The Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the law on the property of minors

12.01.2011 10:37
Property News | The Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the law on the property of minors The guardianship will not give permission for the sale of housing, if the parents drink, forcing children to work or were prohibitively suing for an apartment. The Verkhovna Rada adopted the changes to property laws minors and combating corruption in custody.

Earlier in the Family Code was written that the guardianship can give permission to sell a house or apartment, which belongs to including a child only if the child will remain eligible for housing.

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Now, the deputies decided to formulate it differently. Guardianship authorities may deny permission to sell the housing only in cases where:

a) the mother and / or the child's father, who applied for a permit, are deprived of parental rights;

b) the court, the guardianship or the public prosecutor decided to take the child to parents without deprivation of parental rights;

c) The child lives in a dysfunctional family where the parents:

* Shirk responsibilities for the upbringing of children;
* Cruel and irresponsible to behave with the child;
* Exploit a child, forcing him to do the job, which is banned for that age, can cause injury or violate the learning process;
* Make a child to beg or wander;
* Are chronic alcoholics or drug addicts - if on the basis of these facts, there is a lawsuit for deprivation of parental rights.

d) a person who applied for a permit to sell the house, he gave false information about yourself;

e) the parents of the child is no agreement on the sale of property;

e) the child's parents are suing for housing.

Authorized the sale of real estate is given immediately after the inspection, which shall be held not more than a month.

To make these changes to take effect, the deputies must vote for the law on second reading.
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