What is a good layout of the apartment?

13.04.2011 14:30
Articles about the construction | What is a good layout of the apartment? Today's housing market offers buyers a great many houses and apartments, but if in a typical housing layout of the apartment is given initially, and it can only slightly correct, then if you buy more expensive housing question the organization of space comes to the fore.

Freedom to lay!

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The first thing to calculate how many meters is required for a happy life. Social norm of housing in Kyiv - 12 square meters. m per person, but it is perceived more as a sanitary minimum, this is not enough for happiness. The apartment must be such that family members do not face it - in the literal sense, but not such that they have not met for weeks on its "open spaces".

Accordingly, looking for housing, should not only consider the current composition of the family - the number of residents, their gender, but also the prospects for increasing the family through birth or change their social status. In addition, take into account the necessary number of functional areas, age, character and lifestyle of residents: how often they take guests; do they need a separate quiet room for work; whether living hobby that requires large areas; ergonomic requirements; addiction masters in the field of design .

If the reference point to take the average family of three, the luxury housing sector will be the most popular apartments of 120-180 sq. m - about 40-60 square meters. m per person. If the apartment is meant a lonely businessman, for his requests would be the most appropriate area of ??60-80 square meters. m. If a family with many children, the best would be the calculation of 60-70 square meters. m per person, while there are cases when this figure could be considerably increased, including through the permanent residence of governors. That is added to another functional area - for staff.

Let there be light!

When choosing an apartment it is important to see how it is oriented to the cardinal. Most often, the windows of a large apartment overlooking the two or three directions. Well, if two of them are located on the axis of the east - west to the sun all day, shining in the window.

For non-standard flats are characterized not so much a large area as the high ceilings (at least 3,3 m, and more often - 3,5 m) and, accordingly, a large window. Here is my underwater stones: on the one hand, the more windows, more bright.

However, it is also a great heat loss, compounded by the fact that because of the reduced height of the window area of ??radiators (20 cm) or they do utaplivayutsya the floor. In addition, through the window enters the street noise. Understand it and developers, so the correct number of windows and their size is calculated for each project. If the house is located in the heart of the city, the apartment offers beautiful panoramic views, there is no noisy highways, the large windows are welcome, but if the house is in a busy place, the area of ??the windows can be reduced.


However, to calculate correctly the footage - it's half the battle. It is equally important to dispose of them properly. In modern apartments maximized zone most used by tenants, such as kitchen, dining room and bath. Modern kitchens have a minimum area of ??10 square meters. m, 2 inputs and posted near the entrance of the apartment. Kitchens are often combined with a dining room or living room. Lounges, ranging from 10.7 square meters. m, usually combined with a hallway or closet and used for placement of cabinets, bookshelves and decorative furniture.

The ideal plan apartments would be one in which first enters into the reception area of ??her - in the living room, kitchen-dining room. Then follows the owner's half. Buffer between the private and public areas is usually a kitchen-dining room. Living room, depending on demand and the owners of the family, can reach 100 m.

Bedrooms, area of ??no less than 15-18 m, should be placed in the back of the apartment, and their windows - go to a quiet part of the street, into the yard. Number of bedrooms in the apartment can be from 1 to 5. Children's room more often emit very quiet and bright room. If the family is small, it is convenient and fashionable to live in a studio apartment, where between the rooms there are no partitions. "Separation" zones is due to finish floor and ceiling. Or by changing the level of the floor - a kitchen in such cases often do on a small podium. The living room needed a higher ceiling. This creates a sense of volume and visually divides the space without walls. Boundary between the "rooms" also emphasize the color scheme of walls and lighting.

Water, water!

Number of toilets in the apartment typically varies depending on the number of bedrooms: European standard, every bedroom should have its own independent bathroom plus 1 guest bathroom. However, most often in modern non-standard houses to all premises just summed up the communication and provide the owner to decide whether he needs an extra bathroom or not. In any case, toilets must be at least two, located in different parts of the apartment - the guest and master bedroom. Guest toilet is usually equipped with shower, personal bathroom and shower set, and a bath.

Two levels - is it necessary?

