Boguslavsky district is a region in the south of the Kiev region

Boguslavsky district is located in the south of Kiev region. Founded March 7, 1923. In 1925-1932 GG District eliminated in the reorganization, in 1933, restored. In 1962, Boguslavsky district became part Tarascha area in 1965 to Myronivsky, in 1965 the area restored. Population - 40,6 thousand people, including in the city - 17.1 thousand, in the village - 23,5 thousand, mostly Ukrainian. Area 772 sq. km .. District 41 unites town, 21 rural and one urban Rada.

Regional center Boguslav located on the banks of the river Ros. Founded in 1032 by the Kiev prince Yaroslav the Wise. In 1240 Bohuslav was destroyed by the Mongol-Tatar hordes. In 1362, he came under the rule of Lithuania, and after the Union of Lublin in 1569 he captured the noble Poland. In 1620, Bohuslav received Magdeburg rights and a flag with the image of green and blue banks of the river with three rocks and a yellow cross.
Since 1648 Bohuslav, liberated by the forces of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, a town Squadron Belotserkovsky Regiment. In 1667, Bohuslav went to Poland. In 1685, during the liberation struggle, the population of Right-Bank Ukraine, under the leadership of seeds Paly against Polish domination, Bohuslav was freed from the invaders and he became a regimental town Boguslavsky Regiment.
Boguslavsky district
In 1712, again came under the rule of Poland. In 1793 with the reunification of the union of the Right-Bank Ukraine and Russia, Bohuslav became part of Russia. In 1796 - 1837 year - center Boguslavsky district. From 1846 Bohuslav - unimportant town Kanevsky County Kiev province.

Soviet power was established in January 1918, and since 1919 Bohuslav - Center Boguslavsky district of Kyiv province.

Since July 1941, and Bohuslav area occupied by German fascist invaders. In February of 1944. District released.

In September 1991 the executive committee of the building and the City Council raised the flag of independent Ukraine.

Relief of the territory Boguslavsky district is determined by its location within the Dnieper hills and is characterized by a large variety of forms. Relatively flat areas on the right bank of river. Ros connected, usually with very little on a pilgrimage watershed plateau: to the north of with. Isayki, between the villages Brande Field and Medwin, south-west region (p. Poberezhka). North-west region is allocated a broad floodplain. Ros, a low left-bank terrace and the lower slopes of the river valley.

North-western part of the left bank, the Ros is a transition to the so-called Kiev plateau and has a more quiet relief. The remaining area is characterized by a large dissection with the presence of different forms of erosion.

Rivers Dnieper basin (nehvoroschyu, Boguslavka, Fosa, Brave, Ros) and the Southern Bug - Boyarka. In the area there are 92 bids, the area of water surface which 428 hectares. Minerals: gray porphyritic granites, construction sand and clay, potter's clay.

Soils - chernozem podzolized little humus and dark-gray ashed. Forests cover an area of 17361 hectares. The main tree species - hornbeam, oak, ash, pine, Norway maple, etc. The dominant forest type are "fresh Hrabov? oak, which occupies about 70% of all forests

Major industrial enterprises: JSC "Boguslavskaya cloth factory. The main product of the factory is woollens. Power plant 2120 тысяч linear meters per year; OAO mulito - The main products are magnetic blocks, winding products, induction coils, chokes, encapsulated, which are used in electronic industry, OAO "Stone Boguslavschini - products - granite ware, OAO" Boguslavsky quarry, products - crushed stone, stone bottles, granvidsiv.

In addition the city has a creamery, OAO "Boguslavsky Cannery", OAO "Boguslavsky plant foodstuffs," DT "Boguslavsky bakery", JSC "Kiev bread, sewing factory" Ros ", OOO" Spetsprombudservis, 3 grankar "EASURES Forest plant, grain company incubatory poultry company, a furniture factory, a brick factory.

In the area of agricultural enterprise has 21 including 4 agricultural production cooperatives, 5 private-rental companies, 12 agricultural limited liability companies and 27 farms. The area of agricultural land - 34,768 hectares, including arable lands - 31982 g, hayfields - 1726 hectares, pastures - 1,013 ha.

In the region of 22 secondary schools including 10 schools of 1.3 degrees and 1.2 degrees 12 schools, a lyceum, Teachers College, 2 technical colleges. 4 hospitals, 8 obstetric units, 24 medical assistant's office, children's sanitarium. Are 16 parishes of the UOC and 10 parishes of the UOC MP, 8 associations of the Protestant churches. Within the area of a sports school, a stadium, 10 gyms, 25 sports grounds, 19 kindergartens, 33 clubs, 33 libraries, 2 School of the Arts, State Historical Museum, the Museum of Marco Vovchok, Ivan Soshenko and 11 museums on a voluntary basis.

On the picturesque banks of the river Ros are 6 recreation centers of various departments of Kiev.

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