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Articles about the construction | Select the timber to give In our country's rich forest timber is not in short supply: they are a strategic material for a suburban construction site is in any Stroybaza or building a supermarket. But the variation in price and quality can impress your future vacationers. How to choose a good quality wood?

We will not deal with features of a calibrated timber, laminated veneer lumber, and molded products made of precious wood: with them have to work extremely professional - and let them choose. Let's talk about the "democratic" materials - timber, cut and uncut board, planed moldings: bunk, casing, baseboards, floor boards, behind which the future homeowners are often sent to Stroybaza themselves.

From aspen to pine
The leading place in the local market belongs to the materials from softwood, especially pine. From it we are doing and board, and boards, and moldings. Spruce boards, which tend to go in the same commodity shipments of pine, a large amount of knots.

And in our area grow yes aspen birch, and loggers, in which they congregate, sometimes do not know what to do with them. As a result, Birch often goes to the wood, and aspen boards and battens are used to finish saunas and steam rooms, although the demand for this material is limited: you have it a bit, and the prices because of the rather laborious process, "bite." For these purposes, make better use of alder and lime, which is not as fast sereyut, but in our area in the industrial volume is not processed. But the aspen, which are rich in our forests - the perfect tree for the bath log home: in the fresh state it is easily handled, does not rot, and a couple of years in our climate, "watchful."

Now for the exotic. The fact that we are often called the Siberian cedar, pine is also commonly, however, also a Siberian. North, Arkhangelsk slow-growing pine - the material is very good and not very democratic. Some manufacturers of wooden houses argue that the best that can be for the building, - larch. It's true, there's only one thing: it is in our area are also prohibitively expensive. As a consolation to those who are forced to be content with only local wood products, we say that a careful selection of materials, as well as high-quality and eco-friendly antiseptics can achieve similar quality for a simple pine.

Alas, it is a fact, the northern forests and our native Northwest forest, as they say - two big differences. The materials to be supplied to the local Stroybaza of Leningrad and Novgorod regions, are subject to biological damage. But the main fungal disease is quite curable antiseptics.

What can be found at Stroybaza
Standard sizes of sawn timber used in construction, 100x100 mm, 100x150 mm, 150x150 mm. About ten years ago, such a material, a little "slightly dried" thermal guns in the hangar (full-kilns in woodworking was not), was perhaps the major democratic country in the construction industry. But today everyone knows that this house due to uneven shrinkage does not keep the heat: its walls will "walk" more than one year. As a result of such a board position yielded higher quality shaped and laminated wall materials. The current scope of application - binding elements of ceiling and frame construction. If you buy the material and the manufacturer for a similar fee to be dissolved on the edged board or polubrus 100x50 mm, 100x75 mm or 150h75 mm for the frame - what you need.

From time immemorial standard length lumber native - 6 pm Hence, the basic "size" holiday homes - six in six-plus-three-meter take-out, and all the proportions are multiples of three, and specific "architecture" gardening. The project, which uses materials of greater length, is hardly democratic: you wait for a major rise in price of material and difficulties in transportation.

Standard edged board has a thickness of 25 ("inch single"), 40, 50 mm, a width of 100 mm and 150 mm. Board of this size are also presented in the retail network, but if you need non-standard - will once again be ordered individually cut.

From the molded products the most popular "dacha" material for interior and exterior paneling is (although the correct name of cladding boards - so it is designated in the technical documentation). Laying floor is floorboards of width 85-140 mm and a standard thickness - 27, 37 and 45 mm.

Higher grade can be different
When you select is recommended to pay attention to a variety of wood, but everything is easy. In Ukraine, the grading of softwood materials are regulated by GOST, where the parameters are specified materials from the top ("zero") to the fourth grade. In European practice, we use the notation from A (highest grade) to S. Nesortovye products, Class D, are suitable only for container, formwork, temporary structures.

Most running at a decent construction - Timber European Class B (Ukrainian first and second grade), because of the timber class A make furniture and exclusive finishes with high demands on appearance. And if you stand in front Stroybaza stacked bunks, and on the price list states that are products of European class A, does not believe his eyes. Legend lumber grades in our retail network is usually arbitrary. Board or board better referred to as A, or the highest grade, even worse - B. The designation «AB», probably indicates that the stack is really good boards come across. And if there's a price tag is the letter "C", then perhaps, the material will fit in the boxes except for the potatoes.

Second thoughts
If there is no specialist, you have to select most products. What is this sequence of actions? First, pay attention to the ends - for cracks. Second, armed with a tape measure and do not be lazy to do measurements. At one party can get boards of different thicknesses and widths. If you buy floorboards, or lining boards for the frame you do not pay attention to it, we condemn ourselves to difficulties during installation. Furthermore, if the cutting is not produced discs, and the band sawmill and equipment is not configured correctly, the board may have a "wave", and thickening of the curves near the ends. This defect, as well as the deformation of the "propeller", it makes sense to check with a thin and durable cord.

Thus, the goods are paid. But for the purchase of quality material should be present during loading, estimating the surface of the board for rot and the number of knots, reducing the strength. Products with a blackened and loose knots - putting off to the side and demand a replacement. For all the timber there are standards that define the acceptable amount of knots and their maximum size and type. Delve into the details we will not, but the choice of timber should aim to have their number was minimal. Cracks in the wood is always there, but their abundance should also be cause to postpone the board to the side.

Another defect, which requires replacement of the product, of course, if we are not talking about nesortovoy board - wane, loose surface areas, logs with bark. If such a board is still supposed to be used, they should be treated with antiseptic, and DROP.

Biological damage the wood, too, are different. Surface blue (gray in color, either blue or greenish hue) should not cause concern. This product is not dangerous "work" of the fungus (such boards, as well as any other, is any need to deal with an antiseptic). But any type of rot (loose rust stain colors) make the wood unsuitable for construction.

Wood - the material alive and is poorly standardized. Is it always, defects that should refuse to buy? Probably not. But it is unwise to use high-quality timber for shuttering, second-rate linings for interior paneling, and badly peeled untrimmed board or wany material - for roof sheathing. The decoration of the defects in the form of a picturesque kososloya, as well as drawing, formed by the knots and knobs can be advantageous to beat.

Decorative moldings - skirting boards and architraves - must not have defects of wood, except for the sound intergrown knots up to 20 mm, non-through crack face up to 10 mm. Roe (the slope of the fiber) is allowed no more than 10%. But these products need a little bit, so you always have the time to choose the best.

Requirements for the moisture content of wood - the subject of a separate discussion, the eye does not define it. Anyway, if you find it difficult to assess the quality of timber on their own, take on the procurement of the person you contracted with them. Rest assured, he just chooses the best, because with the good stuff it is faster.
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