The furniture for those who chickens money not pec

30.04.2013 09:15
Articles about the construction | The furniture for those who chickens money not pec Someone lays money to buy a new sofa, and someone is willing to spend millions roubles for a new bathroom and not go bankrupt.
For those who chickens money not peck, the editorial office of "RBC-real Estate" found the most expensive items

Fireplace Napoleon in стразах / $10.5 thousand.

Gas fireplace itself is not a cheap thing. However, the "work of the fireplace art" LHD50SS Limited Edition of the American company Napoleon decorated with more and Swarovski crystals, which makes the cost of this "oven" exorbitant. Fireplace can be purchased for 10.5 thousand dollars. Fire-new замерцает in the thousands of small semi-precious stones...

Kitchen Electrolux custom / $100 thousand.

For the rich culinary company appliances Electrolux is brand Molteni, which is engaged in manufacturing of exclusive kitchen utensils. Each stove Molteni is a masterpiece. Many dishes from Molteni are made to order, under chef" or "the interior". The cost of such dishes can reach 100 thousand dollars.

Italian bathroom of Urals Jasper / $222 thousand.

Italian firm Baldi offers their own bathrooms. Italian masters do bathtubs made of precious minerals - rock crystal, malachite, etc. By the way, one of the most expensive baths of the firm in 2008 was purchased by a buyer from Russia for a record 600 thousand Euro.

Four-poster bed / $6.4 million

Bed Baldacchino Supreme - the result of the work of British designer Stewart Хагеса and Italian furniture factory Hebanon. Frame bed made of the rare and valuable breeds of a tree: chestnut and ash. Wooden inlaid surface of the bed decorated with gold leaf and diamonds. The beds attached special underwear made of rare Italian fabrics. Just done two beds, and one is already sold. The offer price is 6.4 million dollars.

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