Why choose a wooden house

18.05.2012 00:30
Articles about the construction | Why choose a wooden house More and more people living in modern cities, is seeking to acquire suburban housing. This is because the adverse environmental conditions and fast pace of city life are the cause of the illness, overexertion, fatigue and stress. Typically, when building a country house or cottage preferred natural materials, primarily wood. Due to its qualities, wooden houses, including houses from glued beams, categorized ecological housing.

The advantages of wood as a building material

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Ukraine has long been used for tree construction. It is perfect for areas with any climate. And today this traditional material is often used in the construction of a beautiful, clean and warm homes. Its special features allow you to achieve a high level of indoor comfort, allow to maintain the optimal ratio of indoor temperature and humidity. In a wooden house is easy to breathe, it's nice and comfortable in any weather. Of course, of great importance is the natural origin, which determines the ecological purity of wooden buildings, good air permeability. Finally, the tree - an excellent thermal insulator.

In recent years, suburban housing market, many new materials and technologies. However, the home of the tree remain the most popular among individual builders. In addition, it can be implemented in a tree architectural features and artistic images, dictated by the national traditions of wooden architecture.

Wood or stone?

Thanks to new technologies of modern wood log homes purchased many of the qualities distinguishes them from stone and brick: beautiful appearance, "breathe" and keep the heat well (better than brick and stone), reliable and durable, do not need to finish and, finally, house with wooden walls is always cozy and warm. In short, modern wooden houses - the most comfortable and supportive human environment.

If you make a list of all the qualities that we endow our house, in the first place will be the strength, security and comfort. Add to this such modern concepts as teplosberezhenie, environmental cleanliness, external aesthetics.

We should also be said about such as wood, the thermal conductivity. Wood - the best thermal insulator than other construction materials. It is 5 times more effective than brick, 7 times more effective than concrete. Although many materials are produced exclusively for the thermal insulation (glass wool, rock wool, polyurethane foam, etc.) and are superior to wood properties of three or four times, in those cases that require a combination of strength, ecology and teplosberezheniya, the tree is acceptable compromise and the logical choice.

A unique feature of the wood, without a doubt, is its color and texture. Throughout his life the tree accumulates sunlight, and when looking at the saw cut a fresh tree is quite natural there are associations with the sun - it colors the wood gives us all the variety of shades of yellow and orange. Even in cloudy weather, the wooden house pleases the eye and creates a feeling of warmth of the sun.

With regard to availability, and here the tree ahead of other building materials. Stone-consuming extraction and processing, has a significant weight, which affects the additional cost for delivery and construction. The same applies to the brick, which also requires a separate process for manufacturing. A tree has less weight, much more accessible and easier to procure in the processing.

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of wood as environmentally friendly. This term has two meanings filling. On the one hand - the impact on the human tree, on the other - the relationship of wood and the environment.


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