Reskomzem Crimea will select the tenants unused plots

01.06.2011 12:50
Property News | Reskomzem Crimea will select the tenants unused plots Reskomzem Crimea together with the local authorities began to test the use of land under lease agreements, the press service of the Council of Ministers of ARC. Tenants who did not start to land development within 3 years or more, written notice that the sites will be otsuzhivat and transfer of land in the reserve by local councils. According to the chairman Reskomzema Alexander Chabanova, land management agencies are responsible for rational, economically sound use of land. "Crimea need real investment, meanwhile, there are sites that are undeveloped since 2001" - the head office. To date, the Crimea has already identified about 400-m plots with total area of ??700 hectares, which are not being developed and not used for its intended purpose. For example, in Zaozerne (Evpatoria) idle 16 sectors, taken for the construction of mini-resorts, water parks, and camps. Most land that is not being developed, is located in Greater Yalta. There's not using 128 plots totaling more than 110 hectares. Least of all undeveloped land in the area Razdolnensky - 3 sites in the area of ??0.05 hectares. Inspection and monitoring of the situation concerning land use under leases continues.

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