Safe repair in children

02.12.2012 00:15
Articles about the construction | Safe repair in children Repair in children - it is responsible. It is important not only to do good, but do not harm the child and trendy decoration materials. Children's room - a separate world in the apartment. This is a fairy tale kingdom, the place of baby's life. That is why his room should be the favorite, the most beautiful and naturally safe.

Making repairs in the nursery, we must provide the following nuances:

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Daria Shirokov, decorator Office «ID Interior Design », recalls that" the design of the nursery, we must remember that the baby is growing rapidly and make the interior "with a reserve," that is not too "childish", but not too 'grown-up'. " In addition, it emphasizes the importance of providing a comfortable sleeping in the room and the workplace, because it is for a child and a bedroom, and a play, and a study area.

Victoria Smagina, designer at ART Studio Design & Construction, said that a small child is afraid of open spaces, "he did not need endless carpets across the hall and large adult bed. Remember, as a child you love designing small houses and climb under the table! "But zoning is very necessary, in the opinion of Victoria, it helps to teach the child to order, form the concept of the mode of the day.

The room should be well lit. Therefore it is necessary to devise a system of lighting.

Do not make an expensive repair, and then scold the child for painted walls and desks. To this we must be prepared, and either at once to make this place, or know exactly what it is his space, which in time will need to be replaced.

Materials and Supplies

Choosing finishing materials, you first need to pay attention to their environmental friendliness and safety. They should be natural, with no odor, does not emit toxic substances, that is to have a health certificate.


Floor in the nursery should be warm, non-slip and easy to clean. As the floor is best to use a parquet or cork. Less environmentally friendly linoleum and carpet is just a great bag.

Flooring - a good option, but you have to proceed with caution in the choice of lacquer. But better not to gloss over this floor. If we really want to handle the flooring, use special wax.

Cork flooring is an environmentally friendly, soft and comfortable. Besides cork has excellent heat and sound, does not collect dust, rot. This pleasantly springy floor when walking, which is also good for the baby, as it reduces the impact load on the spine.

Parquet and cork - not cheap materials. If you can not afford it, the floor in the children can be covered with a board made of ash, beech or oak. The board is also best not to handle.


Walls can upholster wooden panels. This is a stylish, practical, convenient, environmentally friendly, but it is expensive and not a child. You can stop the choice on the wallpaper, best suited natural paper. Is it possible to paint a children's water-dispersion paints are non-toxic and dries quickly.

Victoria Smagina says that there are special coatings for walls that can be painted, and then wash. These coatings are often used in the design of children, because kids love to draw on the walls.

If we talk about the design, the choice is yours, but Victoria says, "that the wallpaper should choose not to bear or train, which quickly become bored, and monochrome or even for painting, then you can quickly and easily change the situation with the tastes and age your offspring. "


Ceiling in children is most suitable lime color. Can be used to paint and latex paint.


Furniture should also be safe. So it's best to choose a wooden. Most budget option here is the pine furniture.

If you buy furniture is made of wood, choose MDF. This material is the smallest of wood dust produced by hot pressing without toxic binders. MDF chipboard expensive but safer. DSP can be used in children, but on the condition that the entire surface of the plate is covered with a protective layer made of safety material.

Shirokov Daria says: "For our projects, we often choose the factory De baggis, which makes solid wood furniture and still offer great colors to choose from. Very often, the furniture manufacturers offer a colorful mobile for baby furniture in MDF (eg, Dear kids and Mariani), from which you can make different compositions. This is very useful when a small room or in a room a few children will live. "

Victoria Smagina notes that some of the furniture in the nursery to buy for growth, but it is better to pay attention to tables and chairs, the height of which can be increased. As well, if it is possible to provide in the child extra bed - rollaway bed - just in case, if a child is ill, and one of the parents would be able to be with him at night.

Nursery, above all, should be safe, so the repair is not necessary to use new materials. Old, time-tested construction materials and safe, and cheap.
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