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Articles about the construction | Repair in new - from start to finish After the onset of the happy time when the buyer apartment in getting your hands on the keys, everything begins a period of new housing. Depending on the terms of the contract with the developer, the buyer after leaving builders can get an apartment in various stages of readiness. The apartment can be fully ready for occupancy ( with a fine finish ) for housing can be carried out " rough " repair or new owner of the apartment can see only the bare walls .

In this article we will discuss the principles and procedures for building and finishing works , allowing lead an apartment in a condition suitable for a comfortable stay . Where and when to start building repairs , as well as what to pay attention at work , read on.

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When to start repair

No matter what type of technology used for the construction of the house builder ( building can be constructed of brick , using prefabricated panels or monolithic technology ) in the first two and even three years house shrink . During this time, the usefulness of the overhaul is a big question as a result of shrinkage can cause cracks on walls, ceilings , some problems with the floor.

On the other hand, if the finish is not intended sovstavlyayuschih most complex , such as the construction of interior walls , repairs can begin at any time (although in this case the desired expert advice) . There are many technologies and finishing materials that are insensitive to changes related to the shrinkage of the building. As an example, the use of suspended ceilings , hardwearing , resistant to stretching, laying linoleum .

Conscientious developers that offer fully finished apartment, trying to account for the possibility of shrinkage and planning time , the stages of repair according to that circumstance . Conducting repairs , we should also bear in mind that more susceptible to shrinkage of the brick house , to a lesser extent - the monolithic building.

Readiness acquired apartment

Need to plan for repairs , of course, taking into account the condition of the apartment . As a rule , full proposed in the economy segment - most often prefab houses . In the houses of brick and monolithic homes developers offer modern apartments with fully executed a fine finish and an apartment with a rough finish . In monolithic homes often offered apartments for finishing - it allows you to reduce the price , and save the new owner from having to conduct a full or partial dismantling in order to arrange everything to your liking .

Apartment building is an area bounded by the bare walls of the square summed utilities - electricity, water, sanitation, ventilation systems. In most cases, installed doors and windows.
The apartment is equipped with a rough finish interior walls , the walls are lined with the help of plaster , electrical wires routed on the premises . In other words - the owner of the apartment remains to be finishing according to their tastes, preferences and financial capabilities .
Apartments in new buildings with a fine finish theoretically ready to ensure that the furniture was imported . However, many buyers still prefer to make some changes - perekleit wallpaper , paint the walls or replace the tile , lay on the laminate floor.

Home repair

The first stage - planning

So, before you begin repairs in the apartment where finishing work is not carried out at all , the owner must decide whether all his suits in the planning , provided the project developer. If the owner sees fit to change the interior partitions , put the utilities in their own way , then we must make a redevelopment project , and then match it .

If you do not , then there may be problems in the future when selling apartments, moreover, allows us to reduce the process of harmonization plans and the landlord claims in compliance with the technical capabilities - building regulations . The same applies to apartments with a ready finish - changes associated with any deviations from the original approved plan , be sure to be agreed .

Design project

Separate stage of full repair can be the creation of a design project, however, it may be just a set of sketches and working drawings . Masters who will subsequently carry out the construction or finishing work should be clear about the most - that it wants to see the owner of an apartment in a new building .

This will help avoid misunderstandings and allow a clearer picture to its owner the result and if necessary make adjustments. Furthermore, the presence of the design project significantly facilitates the preparation estimates - calculate the necessary amount of materials, labor , determining the quality and types of materials, and thus the cost of all the repairs .

Design project sketches or drawings can be made in any form and are the basis not only for customer relationships with artists , but for making the project redevelopment. Desirable if the repair plan will be worked out in detail - it is necessary to determine not only the location of walls and the color of the tile , but the location , type of furniture , lighting sources , domestic appliances , plumbing .

When the plan agreed upon, identified all the nuances of future repairs , choose a company that will carry it out (or reached agreements with artisans working individually ) , it is time for action. Order of performance that is guided by all the masters , reduced to a few rules of priority.

rough finish

First performed work associated with a lot of debris and dust - is dismantling screed floors , removal of old plaster, tile construction of interior walls (if applicable brick) , the expansion of doorways , technological break through holes in the walls .

