Whether there are lime deposits in plastic pipes?

15.03.2011 16:29
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APRIL 8, 2011 in the assembly hall PAO "Kievproekt" (Kiev, st. Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 16-22).

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More information about the conference: www.calmat-vulcan.com.ua
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• Ukraine today uses mainly water from open sources with low stiffness. Move to more stringent artesian water threatens the growing problem of scale and corrosion in the plumbing and appliances
• Plastic pipes are not a barrier to the limescale in the water and heating systems
• Magnetic water softeners to protect water pipes from scaling and korrrozii and as a consequence, reduce costs for heating and water heating.

Ukrainians think that the scale and corrosion do not threaten the water supply of private houses and cottages. It is believed that the fight can be scaled by a means such Calgon, and the rust will save the plastic pipe. But the Ukrainians understand how to unfortunate consequences will limescale on heating elements of washing machines, boilers and individual heating systems.

Today 80% of water consumed in Ukraine, is taken from open sources - rivers and lakes. Such water has a fairly low level of rigidity - 2,7 - 3 mg / l, so the rate of formation of a layer of scale on appliances and heating systems seem to Ukrainians are not critical. However, in recent decades, the quality of water in open reservoirs has deteriorated significantly, and Ukraine is gradually moving into the water from wells, which is much tougher - the level of stiffness for more than 7 mg / l, and lime, it produces creates a threat to damage the heating elements.

When heated, this water hardness salts in excess contained in it to precipitate, forming a stubborn deposits on the walls of equipment. The use of brackish water from wells calcification reduces the inner diameter of the pipe, reduces the efficiency of equipment, reduced pressure of hot water, significantly increased coolant flow, and hence - the cost of heat and hot water. Since only 1.5 mm layer of lime reduces the heat radiators 15%, and for heating hard water require 15-20% more electricity. It's worth noting that the hard water leads to the formation of lime, even in plastic pipes and heating elements suffer from scale no matter what material is made of tubing.

To combat the negative consequences of the use of artesian water using various methods. One of them - the so-called reagentless electromagnetic water treatment. It does not require any chemical additives, and additional expenditure of energy and is absolutely clean. Electromagnetic transducers prevent the formation of a new scale and compete with existing limescale on the walls of pipes and heat exchange elements. This treatment resulted in water instead of lime produced finely easily remove the sludge. The chemical composition of water does not change.

The effect of electromagnetic softeners is that they do not, a new scale, the old lime deposits are gradually removed, and the corrosion processes are slowed down and stopped.
Even if the limescale is still visible, then they turn into a soft powder that can be effortlessly removed from the working surface, while the earlier raid was a crust, which can be removed only by aggressive cleaning agents containing acid.

Installation of the electromagnetic water softener on the system leads to a multifold increase in the life of all, without exception, technology that is in contact with water.
In addition, it allows you to reduce power consumption in household appliances (boilers, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.) to reduce the number of repairs, reduce the consumption of detergents, etc.
The only thing that currently prevents the wide adoption of this advanced technology in our country - rooted notions of scale as a minor, minor problem and a clear underestimation of the economic component of this phenomenon on the power system.

The problems associated with lime deposits and corrosion in water and heating systems will be discussed at the First International Conference "Modern Water Treatment. Appliance from corrosion and scale, which will be held 8 April 2011 in the assembly hall PAO" Kievproekt (str . Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 16-22).

The conference will bring together designers and manufacturers of equipment from scale and corrosion scientists, experts and housing professionals operating companies, owners and managers of residential and commercial property from all over Ukraine.

At the conference will highlight the experience of exploitation and anti-scale corrosion of equipment in apartment buildings and private houses, in food establishments, consumer services, industrial production, etc.

The conference will be organized by the discussion panel, whose members will be able to make their own conclusions on the economics of installing anti-corrosion and anti-scale equipment.

More information about the conference: www.calmat-vulcan.com.ua
On participation: tel. / fax +380 (44) 501-07-34 (35);
e-mail: yefremov@hunter.ua
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