What should be the pool?

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Articles about the construction | What should be the pool? Fun to swim in some water clean without leaving their own country with the site - quite frankly, is not cheap. But it is quite feasible. Moreover, there are options.

This swimming pool - and that all the experts agree - is a complex hydraulic structure. It contains a set of functionally interconnected devices and equipment for water treatment, continued implementation of the recycling and filtration, cleaning, disinfection, water heating. Swimming pool - it is also a support area (or areas) for the maintenance of this equipment. In the design and construction of swimming pools are subject to special technologies and materials for waterproofing, sealing, coating. When operating the various devices needed for the decontamination of water, air drying, the maintenance of functional devices. The most common pool and are equipped with additional equipment (underwater lighting, hydromassage equipment, amusement, etc.)

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All this costs money, so if you decide that you are not an inflatable bath, and need a place where you can turn around and feel "like a fish in water" to save the design does not. As a specialized firm will help you determine the type of pool and with views of the bowl. At this stage the need to discuss with experts your desired set of functions: how many levels will be in your pool, how complex water treatment system, which will require ventilation and drainage, which is desired water temperature, how many and what you need to install lighting fixtures, finally, whether you need counterflows , jetted tubs, and other fun rides. And only after all the details clarified, a company specializing in swimming pools can proceed to design.

To become a full cup

The main building in determining the type and purpose of the pool is his cup.

To date, the most reliable construction is reinforced concrete bowl of the basin. An attractive feature of this type of hydro - a variety of shapes, sizes and depths. You can build not only the traditional round, oval, rectangular pool, but the book designers literally any configuration. Reinforced concrete pool also provides an opportunity to use a variety of different finishes. However, the concrete bowl - the most time-consuming and most expensive type of pool. We'll have to come to terms with the fact that your site will be large excavation and construction work, poured concrete cubes. And the more complex the shape of the bowl, the more time is needed.

In general, the technology looks like. First, rummages pit of required size, and its bottom is filled underlying layer of sand or compacted rubble. This insulation layer is placed (usually extruded polystyrene), then the bottom row of valves. At this point, insert the necessary elements for mortgages bottom drain, vodopodayuschih nozzles, lights, hydromassage jets and other devices. Then he put up and reinforced formwork for walls using foam in the mold are left process window for water treatment systems and lighting. After that, concrete is poured herself a cup, the thickness of the bottom and walls should be 25 cm concrete hardens, the formwork is removed, the foam is removed and the windows are inserted in the formed spacers water system and installed the necessary equipment. It is important to remember that the cup of the monolithic elements of the mortgage pool and should be carefully seal the best permeation waterproofing.

In recent years, increasingly used in the construction of swimming pools is the technology, non-removable plastic casing, which prevents the formation of "cold joints" and greatly reduces the expense and time of the erection of concrete bowls. How to assure manufacturers, non-removable plastic casing ensures you a solid pool and allows you to perform concrete work in one day. Made of PVC casing prevents the emergence of the process of rotting and facilitates maintenance of a swimming pool. The construction is resistant to frost and soil movement.

Finishing the pool is the last to have once decorated the rest of the room. Concrete pool requires very careful plastering. The plane of the cup should be perfectly flat, and all the elements of decoration stuck strictly parallel and perpendicular. Such work must comply not only finishers builders, and professionals who specialize in the finishing of this basin. As a finishing materials use natural stone, ceramic tile, ceramic mosaic, smalt, PVC film. The use of PVC film - perhaps the most practical kind of interior basin. In addition to reducing the cost of waterproofing, and maintenance costs are reduced: less consumption of chemicals in comparison with the tiles and mosaics, and troubleshooting for there is no need to drain and dry the bowl (the film is glued under the water).

Modular (or panel) pools collected at the site of the individual panels. The panels are made of corrosion-resistant materials: stainless steel, plastic, laminated duralumin, impregnated wood. Fasten them together with screws, glue, interlocks, after which the joints are sealed. The walls are obtained strong and durable, and the shape of the bowl can be a conventional rectangular and complex.

To one of the types of modular pools include acrylic (composite), swimming pools, manufactured in the production of ready-made templates. Composite materials are a combination of glass fibers and polymeric agent. Thanks to the first component of such pools are very strong, and thanks to the second - are resistant to various external influences.

In the finished building a swimming pool installed mortgages for all technical details. The standard version of this could be: bottom drains, built-in shaft, various ladders. Composite pool retains its shape, is not sensitive to heat and cold, does not absorb dirt, does not fade in the sun, has no moving surfaces. Due to the low weight of plastic it is easy to transport. Bowl pool delivered to the installation site in completely finished form, which means that within a week after the start of work, you can bathe in their own pool. Composite swimming pool constructed on the surface of the soil, and with full or partial penetration, but if you want transferred to another location. Minus all unit pools in that they are limited to certain dimensions: it is either small fonts or bathing medium size 6 × 3 meters, or modules of 4,5 × 2,5 m.

The following price - polypropylene pools. Their peculiarity is that the PP is both waterproofing and finishing. Polypropylene - a polymer material having a low density high strength, resistance to aggressive media and UV, while having good weldability. Under the pool of polypropylene will also need to dig a pit. Then made with a reinforced concrete slab leveling screed. On this basis fit lining material (geotextile), and insulation. Polypropylene is available in your country site in large rolls, cut to desired shape (circle, ellipse, rectangle) and welded by using an extruder. In the side walls are built ribs. In polypropylene bowl cut into the elements water and lighting. The big advantage of this type of basin that they do not require waterproofing.

