Renovation: learning from others' mistakes

01.05.2014 00:15
Articles about the construction | Renovation: learning from others Error repair may lead to re-redoing the work performed. Much easier to take into account all the nuances in preparation for it. Known, if only he knew where to fall , straw would underlaid . Renovated just as well , some of the nuances and peculiarities emerge already in the process of life, and these nuances no one suspected at the preparation stage . That is why this issue is very important experience of others . It is here that just need to learn from others' mistakes. Today "Owner" publishes a selection mistakes of others , which will be very useful for those who only thinks about improving their own homes .

General Tips

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In preparation for repair must think everything through to the smallest detail , otherwise progress can be faced with unpleasant surprises.

For example , making a screed floor throughout the apartment need to know exactly where and what gender you will , as when combining different coatings may appear unnecessary Elevation . These thresholds arise because , for example, floor tiles screed to do higher and lower for parquet , and take into account the necessary difference in height can only be in the planning stage . Then, when the tie is made at the same level throughout the apartment , get rid of the threshold is practically impossible.

Ordering new interior doors must not only consider the placement of furniture in the apartment , but subtract 10 cm on the door leaf . Then , for example, change the direction of opening can not all doors. On veneered MDF doors almost impossible to disguise unnoticed traces of the original location of hinges and fittings. Also, if you have a large family , and some of its members are interested in peace , choose the door with a high level of sound insulation.

Special nuances there and working with plasterboard . Thus , erecting interior covering using this material , it is necessary to calculate the load on them. Drywall Walls , certainly strong , but support the weight of concrete as well as can not ! The same applies to plaster ceiling , which could not cope with the weight of the chandelier. Places where you plan to increased load , it is necessary initially to strengthen . In the case of a chandelier , ceiling perfectly can be strengthened by a metal frame profile .


Repair toilets - the most time-consuming and costly exercise , besides fix errors later in these areas is very difficult.

Now, many for the sake of beauty hidden all the pipes in the wall. However, it is worth remembering that the pipes do not last forever , and there are also defective , find a place with such a leak their location - with the most difficult task , which is often solved internally renovated all bathrooms . Having lived through it once , the second person we decided to repair not to step on the same rake again. Now we have all seen the pipe , to any part initially provided direct access , and it is worth noting that this does not spoil the appearance of the premises. At the moment there is a very nice chrome , " gold " , brass tubes with all necessary fasteners and rotating elements of Russian production .

In addition, choosing tiles for bathrooms, it is worth remembering that traces of water on glossy and dark tile is much more noticeable than the matte light . And if you follow their own purity of his apartment , you should consider this advice.


The kitchen also require a considered approach. First, you must consider the number and location of outlets. Agree to include an extension cord Maker is very inconvenient , and then make the missing socket in the kitchen finished and inhabited almost impossible.

Second , consider the material and color of the kitchen apron. And if you do not have maid , do not forget that the oil will be cleaned for you. So the answer yourself honestly , how often do you intend to do . In addition, it is worth remembering that all metal surfaces of household appliances is also very hard to keep in neat .

Third, do not skimp on the hood , make it functional , not decorative .

And fourth , it is worth remembering that the height of the kitchen furniture is designed for the average woman . Currently, outdoor cabinets have a standard height of 85 cm , but in person you can not have a standard height, and you will be uncomfortable for a kitchen. In such a situation, you can make furniture to order, and can somehow adjust and factory . For example, if you are tall , then place the furniture on a special pedestal , if , on the contrary , you are very petite , then file off the foot at the lockers.


Children's room is always done with a special love . Usually, your baby does not feel sorry for us , but worth spending money wisely though . So , if we talk about the wallpaper in the nursery , the most fun with patterned wallpapers cars, bears and princesses - paper that is correct from an environmental standpoint . However, prices for paper wallpaper is very different . Expensive wallpaper is usually made in France and Canada . However, the quality is poor and cheap , and expensive : those and others in the process of gluing skukozhivayutsya and form a gap between the webs . Usually have to glue most unsuccessful plots , and for this we need to buy more wallpaper , which is not always easy to do. Expensive wallpaper have to order and wait for 2-4 weeks or immediately take at least one extra roll .


Buying new furniture in the apartment, and do not relax . Before buying it is necessary not only to find a favorite option, but also take into account the load lift , as well as the width of doorways and corridors in the apartment and in the stairwell . Otherwise , you may encounter a problem when it will be impossible to make furniture . Of course , you can try to remove interfering with the door hinges , or disassemble the furniture itself , you can resort to the French method of moving when things are brought in and taken out through the windows. But, unfortunately , there are situations where the only option is to return the product to the store.

So this is only a small part of tips that someone tried on his personal experience . I hope that your repair will not require rework and immediately pass smoothly and quickly.
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