Court returns Kyiv land on Obolon embankment

17.09.2013 00:15
Property News | Court returns Kyiv land on Obolon embankment The court obliged the LLC «Construction company «crown» return Kyivrada land plot with the area of 0.29 hectares, located on St. Riverine , 19 in the Obolon district of Kyiv, and pay into the state budget 33,7 thousand UAH . court fees. This is evidenced by the resolution of the Supreme economic court on 11 September. Kyiv city Council gave the company the plot is in lease for five years in February 2005 for construction of a residential building.

Only in January 2013 Main Department of land resources of the Kyiv city Council on the basis of a request of the Prosecutor's office carried out a site survey and found that it is actually not used, it is not built up, not fenced, on the piece of land are playgrounds. In turn, the Tax reported that «the crown» has debts on a rent.

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The court satisfied the claim of the Prosecutor's office, since the term of the lease site, standard cost, which is 1.69 million UAH, is over.

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