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The choice in favor of the bricks made by people, aimed at long-term prospects because of durability and strength of bricks - out of competition. This material is perfectly suited to our fragile natural environment and well withstands snow, wind, rain, says Natalia Kats, managing director of the agency's exclusive property, "Manor." High-quality environmentally friendly bricks and does not emit any harmful substances, well, "breathes" and has a high thermal conductivity.

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"Brick House provides a warm, but also complies with fire safety, as it does not burn. In addition, the brick had virtually no influence precipitation and sunlight. It does not appear the processes of decay, and it can not be spoiled by what or pests. In a brick house warm in winter and cool in summer "- agrees Anton Arkhipov, head of the office of" Candlemas, "the company" Incom Real Estate. "

According to Ekaterina Lobanova, head of the analytical center "OPIN", a modern buyer prefers brick houses: bricks in the structure of demand is about 70%, wood 25% and 5% - other technologies. "People want to buy this brick house, because in the minds of consumers settled opinion: brick house - it's reliable, soundly, this house is built to last. Developers, however, another view - a brick structure of the sentence is only 25%, wooden houses - about 40%, 35% - other technologies, "- says Lobanov. It is noteworthy that the lack of brick buildings filled "samostroem": for example, more than half the buyers of plots without a contract for erecting them just brick houses.

Brick buildings with proper maintenance can stand without the reconstruction of the order of 80-150 years. "In terms of service brick undisputed leader - an average of about 80 years, the sandwich panels in short time - only 20-25 years, foam - 50 years, the tree (log) - 25" - says Arkhipov. High durability and wear resistance of brick guarantee that the constructed of this material will serve as the building for decades, without requiring major repairs: brick facades waxed not old, for them does not need constant care.

However, as with any other material, brick is not without drawbacks. "The house of brick is not very suitable for a seasonal residence, as the brick absorbs moisture. If the brick house in the winter to heat irregularly or not at all to heat, freeze, and the walls begin to crumble. The service life of the brick house, which stoked regularly, can be reduced by a quarter. Also a brick has a sufficiently high thermal conductivity, and in order to fully cooled protopit brick house, you need a very long time "- warns Natalia Kats. Also, a significant drawback of brick houses is a seasonal construction work and the long construction time.

This is different bricks

Use bricks to build buildings that are several thousand years ago. Today the building brick types can differ not only in form but also in composition, as well as the technologies used for production. Plus, each type of brick, there are certain parameters such as size, grade, thermal conductivity, strength, resistance to high temperatures and other factors. The primary function of building brick - is the creation of supporting structures and providing thermal insulation, so the visual aspect takes a back seat. Just for the erection of houses, you can use ceramic, sand and clinker brick types.

The most common type of bricks for building construction can be rightly called a ceramic brick, which is a bar in the form of the right of the box. The ceramic bricks are molded out of clay (usually with different additives) and are fired. To understand what is at stake, you can remember the walls of the Moscow Kremlin - they are built from this particular type of brick and are a living example of the durability. Ceramic brick is solid and hollow.

Silicate brick turns white, but it is a variant with a grayish tinge, and you can achieve and other shades by adding color pigments. It has a high building features and has a high density. However, this type of brick is not without drawbacks: it has low resistance to moisture. That is why quite often it is used in conjunction with ceramic bricks as decorative inserts in the wall. Average market value of single silicate brick is 5-8 rubles apiece.

Clinker brick is uniform, due to this it is a strong building material with high resistance to wear. There is no limit to the colors and texture, so it can cover the many needs of the construction market. The main drawback of clinker - its high cost: the clinker is used only in those cases that require operation in harsh environments. The most common use for clinker brick veneer facade - decoration for a long time does not need to be repaired, dirt and dust almost does not penetrate the surface structure. In central building of the house at 100% of the clinker is simply impractical.

Today you can buy a brick, specially designed for complex environments, which has additional properties of strength, thermal insulation, or unusual species. For example, the level of insulation can be achieved through the use of porous brick. This brick, everything else is able to improve and noise insulation characteristics. Also, hollow brick is much stronger than other species. It should be remembered that when laying brick should be used more viscous solution to a vacuum is not hammered.

In addition to different types of bricks, which vary in quality, and is currently represented by a wide range of colors of brick, which allows you to build a home on almost any taste, having satisfied his architectural fantasies.

