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Articles about the construction | Noise - companion of modern life Noise - an inevitable concomitant of modern life. But the intense noise exposure provides a variety of adverse effects on human health. Are there any laws on this subject, and how even in his home to ensure peace and quiet. In mild cases it may be sleep disturbances, irritability, headaches, and in the most severe - hearing loss, hypertension and severe diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems. Scientists have shown that for a man not only dangerous, loud sounds, on the border of the pain threshold (above 90-100 dB) and a constant background noise of less intensity. For example, a small but incessant noise of 40-50 dB (which is comparable with a loud conversation) can affect the nervous system, reducing attention to worsening sleep. A nearly imperceptible ear noise frequency 5.3 Hz (infrasound) can provoke anxiety, headache, and weakness.

"Noise pollution" as scientists call this phenomenon, undermining the health of a city dweller is almost around the clock - in transport, in the streets, at work and even in his own apartment. Let's find out if there are any laws on this subject, and how even in his home to ensure peace and quiet.

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The noise of the big city

The main sources of noise in the city - motor vehicles, industrial plants, construction sites. To protect residents of the city, the noise level in the daytime and at night in apartments governed by the Administrative Code of Ukraine. Unfortunately, the established norms are often violated, for example, when the windows are round the clock construction of new apartment buildings or shopping center. How to defend their right to silence in this case? Where to go and where to seek justice?

"According to statistics, every fifth of the capital construction is not observed for the permissible nighttime noise level - commented Oleg Pavlovich, chairman of the Bar," Pavlovich and partners. " - On their own building at night is not allowed. But, of course, is in any case does not eliminate the constitutional right of citizens to a healthy environment. "

According to the "Sanitary requirements for living conditions in residential buildings and premises," "Noise in the workplace, in residential and public buildings and in residential areas", the maximum permissible level of noise during the day, from 7 to 23 hours in a residential area is not exceed 40 dB. The maximum allowed for night time from 23 to 7:00 - 30 dB (comparable to a whisper, ticking clock).

"If the noise threshold is exceeded, the construction company may be held administratively liable, - said the lawyer Oles suitable. - Measure the level of decibels can be exceeded Sanitary and Epidemiological Service. Using special instrumentation level is set by the excess of the rules, then it shall be recorded. "

The noise level can be measured and the most - on the condition that you have the proper equipment and expertise. Forming such a document, you must specify the time and place of measurements, technical specifications, conditions of the event and do not forget about the witnesses. With this act should apply to local governments that issue building permits and supervise their implementation, including at night.

Administrative action against violators of this kind are used quite serious.

If noisy neighbors

Of course, living in a big city, completely rid yourself of noise is impossible - we go in the subway cars, cross the busy highway work in noisy offices. We are accustomed to urban noise and stopped noticing it. More often, we suffer from the neighbors, endlessly making repairs or suiting noisy parties. How to fight for their right to live in silence in this case?

"If your neighbors started a redesign, the period of construction and repair work must be indicated in the relevant permit issued by the authority of local government - explains the lawyer Oleg Pavlovich. - In Kiev apartment redevelopment are governed by the law "On the order of conversion facilities in residential buildings in the city of Kiev." According to this document, do not perform maintenance work on Sundays and public holidays. Arrangement can be engaged from 9.00 to 19.00 from Monday to Saturday. ".

If you think that building a neighbor dragged on for a longer period of time, should contact the local authority that deals with the coordination of planning. They will check and find out, does not violate a landlord on time.

Redecorating the apartment can be made at any time - no taboos here. But it is worth remembering that in the daytime noise should not exceed 40 dB, and at night - 30 dB. If the neighbors that violate the noise threshold (for example, glue quietly wallpaper, and flooring or tsiklyuyut drilled wall), this shall entail a warning or a fine.

"Of course, not always possible to fix the noise of documented or cause the service to measure the Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, - said the lawyer Oles suitable. - Most of these disorders cost the warnings from the district. "

As you know, walking around the various authorities in the search for truth - not a pleasant one. And it's not always possible to achieve justice. So you should think about soundproofing your own home, to street noise and disturbing neighbors are not disturbed your rest.

Soundproofing your hands

The noise from the street mainly enters the apartment through a window. Modern windows sealed by glazed and bypass sealing between the frame and doors are well protected from street noise. Thus, the normal window of PVC profile with a standard two-chamber glass reduces noise by 25-28 dB. This indicator provides a peaceful sleep in the apartment, whose windows overlook the busy street, where the noise level of 50-60 dB.

If the house is located near the line of railway, airport, or highway, in this case needed window structures with enhanced sound insulation. For example, the distance between the panes of insulating glass unit is increased to 15-20 mm and filled with inert argon gas. Replacement of single laminated glass increases the sound insulation by 3-4 dB. In addition, the use of non-standard double-glazed windows with chambers of different thickness, which eliminates the resonance phenomena. Thus, if one of the gaps between the panes in the double-glass cut to 8 mm, the sound insulation of window design increases up to 38-40 dB.

It should be noted that the windows with improved noise protection properties is much wider and heavier than standard, but because they are not compatible with all specialized systems. An additional barrier to noise from the street are glazed balconies and loggias.

The panel and block high-rise buildings, which account for most of the townspeople are known very poor sound insulation. Through the thin walls and floors in the apartment free to enter any sounds from the neighbors. In a particularly unfortunate series of prefabricated houses can be heard through the walls, even steps, the operating sound of the TV or loud speech. Protect themselves from involuntary participation in the neighborhood, you can use the correct acoustic ceiling and walls. Of course, such work will cost is not cheap, but good night's sleep is worth households.

The walls should be framed to build a crate that will not come into contact with structural elements of the room. The width of a timber batten shall be not less than 6 cm, otherwise all efforts will be wasted. Between horizontal and vertical strips lay sound insulation material (mineral wool mats) and sheathe their drywall or gypsum materials that have good sound-absorbing properties. In addition, reduce the audibility of special sound-absorbing wallpaper.

The surface can be soundproof on the same principle as the walls, making a crate filled with mineral wool and sewn in two layers of plasterboard. Such construction must be attached to the special acoustic elements. They do not allow contact with the rough crate wall, to prevent sound bridges. One of the best solutions to protect against noise coming through the ceiling joists, are acoustic ceilings, which produced such well-known manufacturers such as Armstrong, Ecophon, Akusto, etc. They are a multi-frame system consisting of a grid structure, as well as sound-absorbing and sound insulating materials.

Today the market is represented by a large number of soundproofing materials and solutions. The choice depends on the type of case. For middle-class apartment, we usually recommend absorbent TermoZvukoIzol - a triple-stitched material (mat), which consists of piercing the canvas and fiberglass sided containment of non-woven polypropylene material. For example, it can be used as a sound absorbing material for the acoustic stretch ceiling, as well as sound insulation of walls and floors. With low frequencies (bass), for example, with the sounds of home theater systems, sound-proof panels allow you to fight the German production PhoneStar.

According to the experts. insulation in the device of useful floor area is slightly reduced. We'll have to sacrifice 6 cm from each wall by installing sound-absorbing multi-layer structures, and the ceiling will be lower by 15-20 cm by a suspended or stretched ceiling. In addition, this work should be done with an understanding of the laws of acoustics, rather than mindlessly attach to the surface of the walls of sound insulation material.

Scientists have shown that increased background noise not only affects the well-being, but also reduces life expectancy by several years. Therefore, it can not be tolerated - it is possible and with the need to fight laws and technology! Today it has become a reality thanks to modern developments in the field of construction and repairs, which are accessible to everyone. They protect the flat from noise pollution, and thus will give tenants the right to silence and tranquility.
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