Fair of investment projects «Investment projects-2009»

Exhibitions of real estate company «RealEkspo» conducted in 2009.
Festival of real estate "REALEXPO-2009"
(02-04.06.2009, Kiev, Pobedy, 40b. PushkinPark.
Exhibition Center 'Acco International')

Fair investment and development projects with the publication of the catalog and the presentation of investment projects under the Investment Forum

Dear Sirs, today at time of crisis and rising inflation, raising capital in development projects become more complicated. In our focus - investment projects related to construction and real estate market (residential, commercial, suburban, land), social, transport infrastructure in the regions of

Kiev and Ukraine, as well as suggestions of other market actors that are involved with investments in construction.

Purpose - under comparable conditions to voice key information for investors to help them choose the "its object", and developers - to make adjustments to their plans.

If your company maintains its position in the real estate market, if adjusting the strategy, you are introducing new technologies, innovative designs and forms of services - it's time to demonstrate that a wide range of consumers. If you have a well developed investment project or a serious intention to its formulation and implementation, then this is your real estate exhibition venue with international investors, municipal and regional authorities, bankers, lawyers, architects, designers, builders, journalists, management companies and all, who are interested in attracting investments.

You can establish direct contacts with investors and buyers to consult with leading experts in the field of real estate to show your preference for investment projects that meet the best suitable financial partners willing to participate in the development of your project, share experiences with other companies to assess the prospects for the development of its project.

Given the situation on the market, the Organizer is to meet in order to promote the project or its sale to potential investors by lowering the price to cost.

We suggest you hang the finished color poster (plate) size 90?80 cm (H) with information about the project in the special exhibition "Invest-2009". The panel size 1mH2, 5m placed 2 of the draft. All projects will be grouped by market segments: housing, suburban, commercial and foreign real estate, land, by grade.

Ready tablet should contain a photo or plans, project description, contacts, the amount of necessary investments, return on the project. Upon request on the floor to make a "pocket" for placing information and advertising materials, business cards.

The same information will be available in the directory of investment projects. To do this you need to send a photo of the object with a resolution of 300 dpi in jpg or tif, and the text in Word up to 2 thousand marks to the Organizer by email to: red_vistavka@ukr.net


Investment business projects in real estate of Ukraine, the world

Investment projects of territorial development, sports, tourism, hotel and transport infrastructure

Presentation of investment projects to mark the preparations for EURO 2012

Investment proposals of regional, district and city administrations of Ukraine, government agencies, international companies

Strategically investment projects of regional

The cost for 1 project - the equivalent of 100 euros

Presentation of investment projects

Presentation enables:

• meet at one venue critics and generator of ideas

• receive substantive comments and understand the attitude towards projects

• personal contacts with potential new partners

• verify the calculations

In a report to an audience of one project is given 5 minutes and 5 minutes for questions (cost 100 Euro).

Discussion with stakeholders is conducted at the conclusion of all presentations.

Handouts (if any) is distributed to all forum participants.

Presentation template

1. Name and positioning of the project.

2. Artist - Background on the experience of the company and its leadership (contact address)

3. Project stage

4. The funding required, and the projected payback (ROI)

5. Proposal form and the participation of investors

6. Specifications project

7. The main risks to the project and methods to minimize them

8. Marketing conclusion.

9. Handouts available (brochures, CDs, business cards)

10. Photos objects

Application, materials and payment - up to 10.05.09


Exhibition Company "RealEkspo"

Tel.: +380503844498


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