Valeria and her husband ordered a «smart» house in England

17.09.2011 11:45
Articles about the construction | Valeria and her husband ordered a «smart» house in England "Smart" home for Valerie and Joseph Prigogine, which will provide complete control systems and comfort of life, create a British experts, wrote "square meter" referring to the C-news. Russian pop stars attracted to work Gabbana - famous artist who designed the Paris apartment of Rudolf Nureyev, the palaces of European aristocrats. The choice fell on British experts since they are equipped for Valerie recording studio.

"When we saw how things turned out - quickly, efficiently, in strict accordance with the contract and three times cheaper than asking local experts, we decided that an apartment to entrust the English - told Joseph Prigogine. - The British offer the latest technology. Sketch of the apartment is done in 3D, and manage all systems of life can be a cell phone. "

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"For example, you go home and send the SMS:" After 20 minutes, should be ready to bath temperature of 40 degrees and a half. Itself open faucet, bathtub filled with water by the appointed time - he admires .- The entire repair is placed exactly in the year and painted by leaps and bounds. When we asked if timed housewarming birthday Valerie on April 17 to us and said: "No problem! We will begin April 17, 2011, exactly one year later the apartment will be ready."
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