyansky rural vocational - technical school.

Operates 27 schools, Teterevskoe school, 6 of educational associations, school-garden, a children's home "Rainbow", 19 kindergartens, a central district hospital, 4 district hospitals, 5 medambulatory, 28 rural health posts, 2 health centers, 10 pharmacies, child health camp (p. Pilipovich), a sanatorium in black grouse.

Cultural Institutions: the district's Palace of Culture. Taras Shevchenko, which operates around 20 clubs, including 12 children, 29 houses of culture and rural clubs, 2 School of Arts.

Media - regional newspaper "Forward" (based 25.02.32r) and edited by local radio.

In the area are 22 gyms and 15 soccer fields. Is the largest sports complex Nemishaivskogo State Agricultural College - the stadium, 3 sports grounds, sports and fitness facilities.

In the district center is completing the construction of modern sports complex football club "System" (President Pilipenko) with 4 football fields (central 5-thousand seats) and the gym.

Has 38 religious communities: the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate - 19, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate - 3, Evangelical Christians - Baptists - 8, as well as the Seventh Day Adventist, Roman Catholic Church, Christian Church Full Gospel Word of Faith, "Evangelical Christians "Source of Life, the Christian Church Full Gospel Church Bulletin of the World".

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