Moratorium on the sale of agricultural land will be removed

29.10.2010 09:25
Property News | Moratorium on the sale of agricultural land will be removed This was stated by President Viktor Yanukovych at a meeting of the Regional Committee for Economic Reform. January 19 this year, Viktor Yushchenko, who was at that time the president has vetoed a parliament designed moratorium on the sale of agricultural land. However, parliament failed to overcome a presidential veto and impose a moratorium period up to January 1, 2012.

The current head of the Ukrainian state has again raised this issue, specify that you first need to conduct a series of reforms in land, UNIAN. It is noteworthy that in this month's interest in acquiring land in Ukraine in order to grow crops showed the authorities of Qatar, who are willing to invest in this project is about $ 100 million

Experts generally agree that a ban on the sale of agricultural land profitable large agro-industrial complexes. In addition, not all private owners of land shares need these parts: at the time they were heard almost by force, said the official of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Alexander Kovalev.

According to him, should be allowed to sell to the state land shares acquired free of charge to those to whom they are not needed. In addition, Ukraine is not actually carried out the disengagement of agricultural land. Resolve this question will help the introduction of a land inventory, "says Kovalev.

Chairman of the Agrarian Union Gennady Novikov proposes to restrict land use and insisted that the buyers were only individuals. The expert is convinced that the activities of legal entities in this area will be difficult to control, and this may lead e speculations.

Novikov said that the state should create a land bank, having purchased it a significant part of the plots. Such a measure will help avoid a collapse in prices, which inevitably would follow the advent of large volumes of deals in the market as soon as the moratorium is lifted.

With regard to non-agricultural land, deal with it are free. When buying from individuals signed a standard contract of sale which is made by a notary. Costs consist of the services of a notary, broker (if any), land managers, who plan to renew land allocation, as well as court fees and superannuation. Since May 2009, the sales contract does not provide for renewal of state certificate to the ground, and the full right to dispose of property a person receives from the date of the notarial purchase.

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