First there is the dismantling of all parts of decoration, which sooner or later will need to dismantle , garbage disposal, necessary building materials are imported . Next mounted interior partitions are set (or change for better ) windows, doors . When installing windows sills are installed , and the protective film on windows and windowsills profile until all repair work remains intact , and the same applies to the film on the interior doors , door frames , thresholds.

The following rule of priority for repair says: first work performed on the premises of "technical" purpose , and only then move on to work in the rooms. Mounted water, sewage in the bathroom and the kitchen , the master set switchboard , bred wiring in the apartment, and then proceed to the screed floors.

Preparing the Floor

The floor must be perfectly smooth , as well as all other surfaces - walls, ceiling . From this largely depends upon the appearance of the final finishing facilities . Used for leveling cement and a thickness of about 4-8 cm in front of the screed floors must insulate , what basis - a concrete slab - sleep expanded clay and / or laid foam sheets , polyurethane foam , and then lay a reinforcing layer of metal mesh .

Screed poured in all areas , if possible, at the same time to prevent cracking and delamination . After filling done , take a break in a few days needed to grout " grabbed " as it should.

Preparing walls

The next step is to start plastering - is the most common way to make the perfect geometry of the walls , and to ensure that the corners were as smooth . As the plaster used traditional grout , which , however, the modern masters increasingly prefer plasters gypsum-based drywall or sheet .

During leveling walls finishing slopes simultaneously performed on the windows , and electrical wiring found in places where subsequently mounted sockets and switches. Network cables are supplied in parallel Internet, television, telephone.


During the same time period start to work tilers who laid ceramic tile . Tile traditionally placed in the kitchen - in places that are often exposed to pollution , moreover, it is placed in the bathroom, toilet , different types of ceramic tiles used for residential rooms, corridors .

Preparing ceiling

The final stage of " rough finish " is the alignment of the ceiling, in some cases, this alignment is aligned with the installation of multi-level ceilings. Sometimes this procedure is replaced Installation of suspended ceilings , as fragments of tension systems are used in multi-level ceiling constructions .

During the installation process in the emptiness routed electrical wiring, wire ends found in places subsequent placement of lamps, chandeliers, decorative lighting elements , other light sources.

Fine Finish

Once all the preparatory work has been completed , starts fine finish . It should be said that modern technology can combine some of the preparatory work and finishing work , and in some cases even avoid the need for rough work. For example, a system of suspended ceilings make unnecessary pre-equalization of the surface and therefore the installation of suspended ceilings is the sole and complete the operation.

Fine finish , unlike the draft works , starts at the top , with a ceiling decoration . Ceiling tiles can be trimmed (bathrooms , kitchen, hallway sometimes ) , plastic panels , in rooms can be hung wallpaper or painting made ​​( if there is mounting plasterboard systems ) .

Walls often hang wallpaper or paint , also used a variety of decorative materials - fabrics, ceramic elements , etc. Once the surface is finished , proceed to the floors - in a residential area and hallway are usually placed laminated panels in the kitchen and bathrooms used ceramic tile .

This is followed by the installation of lamps, chandeliers, lighting , electrical outlets , in designated areas secured socket for network cable and wire cable television. Installed and connected plumbing , radiators , appliances, built-in furniture .

So, in this article we talked about the sequence of work on finishing housing with which the owner of an apartment in a new building will meet tight enough . All this work can be performed as part of its masters and specialization under the supervision of an experienced superintendent (in the case of complex repair order in the profile of the company) or masters generalists hired by the apartment owner .

As in the first and in the second case , control is required as an intermediate step . In the case of cooperation with a company that gives a warranty on the work performed , the presence of the owner of the facility is not required. But in collaboration with craftsmen working individually , the owner not only forced to personally take the job , but also delve into the intricacies of technological processes. Otherwise, the end result may be far from ideal and will have to redo some of the work that is associated with the loss of money, time and nerves.
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