Rada propose to ban the legalization samostroev on squatted sites

25.10.2010 17:36
The deputies of the Verkhovna Rada Yuriy Karmazin (Bloc Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense), Valery and Yuri Miroshnichenko Bevzenko (both - the Party of Regions faction) propose to Parliament to ban acknowledge the ownership of illegally constructed real property, if built, not owned the land on which it is placed This is stated in the bill number 7279, registered at the Verkhovna Rada on October 21, writes reporter.

In particular, the deputies propose to amend article 376 of the Civil Code. It is also proposed to establish a list of categories zemuchastkov, legalization samostroev which is prohibited in all circumstances.

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In particular, it concerns the land of natural reserve fund and other nature conservation, historic and cultural facilities, water resources and forestry purposes.

Also, the bill proposed to ban recognition of the right of ownership to samostroi constructed in violation of state building codes.

In addition, members of Parliament to determine the offer that samostroi built on land where legalization is prohibited, should be demolished.

In that case, if the object is constructed in violation of state building standards, the person leading the construction, should make an appropriate adjustment or, in case of failure of perestroika, at his own expense to demolish the building.

According to deputies, the adoption of the draft law would end the scheme for unauthorized construction on state-owned lands, as well as in areas that are subject to special protection by the state.

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