The correct entrance is a pledge of your well-being

09.11.2012 15:30
Articles about the construction | The correct entrance is a pledge of your well-being "The gates" in your house should have not only to the desire to enter, but also to ensure the safety and maximum user-friendly approach to your accommodation. What should be the staircase?
Entrance - this part of the house, who was the first impression. And often, the good will be emotions or negative, depends on the residents. If in the possession of you with pleasure looking at the territory of themselves, then in multi-apartment buildings to ensure cleanliness and order difficult. Sometimes the purity makes the cleaning lady, sometimes the people themselves. But if we talk about luxury properties or houses of a business class, the comfort, cleanliness and beauty here are obligatory.

Having been in the Club house in Староконюшенном lane from the company «Бэсткон», I noted positive moments:

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Color solutions: the combination of pastel colors (beige, pale peach, cream and dark wood makes the room is not only noble, but also expands the space, creates more light and makes the air. For me personally, it remains unclear, why in the normal entrances often use weird colors: dark turquoise to the grass. The biggest drawback of this is the lack of light, and in public places it is dangerous;
Material: as is typical for elite real estate in the finishing of the interior public spaces are expensive and quality materials, due to its durability first of all;
Decoration: a very harmoniously fit small decoration elements, which are not burdened with a space (see gallery) and bear the additional functionality. For example, on the wall along the stairs there is an imitation of the rope (of metal), which can also be hand-rail; and opposite the Elevator on each floor - mirror in all the height of the room, which you will definitely come in handy while waiting for the Elevator;
Staircase and elevators room: get into the apartment can be in two ways: on the stairs, well lit, with comfortable width and height of the stairs and the Elevator. There is also a separate small room elevators, which is separate from the «stairway» of the door, that it is safe for small children.

Why it is important that the entrance was well-groomed and attractive?

We have gathered a few different answers to this question and looked at the existing problems today :

The most pleasant. Certainly everyone just like cleanliness and order. With the passage of time, watching his entrance of more than 20 years, came to the conclusion that the tendency to try to keep the purity has increased, but to my surprise it was for this year - has fallen. Alas, the number of teenagers, «tusuyuschihsya» warm entrances, increased responsibility and decency not increased, because изрисованные and littered entrances again returned, as if from the 90's. A definite plus of elite housing is the absence of such a problem, which is solved by the guard;
Clean entrance creates a favorable atmosphere. I think anyone noticed, that after a good cleaning the house feel lightness, freshness, even a personal things are going in the mountain;
Good access only to attract good people. Can someone skeptical attitude to this conclusion, but it is a fact. Often many crimes occur in the dirty entrances, with a broken intercom, where people try to once again do not look out for the door. That is why, the «bad» people are attracted by anyone unnecessary, non-protected zone.

Buying expensive real estate, you are buying a lifestyle, where the public areas are attractive and comfortable.
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