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11.06.2012 01:30
Articles about the construction | Outdoor restaurant with his hands It is difficult to meet someone who spends much time at his dacha and do not want to have a sauna, on the site. Where can you spend your time, and for the benefit of his health. The construction is quite possible to produce on their own, without recourse to professionals, thus saving a lot of money.

Online, there are prefabricated sauna to give, using the instructions for assembly can be done fast and quality construction, but not always the size and price of the product will meet your needs. In this article we will discuss how to build a building on his own project and design.

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Typically, a sauna, with his own hands built on a concrete foundation with a brick plinth. The walls, floor and ceiling, wooden, with mandatory insulation. Heater install electric or wood, it depends on the willingness of the owner. Below, more detailed general guidance on the use of materials for the construction of their own.

Thermal insulation is between the wall and wood paneling. As a heater, you should use high quality fillings that do not produce harmful compounds when heated, such as glass wool. The wooden floor is covered with a rough floor tiles can be broken, making it look more original. On top of the floor, stacked wooden lattice. The main sauna room in the country, must have a capacity of not less than 9m3.

The walls are best made of corrugated wall beam. Basic materials for finishing stone, bricks, ceramics and wood. For the interior, would be the best spruce or pine, the wood of these species has a very pleasant smell.

The small waiting room will serve as a beautiful, comfortable dressing room. Pay special attention to this construction. Think about size, you may want to set in place a small table and sofa.

In the main room, set the container for hot and cold water, as well as have a shower. To drain the water used in making the floor drain manhole. The smaller the room the pair, the easier it is to heat and keep warm.

Choosing an electric heater in the building with their hands, depending on the volume of construction. The heater can be installed on the floor, or if you want to mount on the wall. If you touch the topic of electrical equipment, do not forget about lighting the interior. Lamps can be used are different, depending on the imagination of the author of the project.

As the roof, we recommend a natural material produced independently. This material consists of high-quality soil substrate, buried to the roof. In soil planted grass seed. As a result, a dense layer of turf, which retains heat very well in any weather.

Now analyze the construction of the sauna in stages, from the very beginning.

The depth of the foundation will be 50cm. Dig the soil to a predetermined depth;
For foundation waterproofing tape laid out, and then at the bottom of the excavated trench set of pieces welded reinforcement bars, after which they fill with concrete;
Along the perimeter of the foundation, lay out basement, do not forget to leave a window for drainage;
Socle laying on the bottom row, connect to the foundation with concrete ties;
And, if desired, decorate with ceramic tiles;
The lower layer of the cap, which will be hidden under the ground, cover with liquid bitumen;
Entrance to the sauna, do a little bit recessed, so on both sides of him have to make a low brick walls that protect the soil from sliding;
Mount the wooden floor, and it lines the tiles;
The inner cap cover ceramics;
A top cover of bituminous waterproofing, and then proceed to install the walls;
In the wall beams, before installation, technology drills holes into which the installation will pass through the clamping rod;
After you create a log house, the rafters are starting to install, and make the ceiling;
The main parts of the building ready, it remains a sod roof with a coating and you can begin to interior design, installation, shower and electric appliances;
For the arrangement of the roof, the rafters are covered entirely with boards on which layer of waterproofing. Then just do turf surface;
By pre-made ventilation hood, attach a metal cap protivodozhdevoy;
The inner parts of the wooden trim on the surface of the cap attached to a set of wooden crate. Benches made of wood and placed in any convenient place;
In conclusion, construction, electrical wiring is installed, the heater is installed, and lighting equipment. Do not forget to also put in a sauna devices that measure temperature and humidity of the time.

All stages of construction completed and our sauna built with his own hands is quite ready for operation. You can enjoy the time spent in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

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