Tips in anticipation of frost

18.11.2013 01:00
Articles about the construction | Tips in anticipation of frost Sometimes even experienced owners, having a house for seasonal residing, make mistakes when shutdown it in winter. And if the home owner purchased it in the spring, and this is his first winter, prepare for it, he must carefully Nansen to drift on the ship «FRAM» through the centre of the Arctic. Let us leave aside the option in which to maintain a positive temperature in the house remain on electric heaters, for example, warm floors. This decision might fire in case of failure of the electrical equipment or, what happens more often, «unfreezing» of all that is filled with water in case of emergency switching-off of electricity. Conduct a «classic» home ready for winter.

Water pipes

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What needs attention? What poured out? Together, let us go on home and see. Obviously, one should first of all take care of the draining of water from water pipes. Construction of summer water all may be different, different can also be material types of pipes and valves, pressure and place of installation of the pump, but a well-made system must be some common characteristics:
- Pipes are installed so that they have a bias toward the source of water (for example, the well), which makes it a plum.
- On the pipe, on which water is supplied to the house, has a «check valve», which in the operating mode prevents it from a plum.
Depending on the length of the pipe and the bottom of a well or borehole, the valve can be installed either in a pit, or in a house near the гидроаккумулятором. Objective of the owner - «neutralize» him and provide draining the water back into the well (if used well), or in a specially arranged runoff (if used well).

To do this on a feed tube is mounted drain valve located between the valve and гидроаккумулятором. In case if the valve is located in the well, it is supplied with a long handle-operated, which enables you to manage them downstairs. Instead of tap to open manually can be used solenoid valve, the so-called «normally closed». When voltage is opened, allowing the water to drain out. Advantages and disadvantages of such a solution are obvious - drain you can, not leaving home, simply by pressing a button, but this requires either supply voltage, or connection to alternative sources of supply.

If the non-return valve is located in the house of a hydraulic accumulator, then all is much easier - in the installed system section of the pipe, fitted with such a valve is duplicated parallel pipe, which is equipped with a drain tap, and for manual control them not to climb into the well. If such a pipeline with a crane may be required to disassemble site supply of water, pour it manually. Some owners dismantle this site sometimes and to ensure emptying a hydraulic accumulator, considering that the freezing of it remaining water can damage the rubber diaphragm. However, long-term experience of operating this device showed that freezing in it a small quantity of water, leads to its destruction.

Having finished draining the water with the help of a faucet (by the way, on mixing taps should be open), you should make sure that she left pipes laid on the house. With proper installation of the systems set tees with drain cocks at the bottom of each branch of these pipes. However, for full confidence in the success of superfluous will purge system. But about this operation, we'll talk later.

Filters and pumps

As a rule, before and after the accumulator installed filters - mechanical coarse and fine cleaning, carbon, ion-exchange and others shall communicate the water to the required parameters.

Coarse filter installed at the entrance into the system, as a rule, self-cleaning method backwashing, after which it should be left without water. Other filters have interchangeable cartridges. All of them after draining the water must be disassembled, cartridges, the expiry date of which has not expired, shall be cleaned and placed in storage (if their design allows for long stay without water).

The next element of the system, which should be inspected is a pump. It may be located in a well or borehole, then don't worry about anything - wells do not freeze, at least, not frozen to the depth where usually hung pump. If the pumping station installed in the house, you should open a special drainage tube and make sure that the pump is not left the water.

Sometimes it should be tilted to make sure that the water has drained out completely. This operation must be described in the instructions to the pump.

