Nine signs that it's time in the apartment to make repairs

11.02.2013 00:45
Articles about the construction | Nine signs that it What was cool in 1995, does not mean that it is still cool in 2013. After all, we do not wear jeans, bananas or crimson jackets? .. But our homes are often stuck in time. All these cracked sofas, plastic ceilings and colorful tiles come from the 1990s. In the 1990s, it would be better and stay. New repair is not just a matter of fashion or taste. With the help of the old interior, unless it is a classic, you will not sell the apartment and you pass it out favorably. Here are some signs that your apartment is something wrong ...

PVC Ceiling Panels

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In the 1990s, millions of households in Ukraine cheap PVC panels used to make the repairs, "a quick hand." Still glued to the panel "liquid nails", covering a plaster has fallen off or uneven ceiling. The hostess herself could go to the market to buy two packs of plates and bring them to the house.

Adhesive ceiling tiles were designed to serve as a substitute for this repair. If your kitchen is still hanging plates, "remove it immediately." It looks cheap and will never make your home look like a Roman palazzo.

Classic ceiling - smooth, white. Or whitewash, or under the paint. It is better not come up with anything yet. From modern variants - Suspended ceiling or suspended.

The seams on the walls

Next claim to paper wallpaper from the 1990s - is rising above the seams. Wallpaper sold only narrow, sometimes drawing on them could combine only by sticking lapped. Hence the periodic vertical seams on the wall. Today you can buy wide wallpapers, which are fit for each other is not difficult.

Modern bathrooms, find designers - a white or beige tile, rarely black.


As they say metropolitan realtors, for sale in the capital, sometimes exhibited an apartment in the style of "hello, king." The owners of these apartments in the 1990s wore crimson jackets and gold chains as thick as a finger. If the furniture, the gold-plated, if wallpaper, gold-stamped, if table, inlaid with gold ... In general, the rich!

Such a style is clearly not for the modern "middle management." Today in fashion rather "expensive minimalism."

Fluorescent lamp

Sometimes in homes installed fluorescent lamps - often on the balcony, but sometimes in the kitchen. Also, what kind of light annoying, there are now more energy efficient technologies. Buy energy-saving light bulb today, no problem.

Colored tiles in the bathroom

Turkish tiles, which were covered in the 1990's all the construction markets of Ukraine, as a rule, was of the same type - an abstract pattern ("whorl") on a colored background. Sometimes "by ancient Greece." For aesthetes, sold tile monotone colors (green, pink, purple, blue), but never neutral.

Liquid wallpaper

1990 brought the fashion for decorative plaster (liquid wallpaper). Hardly masters who do you repair something heard of Michelangelo's frescoes. Rather, the walls with liquid wallpaper suitable for cameras bullpen than for modern living.


Substitute Soviet carpet in the 1990s was the carpet. In principle, there is nothing wrong in terms of contemporary interior design. However, note that the first models of carpet, delivery to Ukraine were of poor quality - natural in them was only a check drawn on paper.

Sofa Ukrainian assembly

Sofas Ukrainian assembly 1990s - is even worse than the Soviet assembly sofas, which were sometimes quite a nothing. Furniture production in 1990 were engaged in often makeshift. On many saved, sofas made of particleboard with a synthetic upholstery "wild" colors. Sliding mechanism or "book." Framework in these sofas crack in a year ... It is necessary to you?

Soviet Style: carpet and wall

In addition to "trace" of the 1990s in our apartments there are still remnants of earlier. It is a tradition to broadcast on the wall carpet and the walls in the living room. But, apparently, both it is a tradition ...
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