Unusual flooring: how to choose and care for the leather and cork

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Articles about the construction | Unusual flooring: how to choose and care for the leather and cork One of the current trends in modern interior design - the use of natural materials. If you want to follow the latest fashion, think about an alternative to the usual laminate and linoleum - for example, the field of traffic jams or even ... the skin.

Both options are extremely comfortable for living quarters, according to him a pleasure to walk barefoot, they are aesthetic and ekologchny and easily mute the sound of even more children.

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This is a natural floor covering made from the bark of cork oak. Jam at 89.7% consists of low-density gas, while in 1 cubic centimeter for 40 million cells, honeycomb, filled with air, which provides material lightness, elasticity and durability. I plug the low thermal conductivity, and on such floors comfortably walk barefoot - they are almost always warm to the touch and are ideal for those who have small children. In addition, cork - the "quiet" of coatings: its absorption coefficient - 0.85. Among other advantages - high deformation resistance, moisture resistance, fire resistance, good cushioning, anti-static properties, the external variety.

There are two types of cork flooring, which differ in structure and method of installation: interlocking and adhesive. Chateau coating consists of several layers. Basis are the cork mats and drevesnopylevaya plate that allows the castle to withstand a static load floor, remaining elastic, springy and quiet, like a thick carpet. This is followed by a layer of decorative cork veneer, which can sometimes replace wood, vinyl or leather. This retains all the properties of cork, but added external effects. For example, the vinyl surface can be transferred to the image: photographs, drawings, giving a surface alien to her bright shade. The top layers of cork floor - usually wearing a protective cover - wax, vinyl, or paint with ceramic particles. The total thickness of the plate floor of the castle is 10.5 milimmetra.

In the floor instead of glue boards drevesnopylevoy use extra cork. The thickness of this coating is 4-6 milimmetrov.

Choosing a cork in the first place one should pay attention to the manufacturer. World leader in cork flooring is Portugal - here comes half of all floor coverings of cork. The Portuguese factory equipped with modern technical equipment that allows them to produce a quality product with a very long warranty.

As for the premises for which the cork floor plan, it should be remembered that she is not afraid of cork moisture and water, but castles floating floors can absorb water and become deformed, thus, the castle floors in rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, kitchens) are not costs. In these areas better to use the adhesive coating on the base.

It is best when installing cork works with a facet - cut edge, which helps to better fit the plate and to avoid fluctuations in the joints. Large decorative chamfer makes cork flooring like tile or hardwood floor.

If you do decide to lay cork flooring in the kitchen, choose a material with a special wax coating on top, or cover your floor with several layers of protective varnish, but remember - lacquered cork would not be as soft and supple, like a natural. To polish or other facilities to handle the additional surface cork floors are not required as the necessary protective layers applied to the production.

Cork is easy to put on their own, especially the Click. It is put directly on a concrete floor or screed pre podsteliv under a polythene to protect from moisture concrete floor, as well as a substrate of technical cork (300 rubles per square meter). Before laying the cork must carefully align the base, as each bump or irregularity can lead to breaks or faults in the operation.

Adhesive coating is more subtle than the Click, consists of layers of sintered (powdered), cork flooring so it is best left to professionals. The cost of such coverage below, however, the cost of professional installation along with locking out. If you want to put glue on their own floor, follow some simple guidelines. The pavement is laid from the center of the room toward the walls. In the center of the room lay the whole tile and the edges - the appropriate size pieces. To select items on the drawing, is generally not necessary. First make a layout, the seams on the inside handle liquid sealant. For laying cork tiles using a special glue, which is caught from an hour to 48 hours. The distance between the plates glued joints in adjacent rows must be at least 30 centimeters. At the end of the coating is applied to the special varnish or oil.

With proper care quality cork floor will last you for decades. To do this from time to time have to bear its polishing compounds, which form a protective film and gives a beautiful shine. Heavy contamination is removed with special cleaning agents. The remaining recommendations for the care of cork flooring is absolutely the same as the other floors: do not use aggressive household cleaning products, abrasives, hard brushes and scourers.

In Russia, the average price of cork flooring per square meter ranges from 0.4 to 2 thousand rubles (400-800 rubles glue, lock - 800-2 thousand). In this market a great variety of cork floors with different textures, colors and finishes, as well as baseboards and wall coverings to match.

Leather floors
One of the latest trends in decorating living spaces - natural leather plate, original innovative flooring. Leather flooring is very pleasant to feel, he characterized the softness and warmth, and leather cover is used for decorating walls, doors and other interior elements. Floors coated with leather, abrasion-resistant, muffle the noise of footsteps, seems warm, elegant and respectable. Over time, the leather cover nobly aging. At the same leather cover - safe and secure foundation comfortable upper working surface.

Leather floors have different manufacturing techniques. Most often, a layer of compacted natural skin thickness of 3.5-4 mm is placed on a wooden slab shockproof HDF; less impregnated with calfskin specially attached to the base of granite. On top of the skin is covered with a special varnish to prolong the life of the floor and reduce its attrition.
Design, color and texture of leather floor is completely different, for example, can imitate crocodile or a snake, and may have a delicate embossed grain surface. The color scheme is usually the natural brown, black or ivory. Paul from the skin over time (with proper care) is becoming more aesthetic, as the natural aging process gives the surface the effect of vintage.

Prices for leather floors high enough (from 3 rubles per square meter), which is justified not only external but also the practical characteristics. Parquet made of leather, for example, more moisture resistant than oak, with leather covering is easier to remove stains. However, the leather floor is susceptible to direct sunlight and temperature changes, so it is best used only in enclosed spaces. Also, the leather floor is not suitable for premises with an intense cross, as a leather coating loses the veneer of street shoes and high heels. In other words, a leather floor - ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, classrooms and hookah room, although the market has parquet made of leather and leather laminate designed for offices, clubs and shops.

As for the choice of a leather floor, here the recommendations are common to all floors: watch carefully for wearability class (indicated on the packaging). For areas of medium and high permeability suitable coating of compacted high-density skin, often on a cork backing and covered with several layers of lacquer.

Leather floors, like cork, is produced in the form of small plates with the hinge system (slots for docking), which enables easy installation and removal. If the leather floors do not have the basics, put them under a cork substrate thickness of 2.4 millimeters for noise absorption and insulation.

If you observe some simple rules for the care and use, leather floor will serve you for years to come. Caring for such a floor is to periodically (very rare) clean with a damp cloth, and treatment 2-3 times a year with special protective creams. Laminate flooring can be updated under the skin, covering varnish. In some cases, the floors should be treated no means to defend, since vintage floor looks particularly impressive.
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