The most fashionable and reliable plumbing in your home

15.08.2012 10:15
Articles about the construction | The most fashionable and reliable plumbing in your home Unique home - the dream of many. However, equipping the bathroom, need to think not just about new products on the market plumbing, but the reliability, because repairing toilets - the most troublesome and problematic housework. Shower with a soul

First of all, the bathroom - a place where you can bath and splash. Although a child knows that it can be done "in the tub, in the tub, in the tub, in the river, in a stream, in the ocean - and in the bath, in the bath", in fact today there are only two options: a bath or shower cubicle. Nowadays more and more popular showers. This is indicated by the sale of "Trade House 7»: showers on average sold for 30% more than a bath. Most likely, this is due not to love wash stand, and with small size bathrooms in our homes. Director General of the design studio "ade" Natalia Demyanchuk confirms this: "Today, the market is very strong demand for small apartments. Here, preference is always shower. For modern and energetic people choose between a bath and shower also gets: definitely, this will be the shower. And here's another question - saving time. Now the bath or the customer chooses to conservative views, or those who have small children. "

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In the opinion of Anton Varzina, art directors ART Studio Design & Construction, popular and showers and baths. And it is a completely different aesthetic water treatments. "Some people like to soak up the foam and will do everything possible to favorite bathroom fits in the allotted space. And someone like invigorating shower, illuminated with rainbow colors. Today, two bathrooms have not the luxury of such plan is in large apartments economy class. Therefore, most customers prefer if space to install and walk-in shower and a bath. " Consistent with this, a marketing manager for Toto Vladimir Kamentsev "And bath and cabin - integral parts of the bathroom. Both satisfy the primary need of man - to be clean. Then it all depends on the area of ​​the bathroom and desires to experiment. "

However, experts at Gutewetter believe that the time has passed showers. "The fact that the shower - volume design with complex engineering stuffing in economy so their quality is poor. And 6-12 months warranty in this case could mean for you soon re-repair. If we talk about the premium segment, there is the cost showers may be comparable to the cost of the car. "

According to specialists Gutewetter, replace shower Shower enclosures come. You simply separate the part of the bathroom wall the desired size and shape and set within this zone then showers, lighting and other equipment that you like and you are happy with the price. With this solution you can use the shower tray: you get the same cabin, but the individual, where it is easy to replace broken-down funnel, mixer, etc. These zones have long been popular in Europe and make them ours. Natalia Demyanchuk says that customers often use the shower trays and some curtains. "In some cases, replace the tray podium, tiled or mosaic with its hosted ladder company Grohe. Such an option we used to model apartments in the residential complex "Sea Symphony", they are more aesthetically pleasing than the showers, and better fit into the interior, and on the issue price and the quality is not even have to say - clearly, this is a winning option. Screens can be set as glass and mounted on the rod. Undisputed market leader in the production of pallets and glass curtain - Huppe. But now they can be ordered from any of the Russian glass factory, which will save the budget. "

Specialists plumbing company "Sanlayn" Beware of purchasing Chinese fakes with names similar to the European brands (especially German). This is quite common and should be guided by price: cheap German Engineers famous brand does not happen. If we are to save, it is better to buy domestic products. Experts «Sanlayn" say that our products are high quality and is designed for permanent operation, but it has no frills and "bloat": "The advantage of our products - sales service and maintenance. While in other countries the guarantee to every detail separately, our manufacturers usually it is one for all. "

Bath for ages

If you choose a bath, here a rather big choice. In our Soviet belief that the best is made of cast iron bath. However, such models are leaving the market, because the heavy, costly to manufacture, thick and weigh too much, making it difficult to deliver, install or remove.

In the market there is the steel bath, they are light, but the "rattle" of water jets and sometimes deformed under the weight of the body. To solve this problem, many European manufacturers increased the thickness of the steel used for baths, up to 3-4 mm. The resulting solution combines the advantages of cast iron bathtubs with ease steel. According to the Department of Marketing "Trade House 7", steel baths most reliable, they are warranted for 30 years.

Bath can be acrylic, but this stuff is very easy to scratch. Specialists of "Sanlayn" believe that acrylic - a good and cheaper alternative to cast iron. The main thing that the tub was covered with three layers of acrylic and can be more. "The quality of the material can be determined by the color, if white acrylic bath has a gray color, the quality is poor. A good shade should be milk. ' Some companies make the bath of Kwara - a material produced by the addition of acrylic quartz. These baths are more durable and stable.

In the market there are baths in natural or artificial stone. However, they require careful handling and thorough care, since it is easily scratched, and if you drop in a bath a massive object, it may crack. But this story is different. So, Anton Varzim tips for buying bath of artificial stone Corian. This material for nearly half a century, but he is still one of the most reliable and durable. It is ductile at high temperatures, which allows to make a bath of any shape. Seamless technology eliminates leakage, such baths are easy to clean and they can be absolutely any color.

According to Vladimir Kamentsev the best material for the bath - Luminist. "This is a unique material, developed and patented by the Japanese company Toto, which combines semi-transparency inherent in the ground glass, with exceptional strength and heat resistance. Due to these properties, the bath and the sink is not only durable, but can be illuminated from within. This allows you to create in the bathroom calming and yet intense atmosphere - depending on the intensity of the light. "

Design studio "ade" draws attention to unusual soft acrylic baths Ideal Standart, which may take the form of the body. And so in a tub can really unwind and relax!

Faucets and watering - are also important components of the bathroom, and everyone wanted to buy quality products. Thus, the "ade" prefers to work with European manufacturers: Grohe, Hansgrohe, Grana. Last manufacturer recently in our market, but it has proved to be a good side.

"Trading House 7" guarantee of quality considers Germany, and the most popular manufacturer - Hansgrohe. Mixer this company is 8-10 thousand rubles, and sliding rail with thermostat and hand shower - 30000. The most advanced German manufacturer said Dorn Bracht, which mixer is 20 thousand.

So the choice is, is determined only by personal preferences!
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