Several years ago, when only just emerged luxury housing, there was a boom in popularity of two-level apartments. Basically they are bought by people who have never such a shelter is not used. Having the same experience this or have already owning countryside multilevel homes to give them up. The reason is simple - to go from floor to floor rather tedious, especially if your family is elderly. And for young children it is also unsafe. Sure you can install an elevator lift, but the two levels are very few people do, but in the three-level homes just need a lift.

In the two-level bedroom apartments are usually located on the second floor, first given to a living room, kitchen-dining room. If you still have the desire to live "Vertical", and in vending house duplex apartments are proposed, it is possible to buy two apartments - one above the other, the truth must advance to make sure that the vertical integration provided in design.

Winter Garden and operated roofing

Fashionable "continuation" of a luxury apartment can be either operated by the opportunity to enter the roof, or a winter garden, and sometimes, both. Of course, these elements are not a priority in choosing housing, but their presence is certainly the highlight of the apartment element of luxury.

Winter Garden - a room with a larger glass, which a lot of light, so in winter it can hold flowers. In this case, whether the buyer really hold in this room a garden, or equip a gym - his business. The area of ??the winter garden can be very different - from the tiny "lantern", which does them across that a few flower pots to the present greenhouse area of ??100 m

If the buyer wants to arrange a winter garden, then preference should be given an apartment with an already designed under his area. First, the cost of an apartment with a winter garden is not too different from the value of the apartment a similar area, but no garden. Secondly, when building a house designed by a winter garden, will be agreed at the BTI developer, measured and assigned to a residential area, ie, the tenant will not have to execute all documents in the regeneration of the garden.

In conservatories slightly different temperature standards than in the rooms. If the temperature inside the house should not fall below 18-20 C, in the conservatory is acceptable and 15-17 C. Winter Garden - fun is not cheap, because 1 square. m glass wall is more expensive 1 square. m of concrete. But despite the price, in elite houses conservatories relevant. This is especially true of apartments in the central part of town - good to have your own oasis in the concrete and glass.

Often elite objects are offered the opportunity to enter operated roof, but no-equipped garden. In other words, if there is a roof terrace or operated, it is possible and a winter garden design. If the roof is a roof, there are no special difficulties: the output is arranged similar to the exit to the street or on the loggia. This, of course, complied with certain rules - for example, the floors in the apartment and roof are made on the same level as the edge of the terrace erected.

Planning of apartments are subject to fashion trends - can change the size of bedrooms and bathrooms, and new hobbies require the allocation of separate rooms, but the basic principles of functional planning respected in the design of any room.

Dmitri Popov, head of analytical department of ICS "New Square": There are some common conditions to consider the layout of the apartment successful. First of all, the relationship between housing and the total area must be within the following ranges: for one-bedroom apartments - 2,2:2,5; for one-bedroom - 1,7:2; for bedroom - 1,5:1,8; for a four-room apartments - 1,4:1,7.

Very important factor - an approximation space to form a square. The optimum ratio of length and width of the premises should be 1:1 or 1:1,5. Do not appreciated the wrong shape of the room - the triangular, hexagonal, with the exception of only a room with a bay window. Area of ??living rooms for a comfortable stay should be not less than 15 square meters. m, and ideally - from 17 to 30 square meters. m. The windows should provide good lighting, must be loggias and balconies, especially in the bedrooms and kitchen, located on the sunny side of the house. A common mistake designers - long corridors extended, irregularly shaped rooms, the lack of light.

It is desirable that the window flat on two sides at home - it will provide a better ventilated apartments. The apartment must be ancillary buildings - the dark room, walk-in closets. The larger rooms in the apartment, the greater the outbuildings. Good value - a closet for two bedrooms and a dark room for 3-4 dwelling rooms.

Subsidiary spaces should not be too large: for the dark room is enough space 3.6 square meters. m and for the dressing room - 1,5-3 square. m. The important point as well - the location of the premises in an apartment. Ideally, the apartment should clearly zonirovat for guest and private parts: a bedroom and children's rooms, large separate bathroom must be located in the far from the entrance of the apartment.

Ibid placed and closets for those living rooms. From the entrance hall the apartment is on the sides of which are a guest bathroom, dressing room, dark room, pantry, kitchen and living room. Guest rooms can be supplemented with a dining room, billiard room, fireplace, library, etc. The private part can complement the room, boudoir, fitness.


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