What we must not forget, when you build a country house

21.01.2016 12:15
Articles about the construction | What we must not forget, when you build a country house The construction of modern comfortable country house from the builder requires not only good taste and imagination, but also the use of a wide arsenal of innovative materials. Special care is needed when finishing work, insulation, heat and waterproofing of structures (communications), installation of drywall, finish cleaning the ceramic elements and the seams of the sagging of the solution and other similar operations. Save the quality of building materials where possible not worth it, because making some time on the conscience, can be tens of years do not worry about a deterioration in the structure of consumer characteristics and to reduce its cost.

The range of finishing and structural materials

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In the domestic market, civil, finishing and related construction materials presented in several dozen categories, and their range covers more than 15,000 items of nomenclature. Due to improvement of country cottages, the most popular materials for the building here:

- Mixes (trowel, putty, glue, etc.);
- Building chemistry (liquid adhesives, mounting foams, sealants);
- Primer latex additive solutions from contamination ceramic cleaners;
- Wallpaper;
- Ceramic and plastic finishing tiles, plinths, steps, skirting boards, window sills;
- Rolled and sheet insulation materials (foam foil and clean alyufom, etc...);
- Grid installation, film, tape and tape them;
- Accessories for plasterboard systems.

In the e-commerce network of all the above building materials and similar products are presented in a semi-professional and professional classes. Supplies semi-groups are usually sold in small packing (1-5 kg ​​bag, tube, aerosol can of 500 ml, piece roll, etc.), Which significantly increases the price. Their use is appropriate for repairs and finishing small areas. At the individual building scale as buying inappropriate, especially since the professional building materials are considered to be more technologically advanced and durable. They are packed in bags, bottles and cans, and large-capacity boxes, and wallpaper coating and other rolls are sold at more than 10 pieces are usually at wholesale price. This approach helps to minimize costs both on a building material, as well as its supply. For example, grouting Litikol Litochrom Starlike in the packaging 5 kg will cost 10% less than 2.5 kilogram containers. The adhesive composition for tiles Ceresit CM-11 25-kilogram bag is half cheaper than the same, but a 5-pound bag. A price demanded for gluing floor coverings and surface-mounted double-sided adhesive tape 3M 0.8 (6 mm x 5 m) when ordering 20 rolls of up to 40% lower than the purchase of a single roll.

With a full range of the best materials for equipment and design of a country house is not difficult to meet Ukrainian online price aggregator price.ua. You can not only see the prices, but to establish online contact with online shopping, read consumer reviews and quickly complete a purchase with targeted delivery to the agreed point.

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