Polypropylene pools can be small, laid down in the basements of buildings, baths, saunas, and a considerable size. Ponds can be placed on the open air, recessed, poluzaglublennymi and standing on the ground. Above the pool can be constructed in such a light or stationary shelters that allow swimming in the winter. If desired, in a basin of water and can be left for the winter and use it as a skating rink. The disadvantage of polypropylene basins are often referred to as a uniform gray or blue.

The most inexpensive type of pool - frame, or teams. The reason for them is a concrete slab of minimum thickness, or just rammed sand. The main elements - a frame made of galvanized steel and inner (sealant) "stocking" of PVC film. The technology is simple and your device resembles a plastic bag filled with water, which is in the bucket. The form of the cup may be different (round, oval, figure-eight). This pool belongs to the category of portable, it is much easier to install than fixed. Negative - in a small amount of baths: conventional sizes from 3 to 10 m

Technical difficulties selection

According to the type of water in the pool skimmer and overflow are distinguished. During the construction of the pool in a private home is most commonly used type of skimmer: water is taken directly through a special filtering device - intake box (skimmers). It is recommended to connect the skimmer with a bottom drain, so that not only cleared the upper layers of water, but also lower. The surface area of ​​water surface, processed by one skimmer, not exceeding 25 m ², so depending on the size of the pool there may be one or more. In the skimmer type pool water level is at 12-15 cm below the bumper. After filtration, heating and disinfection of clean water flows back into the pool through the nozzle wall, located generally opposite the skimmer. Thus, the movement of water occurs from one wall to another. Draining the pool is made through the bottom drain by gravity or by pump filter system.

In the pool with overflow (overflow), the water is level with the board and goes through the pool located on the perimeter of the trays to the compensation tank, and only then gets into the filter unit. This system is more complex and expensive, yet visually more attractive and prestigious.

By building and structural characteristics distinguish public and private swimming pools. In indoor pools bowl, as the basic structure is in place and are usually operated all year, except for breaks for prevention. In these basins, creating an artificial environment for the enjoyment of winter. For year-round operation requires significant additional operating costs and heated rooms. The greatest attention should be paid to the heating system and insulation of all components of the Pool: slab foundation walls of the room, the water table. To prevent evaporation and heat loss from the water table, there are different types of coatings. The most democratic and costs - the bubble film and lamella, polypropylene or polycarbonate.

The need to "wrap up" the surface film of water - the only difference between a street covered pool (if it is properly designed) from those that are installed inside the house. Only a mirror of water cover is not required, and indeed the bowl does not require additional insulation. If installed in the house has a sunken pool option at the bottom and the outside wall fit insulation.

Remember that the active operation of the indoor pools involve all engineering systems of the house: water treatment and water treatment, heating, electricity, ventilation and air conditioning, sewage. Therefore, all the engineering aspects have to be worked out on the stage of designing the pool.

In addition, special equipment to ensure a comfortable voyage by no means cheap, often accounting for half of the total cost of construction. For example, in order to avoid the damaging effects of moisture in the basins are often installed special systems for drainage and air filtration. Typically, the device ventilation to dry the air is not enough, so use special equipment - dryers. Their operating principle is based on maintaining a minimum temperature difference between air and water in the pool area, which helps prevent condensation, keep the premises in good condition, as well as create favorable conditions for the occupants.

Thus, the cost of special equipment should also be included in the project budget in advance, together with the design of the bowl. Save the project is not: paying for a 70-80 thousand rubles, you will be spared further unnecessary and unplanned expenses.

The outdoor pool is located under the bowl of the sky. As a rule, they are seasonal activities. In this basin does not need the ventilation system, but requires more than the indoor, heated water. Outdoor swimming pool can be fitted with transparent prefabricated pavilion, new segments through which the rail system is easy to shift and move apart, depending on the weather. These pavilions not only protect from rain but from snow and rather extend the swimming season. Before you decide on the height of the pavilion, it is worth thinking about what its function is more important to you. For example, if you want to be able to protect the basin from pollution, it is enough to book the pavilion height of 1 meter. In this case, to swim, you will need to push the sections pavilion. A small pavilion is good and the fact that it does not disturb the landscape of the land. By setting the average height of the pavilion, you can enter it through the door and swim under his roof at almost any time of year. Feel as comfortable as possible will allow the high pavilion, the roof of which can be set, even tables and lounge chairs.

For ease of management basin can buy a block automatic washing the filter, dosing station (which itself determines the quality of water and includes one or the other pump, which adds chemicals to the pool), and a system of "smart pool". You do not have to purchase these very expensive devices, but simply enter into a contract for services with a specialized firm. Approximately 30 thousand rubles per month specialist will regularly monitor the physical and chemical parameters of water to wash the filter, vacuum the floor, changing lights, etc.

The remaining structural elements of the basin can be attributed to a pleasant excess. Counterflow, "Geyser", a fountain or a waterfall, whirlpool installation, color music - all this is easy to buy, if you have the means and desire.

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