What kind of water flows in the taps?

25.09.2010 08:15
Articles about the construction | What kind of water flows in the taps? People are so accustomed to the comfort that, leaving the city to the country or in your own cottage, seek the same luxurious facilities that were available to them in the city. And if earlier suburban residents were satisfied with the warm from the oven and cool well water, but now everyone wants to be in the house hot water. This problem is solved at the present time is very simple - the choice of the heater.

Are 4 main types of water heaters:

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* Electric storage;
* Electric water heaters;
* Gas flow;
* Gas savings.

Electric water heaters heat water that runs through them, while electricity consumption is only when using hot water. They are compact. Disadvantage: need to sum a large capacity (up to 27 kW).

Electric storage water heaters have an internal tank and a heater (heating element). Water in the tank is heated by means of PETN - all simply and reliably. The heating time depends on the capacity of the heater, tank volume and temperature of incoming water into it.

Gas instantaneous water heaters or gas water heaters, used for heating water passing gas burner. For ignition of gas in the columns used pezorozzhig (click) or electronic ignition (Auto Wake-up when you open the tap). These water heaters come in low, medium and high power.

Gas instantaneous water heaters like their electric brethren provide a large supply of heated water from the bulk tank. These heaters are quite expensive, but their costs quickly pay off during operation, since the gas is much cheaper than electricity.
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