Land audit in Ukraine

The procedure for the sale or contract of land lease is governed by a large number of regulatory documents. There are rare cases when after the transaction suddenly emerge circumstances do not permit use of land as planned.
Here are just a small list of "surprises" that await the buyer of land:

1. A fake state certif land ownership.

2. Lack of documentation accompanying state certif: Project lands; Technical report about the removal of land in the nature and the positive findings of the relevant state authorities about the possibility of granting the land, the act of setting and harmonization of border land.
3. Inconsistency purpose plot plans of the buyer. It would seem - does not matter, there is a procedure for changing the target destination of the earth. But not so simple. There is a category of land, change of purpose of which is possible only in agreement with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In addition, for certain categories of land change procedure purpose is extremely difficult.
4. The likelihood that in the near future the land which you have purchased to be taken for public use in connection with the construction plans of settlement. In this case, you, of course, to return some portion of funds invested in land, but it is unlikely that compensation will be equivalent to market value of the site.
5. Presence of a land easement. Right land easement - the right to use someone else's land. In other words, your land can benefit someone else. For example, in your area may be laid water pipes for public use. Or through it (in accordance with the contract of servitude) rebuffed public herd. In order to recognize an easement agreement null and void will go to court.
6. When removal of land in nature have not been properly defined coordinates. Unfortunately, this happens ... And then it turns out that from the standpoint of the law, you have made self-trapping territory.
7. Seller concealed information about the availability of the communications network under your section. Most likely, at a construction site impossible.

This is only the beginning of the list of possible complications associated with the land. To avoid a difficult situation, we encourage you to audit proposed to purchase land (land audit). Just contact the Land Union of Ukraine, you protect yourself from possible trouble.

Land Audit ™ includes the following work:
- Check special purpose land;
- Checking the validity of the documents;
- Verification of origin site;
- Check the land to a "problem";
- Check for the presence of legal and other restrictions;
- Risk assessment.

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