The concept of «residential»and «common» area legalize

20.01.2011 10:47
Property News | The concept of «residential»and «common» area legalize MPs propose to legalize the concept of "residential" and "common" area. The corresponding bill is registered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine under the number 7564 vіd 01/14/2011.

As stated in a memorandum to the draft law "On amending the Civil Code of Ukraine (regarding the definition of" residential "and" common "area), to date, a number of subordinate regulations apply the concept of" living space "and" general area " with respect to residential premises. This - State Building Codes of Ukraine, Order Statistics Committee of Ukraine "On approval of instruction for completing the statistical observation of N 1-housing fund (annual)," Regulations on the transfer of flats (houses) Accommodation in halls of residence in the property of citizens, Instructions on a technical inventory of real estate, said "".

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"Given that the definition of dwelling and the total area contained in at least four sub-legal acts, but not at the level of the law, there will always be the threat of conflict between different definitions, which may lead to restriction of the housing rights of citizens," - according to the authors of the bill .

They propose to introduce the following definitions:

- The residential area is the sum of the squares of living rooms without kitchens areas, corridors, bathrooms, pantries, closets and other outbuildings;

- Total area is the total area of the dwelling and outbuildings in view of loggias, balconies, verandas and terraces and other buildings, an area which is calculated from the coefficients defined by regulations of the relevant organs of the central executive.

It is important that residential area is determined on the basis of optimal health and sanitation requirements in the living rooms. Thus, the importance of correct interpretation of this concept due to the need to ensure the Ukrainian citizens to adequate living conditions.

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