Секрети стильної квартири

10.04.2014 00:30
Articles about the construction | Секрети стильної квартири Stylish apartment admirable. She always speaks of a taste of the owners, but this can be achieved at moderate cost. Stylish apartment - pride. It amazes pretentiousness , not screaming about the financial well-being of residents, it shows the taste and sense of proportion . Art director of the architectural bureau "Victory design" Stepan Bugaev convinced that in such a space is not the concentration surpasses large pieces of furniture per square meter , style is not equal to the palace interior. Antiques , gilding and excessive embellishment did not indicate the presence of a sense of beauty , but rather indicate the opposite . Here it is appropriate to draw a parallel with the clothes . "In every price segment has awesome stuff. But the trouble is that many people spend a lot of money on shopping, because do not understand things. They think that if they've spent thousands of dollars on their clothes , they will look good. And in fact, the style - it's not a million dollars. This internal sense . " On the interior the same : absolutely not necessary to spend millions for apartments tastefully . Natalia Legotina , CEO of his own architectural office and decorator , said: " In the interior , as well as the choice of clothes , it is important to have a taste and know how to select and combine things. Generally speaking , you can dress in Zara, to complement the image of accessories and shoes by Louis Vuitton and it will be a stylish and complete. At the same time expensive designer clothes and accessories will look awful if they picked wrong . Same thing with the interior. You can use inexpensive materials in the finish, but to buy an expensive , high-quality furniture and interior will look stylish and expensive . "

All this should be born

It is considered that with a sense of taste to be born . If you do not succeed , then try not worth it. But actually it is not. First , any sense of trains and develops. Taste is no exception. Stepan Bugaev advises train him as follows: "Now the internet is very easy to be in the subject latest novelties design - just enough to sign up for updates on the world's leading journals in the facebook page and look for their news in his belt. You do not even need to buy magazines . Sensations style if for some reason there is no , you might eventually just have to live in this world , to train the eye . " Second, if you still do not have this feeling , and it is not trained , you can always seek professional help .

Where to start?
Creating the interior of your apartment , you need to think everything through and calculate . Natalia Legotina convinced that style is achieved not by the number of parts , and the quality -developed solutions. That is why the location of each object must be thought out. Stepan Bugaev sees nothing wrong to " copy " an appealing interior design magazines with pictures . The main thing is to understand that you personally like and do not overdo it with the details.

What to consider ?

First of all , we must remember that stylishness does not grow in direct proportion to the cost . But do not think that cheap things from the market very often talk about developed sense of taste. No, my things to look for. Stepan Bugaev advises to buy furniture and materials in dubious shops, markets . " A typical example - a ceiling soffit golden color , sold in the market , will not make your stylish apartment , but even bought at Ikea pendant light can with a successful combination with other parts become the very highlight of the interior. Do not pursue questionable decisions - green floor is not a reason to call the stylish apartment . "

However, one can not save all . There are things that require a relatively large financial expenditure . First, it is sanitary . She Image: Secrets of stylish kvartirydolzhna be expensive and quality . Secondly , according to Natalia Legotina not compromise on your upholstered furniture and beds. In it's worth to invest .

How not to go beyond the budget?

The stylish interior can be done for reasonable money . There are apartments, where we see immediately : expensive, stylish , tasteful . Certainly , financial freedom helps to create a unique design , but we can get out and for a lot less waste. The main thing to know the purpose and come to its realization possible different ways . Natalia Legotina gives an example: " Using certain techniques can make the apartment looked expensive and stylish without large investments . It's enough to have a good taste , and keep in mind the overall picture of what needs to happen. Then, depending on your budget , pick the materials needed for this task. For example, are you planning to do a marble column . There are several options for implementing this idea. First - find marble for reasonable money , invite artists who will do what you want. Second - find an artist who will paint the usual column "marble ." The third option - to make it out of polyurethane, and it will be visually similar to the same marble. In all cases, the visual solution will be the same as the cost of implementing different . Another example - curtains . It is possible to fabricate them out of the tissue. If they make good accessories and choose wisely , they will look expensive and stylish regardless of the cost of the fabric. All of these solutions will be combined to create a stylish interior , implemented for reasonable money for you . "

Namely creating a stylish interior , it should be remembered that Stepan Bugaev pledge believes style light shades , light or, conversely , contrasting floor and vivid details in the furniture , as well as great opportunities imposes on decorating. Should choose the best of what you like. Better to buy something immediately, but it is one that will delight . Stepan Bugaev advises allocate a budget for the purchase of priority from most important to least important advance estimate budgets and expenses carefully select products . This will not save on the important things , to eliminate unnecessary spending and buying is really the right products .

So , stylish interior is accessible to everyone . But sometimes it will require imagination , consistency and time.
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