Stained glass windows with their hands

13.09.2011 00:15
Articles about the construction | Stained glass windows with their hands Grey, dull winter days, so you want prosperity, decorate with something bright. It is known that a lack of visual impressions, color monotony of people can seriously ill. Therefore, in the Nordic countries and in the Russian Arctic began to paint in bright colors ... the whole house. But this means radical, but we can do easily - let riot of color inside the house and enjoy the game.

The window in the door in an alcove

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Stained glass windows update is really situation at home, bring vitality and originality. Only here is where to place them ... when there is insufficient light in the autumn-winter season in the stained glass window - it is for mid-latitude version questionable. It can be recommended only if the view from the window you absolutely do not like it. For this stained glass to choose bright and light colors: yellow, orange, and do stained glass as transparent as possible. Best of all, perhaps, fit the special paint for glass, but not a classic stained-glass window.

But inside the apartment can not imagine what is not to deny and to use this technique on all cylinders. Glass front windows look especially impressive in the rooms with windows facing south. Sunlight, falling on stained glass, wonderfully played by all shades and colors of stained glass are much brighter, so that even the sunshine seems brighter.

The most commonly used for stained glass doors and glass windows in the interior. This relic of the Soviet construction are still often found in apartments in the four-floor buildings - high, near the ceiling, the window between the bathroom and toilet, between the toilet and kitchen. His true purpose for many remains a mystery. Casket just opened: it was made for the possibility of lighting with natural light, this is actually the remnants of old notions of luxury. If you still have not laid the opening of a window, chipboard or bricks, you can turn it into an interesting interior solutions. Frame, will likely have to replace, it's best for the new, with lots of medium-sized "cells" -then easy enough to make their own stained-glass windows for them and yourself the same paste (about manufacturing techniques, see below).

The presence of non-functional niches in the apartment as often suggestive of stained glass, in this case for the stained glass is to place the light source - you get extra coverage and unique design element.

Stained glass technique can be performed and the internal partitions that divide the room into zones.

And as far as unique stained glass windows can make a normal door, which is glass. Typically, this is the kitchen door and the door into the living room.

Stained glass table top can be laid out, decorated furniture, stained glass and can be used instead of classical paintings - just hang on a wall in a frame.

Does it happen a lot of stained glass? Yes, this striking element requires a fairly quiet environment. But several elements: doors, window frames and table top in a uniform technique and style, will be a wonderful and relatively inexpensive relief from monochrome colors, pretty podnadoevshie over the winter.

Technology: from the "Tiffany" to Murano glass

Classic. Pieces of colored glass usually connect the profile of brass, copper or lead.

"Tiffany". Glass solder to each other, pre-wrapped in each foil. The cost of stained glass in this technology is more expensive than usual.

SGO (Stained Glass Overlay). Modern technology, through which you can perform artistic stained glass at the ordinary, the stained glass windows and even on acrylic glass which is much easier to silica. Last used to create stained glass ceilings. This is quite able to replace the stained glass chandelier chic when combined with its ceiling of difficult terrain. Technology is quite complex for lay people and consists in the fact that the glass is applied multilayer hard coating of Dacron, which gives the product and the texture and color.

Fusing (sintering). Figure assembled from fragments of stained glass art color£ vib on a single sheet of glass. Once the design is laid out, the whole composition is sent to the furnace, where heat to 850 degrees. As a result, sintered glass, and get a solid sheet with a pattern on it. This technique can be stained different thicknesses, shapes, textures.

Murano glass (casting). Are special forms of metal, which is filled with molten colored glass. Keep in mind that the size of the product is limited to the form.

At home, you can also make stained glass using special paints from firing (if the color is bright and did not burn) and without it.

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Corner Samodelkina

Stained glass by hand. The first way, for men. You will need a "blueprint" to ordinary sheet of cardboard. You apply the selected pattern of stained glass to cardboard (you can do this with the conversion of paper used to transfer patterns needlewomen on paper) and ink spend the contour line. Leaf stained glass lay down on the figure and cut glass cutter. Then, on a transparent silica glass according to patterns laid out colored glass.

For the connection between a need glasses solution: Mix equal parts of glue, sand and cement. At first brush with a solution of the edge of glass, where they joined the glass silicate. After the filling is dry, fill the need and the junction of colored glass.

Stained with their hands, the way the second for skilled women. The beginning, as in Method 1. After making a drawing of the contours of the figure vygnite of soft and fairly thick wire required elements, abundant, but they carefully spread the emulsion of PVA on the one hand and place this side of the glass by drawing on cardboard - it should be put under glass. They should be pressed, it is better to other glass, metal and put on topplate with the load. Drying time 1-1.5 hours.

During this time you will have time to prepare aniline dyes: dissolve them in distilled water and strain the solution mixed with an emulsion of PVA. The paint should have the consistency of heavy cream like. Instead, the emulsion can use ready-made stained glass paint, they are sold as children's stores and in art shops, and even occur in the office supply store.

Apply color to one area must be strictly consistent, gradually filling with a brush in a solution of the circuit pattern of delays and more. Adding new portions of the brush color scheme, look for an overall thickness of the layer, because this will depend ultimately covered by the fragment intensity and evenness of his tone. You can not touch the already formed layer: already polarized emulsion can ruin even the simple touch of the brush. If this happens, gently wash off better than this piece of glass and let dry completely.

Fill colors produce next to have finally dried up section of that one color does not flow into another (this is possible because of the loose bonding wire contour). Kohler can be attached after drying, any sufficiently strong finish.

Stick the wire does not look always neat, they can hide on the other side of the glass painted white line (take a fine brush and enamel paint, glass must be pre-grease). Glazing beads that are attached to the glass door or a frame can be painted the color of the wire strands.

Stained with their hands, the way the third, for all. Buy a transparent film under the stained glass - in a good hardware store or hobby store OBI (where the choice will be poorer). Invite a friend or girlfriend to assistants. Find out the exact size of glass (door glass must be measured on all four sides - often the difference) and cut to size. Degreased glass with acetone or alcohol with a soft cloth. Stained glass film on the doorGlass must be pasted on top, four hands, slowly detaching a paper basis, watching closely so that no bubbles formed. With the right approach to business, take a little time. Please note: pull out film after drying is difficult!

Similarly, you can decorate the glass doors of boring kitchen cabinets, adding lights inside the cabinet. Once home to do something with their hands, the mood immediately becomes colored and iridescent, check for yourself!

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