Sales on the recommendations of the efficiency of conventional advertising

14.12.2012 09:10
Articles about the construction | Sales on the recommendations of the efficiency of conventional advertising In 2011, the market of plastic windows have expected from 2012 optimistic forecasts. Ten months of this year show that the market will be the same as last year. This fact shows that there is some minimum size of the market, which is already sold not because of, but in spite of the economic and political situation in the country - and this is not good.

Market structure

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At the moment, the import share is less than 30%, the total imports - to 21 profile system. In fact, we have one main importer with a share of about 55% of the imports, the second - with a share of 12%. The remaining 33% is distributed to 19 importers.

Increasing the share of Ukrainian descent profile systems associated with the activity and success of these companies in the domestic market as well as the transfer of sales of European brands to import their plants in Ukraine.

To date, the Ukrainian market, there are 17 companies of profile systems. The market leader in Ukraine - Miroplast with a share of 19%

The three most popular specialized companies are 48% of the market. First eight - 75%

Key market trends

First, changes in the structure of the market in terms of price. We have, as such, has virtually disappeared expensive segment. This change has occurred against the dumping of European companies, as well as reduce the cost of the euro. As a consequence of profile systems with the price in euros (importers and European companies with production facilities in Ukraine) were displaced in the middle segment.

In addition, we are also seeing the emergence of a new economy segment profile systems. This segment appeared on the background of bias expensive segment average. As a result, not all companies were ready for a new competition, resulting in part formed a new segment.

From the practice of the company, we are witnessing the growth of high-quality sales, sales growth of five-chamber system, lamination, door panels, additional profiles, the successful market introduction of the new six-chamber profile system WDS 8 series.

Quality sales growth was no accident - this goal was set and achieved together with our partners - manufacturers of windows. Consumers want to buy quality goods cheaper, but not cheap goods. And the market operator, which is better able to convey to the consumer the best of their goods / services - to get customers.

Market operators realized the effectiveness of sales on the recommendations of working with a significant break from the sales through traditional advertising or sales prices. A recommendation must be earned. Against this background, it is better to sell at a lower mark-up window better than the cheap to sell cheap. In the first case we get the recommendations and subsequent sales, in the second complaint and negative in the future.

Another trend can be considered and the growth of end-user requirements for the quality and reliability of translucent structures. These increased requirements were dictated by the chaos and lack of control of quality of products and services (installation, warranty service) in recent years. As a result of the consumer at the time of acceptance of the product and the installation literally under the microscope and installation of the product in question, as not looking forward to the possibility of considering complaints during the operation phase. As a consequence, manufacturers of windows advanced profile system providers higher rates for quality, logistics and service.

The format of quality sales in the market, increased sales of energy-efficient glass, and glass with special properties. Consumers do not just buy the box, and often selects the window on those characteristics, which is the product: heat, noise insulation, comfort, design and special features.

Today, 120 window manufacturers in Ukraine cover about 80-85% of the production of windows. As a consequence, we are witnessing the globalization, the growth capacity of leaders, expanding the geography of their sale and closure of small manufacturers of windows.

The market is filtered on it are those who could not adapt and deliver the product / service to its customers. Against the background of this competition, we see an increase of product quality, variety, service from the manufacturer dealer.

Dealer / salon sales windows today remains a weak link, which brings the product and services to the consumer. That dealer forms the first and final impression of the products and services at the consumer. It is he who directs the consumer in a particular segment of products.

We believe that the one window manufacturer who can help the dealer in his work - will get the best results.

Today, the market is actually distributed to core systems is not at the level of window manufacturers, and at the "Salon - the consumer!".

Sergei Datsiv Sales Director, MIROPLAST

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