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07.09.2010 04:35
Built the house, putting him in a lot of money, patience and spirit, everyone wants to enjoy the comfort and live in comfort, created their own hands. But to make life in the new house was not only comfortable but safe and need to think about installing security systems. After all, statistics elite mansions robbed more frequently than conventional apartments. And that means to commit a crime thieves are suitable with all due care, including close monitoring of the daily routine of life masters, spying on them and the control of telephones. And so in recent years many owners of detached houses set in their homes powerful security system.

Country real estate portal offers you see the list of companies osuschestvyayuschey guard houses, installation of modern security systems.
Modern security systems can solve multiple problems. They allow for total control around the room and prevent emergencies and respond promptly when they arise.

Existing security systems are very versatile and consists of several elements:
- First of all, this alarm system, which aims to inform about all the attempts of illegal entry;
- Access system, which eliminates the infiltration of persons without adequate access;
- Fire alarm system, including installation of smoke and heat sensors, which will announce on fire;
- The system of protection against leakage of household gas;
- A system of audio and video surveillance to monitor and record all events that occur in a protected area;
- Data transmission system using telephone lines, Internet or GSM channel. Providing internetvideonablyudenie, you can receive information about ongoing events in the house from any location;
- Transmission system for remote monitoring or control of security in the event of an emergency.

Modern security systems vary in complexity and integration, but it is very important that they be equipped with an uninterruptible power supply. As banal blackout could negate even the most expensive security system.
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