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13.11.2011 01:00
Articles about the construction | Smart House: economy with all the amenities New Times shows that almost everything that had seemed unusual and unrealistic today may become quite commonplace. "Smart House" - one of those wonderful inventions, which dreamed of a variety of science fiction writers of the XX century, subsequently embodied in the life. However, such technologies are not yet commonly used, but it's only a matter of time.

"I'll save!"

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Scene, in which the half-mad scientist invents a standalone system, including on the alarm, beating in many books and movies: alarm goes off - and the house begins to move. Automation itself includes a coffee maker, frying eggs, feed the cat - the scientist can only rejoice in the invention and, as they say, smoking bamboo.

In fact, such a system - it's only a comic prototype of this "smart house", which actually aims not only to facilitate the life of man, how to reduce energy costs! It is to save on paying for public resources smart-home control system primarily used in Europe and the USA. But in Russia and some other countries, this "miracle of technology" is perceived as more pleasant and user-friendly application to manage a household.

Why this is so, explained head of the company "INSISTEMS" Ruslan Sheha: "The use of intelligent control systems can achieve significant (up to 30-50% of original cost), energy savings, but at the current value of their return to Russia of automated systems is delayed for a very significant time. In European countries the cost of energy immeasurably higher, so the control system engineering house paid off in a few years (including subsidies for the use of state-saving technologies). In Russia, quickly pay off only the control system in the segment of commercial real estate. "

Alexander Zima, director of sales of real estate company Penny Lane Realty, confirms that the "smart home" is not very common in the real estate market in Russia: Today, their share does not exceed 10%, "smart objects" can be found more often among the industrial and administrative the buildings.

But in some elite new "smart home" can be found. For example, in the residential complex "Copernicus" on the Big Yakimanka and "Hortus Harmony" in Protopopovskiy Lane, 10. "Residents in the apartments are fitted elements of" smart home "(climate control, air purification and water conservation, protection from accidents, etc.) can be transferred to the main control panel of the building, and to monitor the serviceability of systems will be experts of the operating organization , "- said Alexander Zima.
Intelligence in rosettes

The fact that the same is a modern "smart home" abroad, said Valery Kravitz, CEO of investment and construction company KRAVITZ INVEST.
Installation of systems to reduce the management of all domestic communications to a single console, begins with the installation of "smart power", which allows to connect all the exit points with the special cable connected to each other. When programming, each socket gets to send its own coding system, which allows further specify the time and capacity of heaters, air conditioners, etc.

The cost of installing the system "smart electricity" consists of two components: wiring special cables, which costs an average of $ 2 thousand, and equipment of exit points (sockets) - from $ 500 to $ 1 thousand for each point. The system, which allows you to synchronize and display management of all points on a board, would cost another $ 2.5 thousand
"At the same cost includes special software that allows you to control" smart home "in a smartphone. It allows you to keep track of which devices work and which ones are off, adjust the air conditioner or water heater, open the blinds or turn on the irrigation system of plants, "- says Valery Kravitz.

A huge demand is the installation of IP-cameras, with which the landlord can be monitored through a special program on the Internet - just enter your username and password. "By the way - continues to expert - this service is used not only to owners of luxury homes, and owners of office and warehouse space. Via the Internet can enable or disable the alarm, light, air conditioning - everything that can be done with the remote. In fact, the demand for remote control system and monitor is immense: it is really very easy. "

"Virtually all the known systems," smart home "to automate and centralize management of all engineering systems, houses, etc. The cost of automation engineering systems ranging from 20 to 40% of the total cost of" smart home ", and most of them concentrated in the management and distribution system audiovideoapparaturoy audiovideokontenta "- adds Ruslan Sheha.

Who to buy?

Despite the rather narrow segment of the market in Russia is practically all global manufacturers of systems of "smart home"! Competition in this segment has been formed, and it is extremely high, so that manufacturers have a choice.

This, lists Ruslan Sheha, primarily Beckhoff, Honeywell, Siemens, Delta Controls, Jonson Controls. The leading supplier of "smart house» - AMX, Crestron (centralized control), Legrand, Gira, Schneider ElectricJung, Merten, Berker (bus systems based on bus EIB / KNX), as well as Clipsal (bus systems based on C-Bus Bus ), Control4 (systems that use wireless technology).

Valery Kravitz adds to the list as RTI, Logitech, Nevo and Philips.

Dangers of innovation

As the "smart home" - is, in fact, built into your home e-mail body, it is clear that this system is very complex and requires careful handling, but also, understanding how it is arranged and how it works. "" Smart House "refers to the prestigious options, but the demand for facilities, equipped with smart-systems, we still evolving. This is due to frequent breakdowns of complex systems, a number of conservative buyers, the relative high cost of installation ", - says Alexander Zima.

Ruslan Sheha stressed that the Russian market can face the challenge of future maintenance of such systems due to the carelessness of some contracting firms: "The" smart home "on the system of any complexity can create and execute high quality, even a small company, with its modest resources, from a few installers to several tens of engineers. Therefore, in this segment are a variety of companies offering substantial discounts to win at least a small part of a highly profitable market. Small companies often installers are only interested in profit as soon as possible, but not in the long term business and fulfilling obligations, so often there are problems both with the quality of performance and with warranty and post warranty maintenance projects. In the operation of the system problems may arise due to the limited resources of a small installer. "

And fans of the remote control of their property via the Internet can also amass a further hardship as, for example, video surveillance systems can be cracked by hackers, and the data used for criminal purposes.

Easy recipes

But all this - not a reason to immediately abandon the elements of "smart home". For example, does not necessarily equip the apartment all kinds of sensors "to the eyeballs." For starters, you can learn how to save electricity and water, and heat.

"Sloth", forget to turn off lights in rooms and tighten the valve until it stops, just fit the system with touch sensors. The light itself is switched off if the room is unoccupied, and the water from a tap run stops if you remove your hands. To begin with, and that's enough to make the apartment "intelligent building". And when the economy becomes visible, it will be possible to think about more serious things really systemic.

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