Kyiv will receive a three-dimensional map

20.09.2013 00:15
Property News | Kyiv will receive a three-dimensional map Department of planning and architecture of Kyiv city state administration on September 13 in a tender concluded a Treaty with OOO «Aerospace Agency «Magellan» on creation of the unified digital topographic basis city worth 9,91 UAH million. This was reported in the Bulletin of public procurement».
A three-dimensional diagram of Kiev scale 1:2000 need to create for 2013-2014. An accurate representation of the terrain should be not less than 10 see

Base of topographic data includes:

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- Elements of geodetic plan and height of the base;

- Borders of administrative territorial device and other territorial units;

- The relief of the land;

- Objects of hydrography and drainage network;

- Objects of hydraulic engineering, water transport and water supply;

- Buildings and structures;

- Industrial, agricultural and socio-cultural objects;

Terrestrial engineering facilities and communication;

- Railways, objects of road network and road constructions;

- Vegetation;

Marshes and salt marshes;

- Open areas and микроформы earth surface;

- Fences.

«Aerospace Agency «Magellan» with the authorized capital of 2.4 thousand UAH. founded Alexander Кощенко and Vladimir Juror.

Nashi Groshi
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