Classification of bricks:

Depending on the material of manufacture:
- Brick
- Brick-lime
- Hyper Brick

Depending on the application:
- Regular building bricks
- Facing brick
- Fireclay brick
- Clinker bricks

Depending on the technology of manufacture:
- Brick semi-dry molding
- Brick, plastic molding

Depending on the structure of the brick:
- Hollow Brick
- Brick

It would be desirable, but prickly

Once upon a stone and brick houses could afford only the wealthy. However, progress does not stand still: with the improvement of technology, became a mass production of bricks. Today the brick has become relatively affordable building material that has many unique advantages and benefits. It would seem that any member of ceramic bricks from clay, but the final price may vary at times.

When purchasing a brick, experts advise to pay attention not only on price but on quality characteristics. According to Ekaterina Lobanova, brick homes are 20-30% more expensive than other technologies. Bricks manufactured in Russia cheaper than imported because it does not require "rastomozhki" and temporary storage. A good brick, imported from Europe can cost 40-50% more expensive, and the developer has to sell their products virtually at cost. It is also important to remember that the European standards do not always coincide with home size, hardiness, strength indicators. Must take into account this nuance when used imported and Russian brick.

As mentioned earlier, most buyers prefer brick houses, but they limit the choice of the higher price of brick compared to most other building materials. "The cost of construction of brick houses requires not only skill and experience, and considerable money. For example, the construction of the house of the sandwich panel area of ​​150 square meters. m without the interior will cost about 3 million rubles, the equivalent of a brick home will cost around 3-4 million rubles. But it will be much more expensive and harder to meet internal and external decoration "- warns Anton Arkhipov. It is important to remember that all the great features of a brick house will be felt only when used in high-quality interior materials.

In a segment of a low-cost housing, especially economy class, where any reduction in price the cost of construction is important for customers, very often replaced by a brick on other materials, the cost is lower, say experts YIT Muscovy. "When choosing a building material and construction technology developer primarily focused on consumer demand. As a general rule for an economy class settlements are selected technologies that minimize construction costs. For example, a sandwich bar or low-cost board. But for projects and business elite class is characterized by houses made of logs and, above all, a brick, "- says Arkhipov.

Building with intelligence

Theoretically, a brick - it is strong, durable, fire resistant and resistant to adverse environmental influences at home base. However, when choosing a home increased attention should be given not only its facade as constructive, necessary to carry out internal diagnostics. In contrast, city apartments, country houses are exempted from compulsory State Commission before putting into operation. "The owner of the land is his own master, and control over what, how and where he builds a very relative. Many of the "builders" of real estate does not even design estimates and permits. We recommend always to check the technical condition of the house: its foundation, floors and structural elements. Today, there are objects with relatively low quality of construction. Moreover, a significant portion of all your favorite brick-built cottages with unacceptable violations. They become useless within 5-10 years ", - says Dmitry Tsvetkov, director of the Department of suburban real estate Penny Lane Realty. The cost of checking the technical condition of the house, according to experts, ranging from $ 500 to $ 2 thousand

When buying a separate brick necessarily need to request supporting documents: a certificate or a passport for the products. Their absence should at least alert. Another important and absolutely free advice: order a brick for less winter, when the major construction projects are suspended, and the plants get rid of the remnants of last year's party.

Experts recommend that prior to the construction of geological and engineering studies. Next, you need to start laying the foundation for a house of brick construction and engineering works. Remember that for the construction of brick buildings need deep foundations: the reliability of this foundation largely determines the durability of structures. Natalie Katz warns that, due to the heavy weight of the material in the early years inevitably there is a significant shrinkage of the foundation and the foundation must be very high quality.

For the middle band of optimal thickness of the walls can be considered as two and a half brick or 64 cm, although in each, individual projects will have to calculate this value individually, based on the design features of the building, floor weight, height and other values. To calculate the final cost of a brick building to create a blueprint for the future ownership, to know the width / length / height and number of floors walls, glazing area, the number of doorways and ceilings.

To make an estimate of future costs you can with our table:
A. Determine the length of the exterior walls, for example, 10m = 5m • 50m
Two. Determine the ceiling height - 3m for a two-story houses - 6m.
Three. Determine the area of ​​external walls (for a two-storey houses) • 6m 50m = 300 sq m. m
4. Select laying 2.5 bricks and use the values ​​in the table: 300 sq. m. • 255 m = 76.5 thousand.

Knowing the value of bricks and calculate the necessary amount of material you can find the approximate amount of the cost of the material.

The number of bricks at the corresponding wall thickness and size of a brick

In conclusion I would like to advise - do not skimp on the brick. Remember - it is extremely profitable!
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