As wasted land near Kiev

03.09.2010 11:47
Property News | As wasted land near Kiev The scale of fraud are staggering: by fraudulent acts went on to tens of thousands. The head of the Kiev regional administration Anatoly Prisyajnyuk said the previous government has issued about 50 thousands of fake land acts, Komsomolskaya Pravda.

In most cases, land is allocated before the election. This was done in order to bribe people. Currently, managed to cancel the order of thousands of illegal decisions. As the press service of the Kiev regional administration, it was declared by the governor of the Kiev region, Anatoly Prisyajnyuk, during the presentation of the state acts on land residents Belotserkovsky area.

According to the governor, today the criminal case has been Obukhov district, where officials illegally allocated 250 hectares of land.

- Of course, it's hard to overcome what was left of the previous government. Then the documents were issued illegally, was attached to the courts, the paper held by three instances, but we have these problems still decide. - Said Anatoly Prisyajnyuk.
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