Water heaters

Now you should go water heaters. From the flow of electric heaters

the water goes away when draining system, although check if it happened, would be the right choice. However, more often storage heaters boiler type. I am familiar with several «дачевладельцами», which equipped the house cumulative heaters, and after the first winter thrown them - not manage to drain the water. How to avoid mistakes? First of all, it should be borne in mind that the pipe on which hot water is supplied to the mixer, removes it from the top of the tank and drain you should use the pipe cold water. It normally sets the safety valve, the purpose of which - in emergency situations exclude the possibility of heating elements without water, or start a discharge of water at excess of the working pressure. Technically speaking, through the pressure relief valve, opening it manually, you can drain the water from the tank. However, this must be patient. It is recommended between the safety valve inlet branch pipe for cold water place a tee, equipped with a drain valve with the discharge hose.

You can do without cock, but then each time the draining of water is necessary to remove a safety valve and to substitute, for example, a bucket. If the volume of the tank exceeds 40-50 liters, drain valve, hose, which is connected with the Sewerage system - the only way of fast and convenient to release the heater. In this case don't forget that when there is a septic tank drain into it hot water cannot be microflora will not.

Having to drain the water from the tank should ensure access of air into it. It is best to disconnect the pipe supply hot water to the mixer. As a rule, storage heaters suspended from the upper part of the wall so that the lower part of them only relies on it. When the water stops to flow out several times shake tank, not taking out from the wall. Most likely, it will be poured out some more water. After that you can safely leave it until the spring.

Purge system

After water heaters are released and pipes that lead to them water, disconnected (as a rule, such heaters are connected to the network using flexible hoses in a metal sheath), the water supply system are divided into several fragments, which should no longer remain significant amounts of water. Now, for full confidence in its absence, they can be drained. It uses a special valve, joined by a pump or compressor for pumping of tyres. Valve screwed to the ends of the pipe or flexible hose released after draining the water heater. Closing cranes, mixers and opening the drain taps, start up in the course of the compressor, and free of pipes of any remaining water. Sometimes such a valve is installed in the system permanently.

Because all shutoff valves in such systems is a ball valves, one should bear in mind that they have a cavity, which in winter time will not be water. This may happen if, prior to the discharge of water from a pipe located close to her ball valve. The same is true for «one hand» mixers. So at the end, the drainage pipe should open all valves, faucets and flush - and leave them in this position. Shower net, especially that, which is equipped with a mode selector switch, remove the tube, pour (or even shake) water from it, removed until spring.

Washing machine and dishwasher

In our time neighbors on giving not surprise washing machine and dishwasher. As they prepare for the winter?

The washing machine must be disconnected from the water supply and Sewerage and lower ends of the hose into a vessel with low edges, for example, in the pelvis. To enable the mode of the discharge. Upon completion of the work is to disconnect the machine from the electrical outlet and turn the strainer pump, substituting a small flat vessel. Now, in the car there is a small amount of water in a thick rubber hose connecting the tank and drain pump. The freezing of the water is acceptable, but sometimes advised to turn the machine upside down, and so leave until spring. Some machines come with a special tube to drain the remaining water.

Less clearly the case with dishwashers.

Their design is very diverse ways of movement of the water and the cavity in which it can remain vary depending on the manufacturer and type e.g. outdoor and Board machines are notable differences. If the machine manual expressly stated that it may be winter in unheated room and not an algorithm of its preparation for this, it is better not to risk it.

No trifles

Let us not forget that in addition to water there is a system of drainage, and water in it there are many places to freeze. As a minimum, disassemble siphons under sinks. In the presence of the toilet, the water from the tank should be drained, and of the water seal - pump out a syringe, rubber, etc. That after pumping house not filled with the «flavors» of a septic tank, a water seal pour antifreeze. In spring it is pumped out in the same way as the water fall. Of course, drain antifreeze in the septic tank is impossible.

As a rule, in suburban homes meets another device requiring attention at the end of the season though, to water supply, he has nothing. This mobile air conditioning. Our nervous, as meteorologists say, climate forcing buy this device and actively use it in the summer for cooling, and in the rainy season for heating and struggle with dampness.

Do not forget that unlike the window conditioners and split-systems of outdoor mobile air conditioning has no drainage, and water, a collectible them from the air in the process of work, accumulates in a special container.
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