Without a general plan of the investor does not need

22.05.2012 00:15
Articles about the construction | Without a general plan of the investor does not need Local authorities can not live without planning documentation, because without it would be impossible to allocate land after January 1, 2013, but the collapse of orders for the provision of documentation did not cause. Hence, the majority believes that it will allocate sites and more.

We are concerned about the fact that when the planning documentation is compiled, it is common for local authorities the issue of quality is not important, just its presence is important. In a few years and say: Where were you, the experts? Today we get orders for the development of urban planning documentation through tenders, which are often organized by random people very far from the subject. Frankly, the level of professionalism at all levels of our government is no general trend is that it will be lower and lower. Specifications are not prescribed, the organization selected not on the basis of professionalism, and in the territorial jurisdiction - that extra penny is gone from the region. However, the involvement of experts will provide an opportunity for documentation to fulfill the role that is assigned to it by law.

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We are in a transition period during which the state must contribute to the development of planning documentation. We need to work out the procedure of interaction that was not every time the temptation to hunt witches. Now the witch in this situation turns out to be an architect.

Our Institute is developing master plans of small settlements. And a lot of them have already done around Kiev - Chaika, Paul Borschagivka, Gatnoe, Hawtin Vita-Mail ... And in fact, the development of planning documentation need not so much money - thousands of eighty. For comparison, the survey is just the same. We are confused - shoot, you do surveyors and the general plan. When we work, we take the information from the surveyors. But there are difficulties: it acts in the land there, then disappear. Most problematic in the metropolitan area of ​​Kiev-Svyatoshinsky and Obukhov areas.

What makes the documentation of the urban land management? Standard situation: the spring, two friends come in jeeps, come out and say, and here we will build a mansion. And in this place is, for example, the pipeline Druzhba. And it's not ever seen "by eye", but to build a 500-m radius of the object can not be. And such examples abound. But if the selected area restrictions apply (all engineering networks, river, etc.), then we'll see where it is possible to build.

Although determine "where well-built," is simple: where in the presence of any adverse factors that people do not ever built. But the practice of developing adverse land we have started a long time. At first people started to give out plots for villas on the outskirts, they have their work there is something to liven up.

Planning documentation has always been more important to land management: it was written in the first edition of Land Code. But in practice, we have all done the opposite. And novoprinyaty law states that no general plan can not allocate land, and in this respect it is progressive, but the State has not brought any mechanism.

Their general plans and ordered the village. Most certainly, initiated preparation of documentation are private investors interested in building in the local councils. There were many investors who are in need of legitimizing the allocation of land for building. And once land, it should be the subject of urban planning, so it should be in the master plan of the village. And potential investors were real estate developers, and customers, according to the law - and the current and previous - the local authority.

While today such practices are a few "stalled." The fact that last year introduced a law against corruption, which stipulates that the tripartite agreement are subject to corruption. And since you can not get clear explanations, many local councils are concerned that now they can not raise money from investors. But some spit on the case and draw. And that's about as in a theater in Bulgakov's novel: you can not go, but if you say the word "scheduled", it is possible.

Although the cases where the development of planning documentation and pays the local authority itself, is also sufficient. There's such a mechanism: village councils have to put into the budget item "create planning documentation" or "making adjustments."

In fact, today a sufficient number of localities have the documentation and I find that totally we do not need. There are villages where nothing happens. Or a man built on the site, he had inherited "from dad or uncle." And what a difference to us that he is building on its 30 acres? Let the building. Creation of urban planning documentation should be required in areas инвестиционнопривлекательных - in the recreation and resort areas along the trails around the major cities.

Sometimes it is more profitable to build in the field, than to endure anything for money, and then build. There are situations where existing infrastructure is not so important. Large enterprises, which occupy large areas - makes it easy to bring the network than to seek such a dense area inside the building. Although usually, as I say, we are building on the moon - without water, electricity, sewerage and roads. Therefore, it is and attractive areas in the suburbs, the infrastructure here to solve problems more easily. And it is these areas must first of all planning documentation.

Alexander Chizhevsky Director,
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