In the Crimea, to fight the black market of land connected the courts

17.06.2011 10:27
Property News | In the Crimea, to fight the black market of land connected the courts To assist with legal support to local authorities of Crimea Reskomzem territorial representatives requested the department to conduct ongoing monitoring of land cases in courts. This was stated by the head of Alexander Reskomzema Chabanov the enlarged bodies meeting with the heads of territorial bodies of authority.

As reported LigaBusinessInform the press service of the Council of Ministers, Chabanov said that it is a situation where local councils are judged on their own initiative with unscrupulous tenants without paying rent to use land is not for the intended purpose, etc. Or when the land inspection in conjunction with local councils dealt with the lease agreement for more than three years ago, but the land is undeveloped, abandoned, fenced.

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"It used to rent 10 hectares worth about 5 UAH. Per year - not to take the land, and do not put it on the Internet for sale. Then there is a change of corporate rights to land, it is clear how to do this" - he said.

"All the coast for many years worth of fences, and our task is to stop the black market that flourished in the Crimea with a bang," - he added.

To determine the investors who really want to build something, the territorial land authorities assigned to maintain contact with the owners of leased sites, find out the problems that prevent them to begin development, and to demand the construction schedule.

Also during the meeting were discussed issues on the work done to identify the unused land on the lease, to conduct a comprehensive analysis of land West of the Crimea, about the need to provide information about the presence in court disputes over actions of local authorities, the prosecution of the termination of contracts rent, in connection with violations of land legislation.

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